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Monday, January 27, 2014

Urban agriculture center creates more than green space
January 24, 2014
By: Natalie Moore

In a former shoe warehouse on 96th and Cottage Grove, Chicago State University professor Emmanuel Pratt has turned a former shoe warehouse into an urban farm focusing on aquaponics.

What exactly is aquaponics? High school senior Seville Bell, a volunteer at the space, explains.

“Poop from the fish goes into this little tube and feed the nutrients to the plant and helps it grow and the plant cleans the water and goes back to the fish tank. I like that part because it’s about recycling. You’re not using a lot of water or cleaning the fish tank.”

Recycling is key to the entire enterprise...MORE

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Aquaponics in the Spotlight
Aquaponics, the integration of hydroponics and fresh-water aquaculture, is no longer a fringe growing technology. Commercial aquaponic enterprises are now operating successfully in many countries to supply fresh greens and protein-rich fish to nearby and distant markets. However, the growing technology is far from a precise science.

Basically, aquaponics tries to balance fish waste nutrient production with plant nutrient requirements, but finding the right balance depends upon the many stages of plant and fish growth. For leafy crops it’s a no-brainer, but for fruiting crops such as tomato and capsicum, which are heavy feeders, much more work needs to be done before aquaponicists can claim it is the answer to sustainable food production. The challenge is growing the amount of fish that will produce the amount of nutrient required by any crop on a daily basis. There is no one formula that fits all plant and fish specie requirements.

There are also other issues that need...MORE

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NMSU Graduates Implement Aquaponics System


Enlarge image
The two aquaponics systems on the MVM Farm provide water filtered by fish to plants, herbs and vegetables used at the Mountain View Market. (NMSU photo by Jocelyn Apodaca)
  Gardeners and farmers at the Mountain View Market Farm can't stop raving about their secret weapon to conserving 90 percent of the water used by conventional farms.

The secret is out; aquaponics is an environmentally responsible...MORE

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The Aquaponic Source Introduces AquaHeat,
the latest in Efficient Gas-Powered Heating to Keep Your Garden Thriving and the Electric Bill Down

The Aquaponic Source, a product development and manufacturing company specializing in aquaponics, a sustainable way to grow food that combines raising fish and plants symbiotically, introduces the latest in efficient gas-powered water heating: AquaHeat.

“Aquaponics provides people with the ability....MORE

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