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Monday, January 27, 2014

Urban agriculture center creates more than green space
January 24, 2014
By: Natalie Moore

In a former shoe warehouse on 96th and Cottage Grove, Chicago State University professor Emmanuel Pratt has turned a former shoe warehouse into an urban farm focusing on aquaponics.

What exactly is aquaponics? High school senior Seville Bell, a volunteer at the space, explains.

“Poop from the fish goes into this little tube and feed the nutrients to the plant and helps it grow and the plant cleans the water and goes back to the fish tank. I like that part because it’s about recycling. You’re not using a lot of water or cleaning the fish tank.”

Recycling is key to the entire enterprise...MORE

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Aquaponics in the Spotlight
Aquaponics, the integration of hydroponics and fresh-water aquaculture, is no longer a fringe growing technology. Commercial aquaponic enterprises are now operating successfully in many countries to supply fresh greens and protein-rich fish to nearby and distant markets. However, the growing technology is far from a precise science.

Basically, aquaponics tries to balance fish waste nutrient production with plant nutrient requirements, but finding the right balance depends upon the many stages of plant and fish growth. For leafy crops it’s a no-brainer, but for fruiting crops such as tomato and capsicum, which are heavy feeders, much more work needs to be done before aquaponicists can claim it is the answer to sustainable food production. The challenge is growing the amount of fish that will produce the amount of nutrient required by any crop on a daily basis. There is no one formula that fits all plant and fish specie requirements.

There are also other issues that need...MORE

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NMSU Graduates Implement Aquaponics System


Enlarge image
The two aquaponics systems on the MVM Farm provide water filtered by fish to plants, herbs and vegetables used at the Mountain View Market. (NMSU photo by Jocelyn Apodaca)
  Gardeners and farmers at the Mountain View Market Farm can't stop raving about their secret weapon to conserving 90 percent of the water used by conventional farms.

The secret is out; aquaponics is an environmentally responsible...MORE

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The Aquaponic Source Introduces AquaHeat,
the latest in Efficient Gas-Powered Heating to Keep Your Garden Thriving and the Electric Bill Down

The Aquaponic Source, a product development and manufacturing company specializing in aquaponics, a sustainable way to grow food that combines raising fish and plants symbiotically, introduces the latest in efficient gas-powered water heating: AquaHeat.

“Aquaponics provides people with the ability....MORE

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Victoria woman creates aquaponic garden on downtown rooftop

Photo by Bianca Montes • Buy This Photo
Stella Sanchez shows off a bottle of her "sassy salsa" in front of the Center for Peace. The roof of the building will be the home of an aquaponics garden, built to grow the tomatoes for her recipe. All of Sanchez's ingredients will be grown in a garden organically, she said.
Bianca Montes • Originally published January 19, 2014 at 10:57 p.m., updated January 20, 2014 at 10:03 a.m.
Breaking Ground Conference
WHEN: Feb. 7 and 8
WHERE: Center for Peace, 506 Juan Linn St. on Feb. 7; Victory Christian Life Center, 1604 E. Crestwood St. on Feb. 8
COST: $25 for Saturday's event, no cost for grand opening ceremony Friday\\

Stella Sanchez stood in the parking lot of the new Center for Peace and smiled at her future. It was less than a year ago that Sanchez was homeless and once again lost into an addiction that had haunted her for 20 years.
She eagerly watched youth from.....MORE

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Trends in the future of food

January 22 2014 at 12:08pm

Moyo restaurant at the V&A Waterfront uses aquaponics to grow some of their food. Picture: Cindy Waxa

Berlin - If the experts are right, the foods of the future will be functional and smooth - at least for the affluent part of the world's population. Here are a few of the trends in food we will likely be hearing more about in future.

German trend scout Sven Gabor Janszky says

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Aquaponics as Art
Jan 21 2014 · 0 comments · Education, K-12 Education, Mycelia Project, Seed to Table Project

This past Friday, Sweet Water Foundation co-hosted the gallery opening of the “Water” exhibit at Arts@Large’s gallery space on the south side of Milwaukee.  The “Water” exhibit features the work of 3rd grade students from Milwaukee Environmental Sciences and 7th and 8th grade students from Fernwood Montessori School, who each built small aquaponics systems at their schools with support from Sweet Water Foundation.

See the photos below, as the students proudly

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Students learn firsthand about aquaponics at Glidden-Ralston
Glidden, Iowa -- Glidden-Ralston Agriscience teacher and FFA Advisor Gary Clark thought exposure to nontraditional ways of agriculture would be a good learning experience for his students. Now multiple classes are learning firsthand about aquaponics.

The project started at the beginning of the 2013/14 school year in the greenhouse then moved inside as the weather got colder. The single 150 gallon tank which houses the aquaponics project is home to many hybrid bluegill fish and the project’s first plant crop.

Clark says members of the FFA...MORE

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Hopefully 20 million fed through aquaponics:RCHS selected as first school in state to take part in innovative program

Published: 4:18 PM, 01/17/2014 Last updated: 4:19 PM, 01/17/2014
 Author: John Sprague
Source: The Herald-News

There is something fishy starting at Rhea County High School.
And the company providing the support hopes to feed 20 million people by 2020.

The Rhea County School Board approved starting a new program at the high school supported by HATponics, a Chattanooga-based company that is working on a hydroponic system that not only grows plants, but also supports fish and the crops could feed other farm animals.

HATponics CEO Ryan Cox addressed the...MORE

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Wyoming school project will turn fish feces into plant food

Mills Elementary Aquaponics Mills Elementary Aquaponics
Alan Rogers | Star-Tribune

Mills Elementary AquaponicsJD Sawyer of Colorado Aquaponics, center, talks to Mills Elementary School students about their school's new aquaponics system Friday in Mills. Aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics, the cultivation of plants without soil, and aquaculture, or fish farming. A continuous cycle pumps dirty water containing fish waste provides nutrients for the plants, then returns clean water to the fish. At Mills Elementary, students will use the system as a learning aid and hope to also produce fresh food to sell.
January 17, 2014 7:00 pm  •  By LAURA HANCOCK Star-Tribune staff writer
MILLS –Students at Mills Elementary School are talking a lot about poop these days without bursting into a thousand giggles.

Poop, specifically fish poop, has taken on an air of seriousness, as students at Mills Elementary, with assistance from students at the alternative Star Lane Center in Casper, are creating an aquaponics system to grow plants inside the school’s four-year-old greenhouse. They plan to sell the food and fish bounties to the community.

On Friday, students gathered...MORE

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Aquaponics Farming Course
Added by JD Sawyer

Aquaponics Farming Course
Time: February 14, 2014 at 8am to February 23, 2014 at 5pm
Type Group: The GrowHaus
Street: 4751 York St
City/Town: Denver

There is an urgency to shift how we live in the world. Growing and sharing healthy, clean food while conserving resources is one way many people are choosing to adjust to the changeover. In direct response, aquaponics, the raising of fish and plants in a recirculating system, is currently at the forefront of sustainable agriculture practice. Ranging from small farms to large commercial-scale operations, aquaponic farm businesses are increasing in number globally each year.

The GrowHaus of Denver is hosting....MORE

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Farm raises aquaponics crops 


John Morris nets tilapia that will be sold at his farm in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Morris grows produce hydroponically using water from fish he raises as fertilizer for the produce. (Joe Fudger/Newport News Daily Press/MCT)

Using fish to make fertilizer isn't a new concept. But John Morris has modernized the process through a sophisticated farming operation called aquaponics.

Last February, Morris turned his eight-acre...MORE

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Greengro Technologies Breaks Ground on Second BP Gardens Greenhouse Project

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 16, 2014) - Greengro Technologies (PINKSHEETS: GRNH) has announced today that they have broken ground on the second BP Gardens greenhouse project in Lincoln, California (5585 Garden Bar Rd., Lincoln, CA 95648). This project marks the second in an aggressive plan to operate five such facilities by 2015.

BP Gardens Lincoln is a joint....MORE

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Upcoming Aquaponics Classes
You are here: Home > Upcoming Aquaponics Classes
Have you visited The Plant for a tour and want to learn more about aquaponic farming? Are you interested in setting up your own system for home or commerical use? Check out these upcoming workshops on aquaponics, and visit our Classes and Workshops page for more details!

Aquaponics 101 with The Plant
Location: Rebuilding Exchange, Chicago, IL....MORE

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Friday, January 17, 2014

SJHS gets grant to help with aquaponics project

Thursday, January 16, 2014
SANFORD — The Corning Incorporated Foundation has awarded a grant to Sanford Junior High School for students to use to further research and develop the school’s 500-gallon aquaponic tank.

According to SJHS student Adam Genereux, three teachers, Ms. Allen, Ms. Rosa and Ms. Nason, applied for the grant. The Foundation has asked that the grant’s sum remain unknown to the public.

“The class will use the grant to pay for equipment and....MORE

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Paleface Feed & Garden Supply

by Kyle Webb January 15, 2014

Photo by Kyle Webb

Paleface owner Gary Hoffman said he wants to start a co-op for the store in 2014.
Spicewood supply shop expects growth for 2014
Gary Hoffman, owner of Paleface Feed & Garden Supply, said the sale of home aquaponic gardens has taken off in 2013 and 2014. Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines raising aquatic animals, or aquaculture, with cultivating plants in water, or hydroponics, to create a symbiotic environment.
“People spent all last year investigating [aquaponics], and now they are investing in it,” he said. “The poor soil quality and the lack of rain this year have really pushed sales.”

Hoffman said he expects aquaponics sales...MORE

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New collaboration with Viridis Aquaponics

Viridis Aquaponics in Watsonville is an innovative leader in the exciting new field of aquaponics.  We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Viridis to expand and enhance our year-round tomato breeding program, and that Viridis will be producing our tomato varieties for specialty markets 365 days a year!

If you would like to see our...MORE

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Making the old new again
Posted on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 2:08 pm

Students learn how ancient technique creates sustainable farming
marian galbraith

Seventh graders in Deb Wimberly’s science class at Westwood Middle School in Manchester are learning first-hand about an ancient technique for sustainable farming that could revolutionize the food industry.

Known as “aquaponics,” the concept is believed to have begun in the time of the Aztecs. It consists of a symbiotic combination of aquaculture, or fish farming, with hydroponics, a way of growing plants in water instead of soil.

Waste generated by the fish, which are...MORE

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Tips for Starting an Aquaponics Garden

Increasingly, people are looking for ways to have more control over the source of their food. They are also looking for ways make their food supply more sustainable. The answer, for many, is found in aquaponics, a fairly new method of gardening that is quickly becoming popular. Aquaponics gives people a sustainable way to grow their own food at home, regardless of what the soil in their yard may be like.

“Aquaponics is an environmentally....MORE

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Polytunnel sought for community project

6:10am Tuesday 14th January 2014 in News
PARTICIPANTS in a community-based project have a polytunnel vision for a project they want to carry out.

Amber Market Garden, located in the grounds of The Granary Hotel and Restaurant, Stone, is run by young adults with learning disabilities and offers a range of work-based programmes, all designed to increase opportunities for them to experience new activities.

They are setting up an....MORE

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A Clever Cube of Conservation

Written by: Kyle McVey

Two UCSD students share the story of how they created the EcoQube, an artistic desktop aquarium that uses plants to purify and recycle water

UCSD junior Eric Suen and senior Kevin Liang call their creation a frame for nature’s art. A compact, two-tiered desktop aquarium, the EcoQube runs on aquaponics — an agricultural technique that doesn’t use soil — to convert waste from fish into fertilizer for plants grown in water.

Liang believes aquaponics is...MORE

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