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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Ken man's mission to Haiti helps the poor

Mention the word Haiti, and the first thought for many is a place beset by war, poverty and bad luck with weather.

But New Kensington's Tom Roberts is doing his part to make the Caribbean country on the island of Hispaniola a better place for its youngsters...MORE


Economist challenges idea of aging farmer crisisEconomist challenges idea of aging farmer crisis
Agriculture economists have long warned that farmers are getting old and staying on their land longer, delaying the turnover to a younger generation. But an Ohio State University professor argues that those fears are overstated and the United States likely will have little problem replacing aging farmers as long as business is good, as it has been for the past decade...MORE


Aquaponics could end world hunger

There are good reasons why everybody should learn a way to harvest their own food. Aquaponics generates a clean, healthy and sustainable source of fresh food along with a great protein source that is crucial {with the looming food shortages {about  to happen worldwide...MORE


Chris Carter, left, facilities manager for Topeka Housing Authority, and Trey George, executive director for THA Inc., have learned a lot about aquaponics since E3 Aquaponics began operating in July. Aquaponics is a method of raising fish and vegetables in a way that each promotes the health and growth of the other,  ANTHONY S. BUSH/SPECIAL TO THE CAPITAL-JOURNALAquaponics: Where fish, plants and kids grow together

Educational program seeking youths to become 'co-owners'

Four-year-olds in Nicky Mersmann’s Pine Ridge Prep class take turns climbing onto a step stool to peer into large plastic tubs at E3 Aquaponics, 2705 S.E. 10th.,,MORE


Practical Aquaponics Discussion Forum. A place to discuss every aspect of Aquaponics.

Welcome to our website. It is important to read this before you attempt registration. If you use a user name that does not make any sense, or does not look and sound like some proper name, and/or your email address is also of a similar type, your membership will not be approved. Existing members ......If you have difficulty logging in email me at murray@aquaponics.net.au Best wishes for your Aquaponic adventures. Murray


‘Aquaponics for Everyone’ scheduled in White Salmon

#Gardeners looking to produce even more of their own food may want to consider one of the upcoming classes in aquaponics scheduled in White Salmon.

#What is aquaponics? Growing fish and plants together in a symbiotic system...MORE


Aquaponics team, from left, Naomi Rosenberg, Gareth Coleman, Paulo Marini and Jeronimo Suaraez
Todmorden sustainable food garden launches

CAMPAIGNERS for sustainable food production, who have won the support of Prince Charles, have launched a £545,000 aqua garden...MORE


A farm for the future

Lettuce grown horizontally helps increase yields by maximizing the use of space. 
Lettuce grown horizontally helps increase yields by maximizing the use of space.
AN AMBITIOUS, NEW FORT MYERS FARM aquaponic, organic, urban, sustainable, scalable, patent-pending and out to make significant headway toward saving the world — plans to cater to some of the world’s poorest and most affluent citizens at the same time...MORE

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