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Monday, October 7, 2013

Warm Climate? FAB TOMATOES ALL YEAR ROUND with Aquaponics of course. Check the Archives on the Right

aquaponics cheap eats – growing your own
it’s fun growing some of your own daily food needs using a smart aquaponic garden.

we feel like urban food rebels eating fresh yummy nutritious food that we grow using our own software code all the time.

see more  food we have grown and eaten here ….


Aquaponics Gardening - A Beginner's Guide [Kindle Edition]
Aidan Johnson (Author)

Digital List Price: $2.99 What's this?
Kindle Price: $2.99 includes free...More


Aquaponics to fight crime
The training provided covered topics areas such as system design, layout and maintenance, fish health and care, plant nutrient requirements and water quality.


IN an effort to fight crime and encourage persons to become more self sufficient, the government yesterday launched an aquaponics project in La Romaine,San Fernando...MORE


Food out of water
Mainstream aquaponics faces economic and environmental challenges
By Zak Weinberg

Aquaponics systems depend on fish and plants co-existing.
Mickey Mouse has never been known for his green thumb, but a ride dedicated to aquaponics at Disney’s Epcot Center (surely a death-defying thrill) highlights the public curiosity for this growing trend. While an increasing number of people take an interest in aquaponics as a way to grow crops and fish — and Longmont is seeing the opening of a 7,400-square-foot aquaponics store — industry professionals continue to wrestle with...MORE


Small Home Aquaponics Setup
I wanted to share with others who may be interested in aquaponics our first small home set-up that my husband designed. We just turned it on yesterday. There are a few small bugs to work out but it works like a charm. Of course we haven't added any plants yet but I hope if there is anyone else out there doing this they jump in and offer any information and experiences they have found worthy to share. If you have ever had a successful fish aquarium you can do this...MORE


Aquaponics Is Growing Farms in the Most Unlikely Places
By Ben Richmond
The world is growing and growing ever more hungry, and there isn’t a single, perfect way to get more food. The changing climate and a projected water crisis cloud the future of agriculture, but the sting of food shortages is already with us, catalyzing riots and political unrest in places like Turkey, Syria and Egypt.

But countries from Bangladesh to Yemen, and cities from Berlin to Tucson, are employing an ancient farming technique


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  1. This is when Aquaponics comes in. It takes the negative effects of both the systems and converts them into a synergistic effect producing healthy fish and plants.


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