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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Riverbend's aquaponics project in Gladwyne to be a model of sustainable farming

Given its location on a steep, densely wooded hillside at the very edge of Lower Merion Township, Riverbend Environmental Education Center’s 30-acre preserve in Gladwyne is not the most likely place to picture a modern-day farming operation.

But that is exactly what...MORE


Why Aquaponics Could be Urban Farming's Ace in the Hole
Herban Farms at Cheyney University

Ben and Rebecca Frimmer take the concept of "farm to table" literally. Before moving to their current home in the Wissahickon neighborhood, the organic farming enthusiasts set up a hydroponic growing system in their apartment, and then, with a few ornamental koi fish, began to experiment with aquaponics.

"Once our entire....MORE


LivinGreen’s pioneering Israeli method combines aquaculture and hydroponics to create better farming for a hungry planet.
Fishing for food. Image via Shutterstock.com
Chinese proverb: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for the day. Give him a fishing rod and feed him for life.
New Israeli proverb: Give a man a fishing rod and a hydroponics farm, and you give him food and sustainable income for life.

The new Israeli proverb could be summed up in....MORE


Dave Wilson sits in front of a viewing window on the aquaponics tank holding Tilapia that fertilize a tray of strawberries and lettuce above. Photo by Travis Grimler  Happy Dancing Turtle receives grant to study aquaponics, hydroponics
By Travis Grimler
Staff Writer
Happy Dancing Turtle (HDT) recently received a grant for expanding hydroponic and aquaponic production in central Minnesota.

In hydroponic and aquaponic....MORE


Glass vials contain colored water that has undergone indicator tests for pHAquaponics at Greenacres
Posted on December 2, 2013
This year the Garden Education department, along with members of Starfire, has been constructing an aquaponic gardening system. Aquaponics is a method of growing fish and plants in a symbiotic system that marries aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil).

In Greenacres’ system, water from....MORE


American Samoa aquaponics project proves successful

An aquaponics farming project in American Samoa has proved such a success there are hopes to start other projects in the territory.

The Centre for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture in Hawaii and the University of Hawaii are joint partners in the project.

The farm in Taputimu....MORE


EcoQube aquatic ecosystemAn all-in-one aquatic ecosystem that fits on your desk

In our all-too-sterile modern office environments, sometimes the only other living things (besides your coworkers) are the often neglected houseplants that take up the odd corner or windowsill.

And in many cubicles....MORE

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Ken man's mission to Haiti helps the poor

Mention the word Haiti, and the first thought for many is a place beset by war, poverty and bad luck with weather.

But New Kensington's Tom Roberts is doing his part to make the Caribbean country on the island of Hispaniola a better place for its youngsters...MORE


Economist challenges idea of aging farmer crisisEconomist challenges idea of aging farmer crisis
Agriculture economists have long warned that farmers are getting old and staying on their land longer, delaying the turnover to a younger generation. But an Ohio State University professor argues that those fears are overstated and the United States likely will have little problem replacing aging farmers as long as business is good, as it has been for the past decade...MORE


Aquaponics could end world hunger

There are good reasons why everybody should learn a way to harvest their own food. Aquaponics generates a clean, healthy and sustainable source of fresh food along with a great protein source that is crucial {with the looming food shortages {about  to happen worldwide...MORE


Chris Carter, left, facilities manager for Topeka Housing Authority, and Trey George, executive director for THA Inc., have learned a lot about aquaponics since E3 Aquaponics began operating in July. Aquaponics is a method of raising fish and vegetables in a way that each promotes the health and growth of the other,  ANTHONY S. BUSH/SPECIAL TO THE CAPITAL-JOURNALAquaponics: Where fish, plants and kids grow together

Educational program seeking youths to become 'co-owners'

Four-year-olds in Nicky Mersmann’s Pine Ridge Prep class take turns climbing onto a step stool to peer into large plastic tubs at E3 Aquaponics, 2705 S.E. 10th.,,MORE


Practical Aquaponics Discussion Forum. A place to discuss every aspect of Aquaponics.

Welcome to our website. It is important to read this before you attempt registration. If you use a user name that does not make any sense, or does not look and sound like some proper name, and/or your email address is also of a similar type, your membership will not be approved. Existing members ......If you have difficulty logging in email me at murray@aquaponics.net.au Best wishes for your Aquaponic adventures. Murray


‘Aquaponics for Everyone’ scheduled in White Salmon

#Gardeners looking to produce even more of their own food may want to consider one of the upcoming classes in aquaponics scheduled in White Salmon.

#What is aquaponics? Growing fish and plants together in a symbiotic system...MORE


Aquaponics team, from left, Naomi Rosenberg, Gareth Coleman, Paulo Marini and Jeronimo Suaraez
Todmorden sustainable food garden launches

CAMPAIGNERS for sustainable food production, who have won the support of Prince Charles, have launched a £545,000 aqua garden...MORE


A farm for the future

Lettuce grown horizontally helps increase yields by maximizing the use of space. 
Lettuce grown horizontally helps increase yields by maximizing the use of space.
AN AMBITIOUS, NEW FORT MYERS FARM aquaponic, organic, urban, sustainable, scalable, patent-pending and out to make significant headway toward saving the world — plans to cater to some of the world’s poorest and most affluent citizens at the same time...MORE

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Monday, November 25, 2013

‘Aquaponics for Everyone’ scheduled in White Salmon
As of Friday, November 22, 2013

#Gardeners looking to produce even more of their own food may want to consider one of the upcoming classes in aquaponics scheduled in White Salmon.

#What is aquaponics? Growing fish and plants together in a symbiotic system...MORE


Aquaponics team, from left, Naomi Rosenberg, Gareth Coleman, Paulo Marini and Jeronimo SuaraezTodmorden sustainable food garden launches

3:30pm Friday 22nd November 2013

Supporters of the Incredible Edible Movement in Todmorden now hope students will take on board the lessons which can be learned from growing plants by aquaponics, a water-based system which uses fish to provide nutrients for plants.  MORE


Students take sixth at nationals
Posted Nov. 22, 2013 @ 8:49 am

Hillsdale, Mich.

Jonesville High School junior FFA members Kelsey Kessler (left) and Cassondra Hines stand beside their presentation board outlining the bases of their project growing lettuce and tomatoes using aquaponics. The girls placed sixth at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Ky., earning a Silver Award.JONESVILLE — Monday night's Jonesville Community Schools Board of Education meeting started off with the recognition of four students who were recently honored for their hard work.

Junior FFA members Kelsey Kessler and Cassondra Hines earned Silver Awards at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Ky., for their sixth place finish with their science fair project...MORE


Happy Blue Tilapia at Worm's Way IndianaNOVEMBER 22, 2013

Welcome to the third installment of the
  Beginner Series: Aquaponics Tips.
Today we are discussing, tip #5. To catch up on tips #1-#4, check back to our previous installments.

Tip #5:  Feed Your Fish Top Quality Food...MORE


THIS IS NOT AN ADD - SO DON'T BE TEMPTED TO PASS IT BYCome on in!Join Pinterest today...it only takes like a second or so!...So much to see....MORE


A farm for the future


Lettuce grown horizontally helps increase yields by maximizing the use of space. 
VANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLY AN AMBITIOUS, NEW FORT MYERS FARM aquaponic, organic, urban, sustainable, scalable, patent-pending and out to make significant headway toward saving the world — plans to cater to some of the world’s poorest and most affluent citizens at the same time.

Located in an industrial area off Metro Parkway, it combines tilapia fish farming and hydroponic vegetable production in a circulating system that has wideranging applications. Those include...MORE


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Four Hard Questions About Commercial Aquaponics.

It is always on my mind to identify and clarify the most common reasons some farm projects succeed and some fail.   There is a multitude of reasons both ways,...MORE


6 Ways to Feed 11 Billion People
By By Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer | LiveScience.com – Wed, Nov 20, 2013

Feeding the world's growing population will not be an easy task. By 2100, it's estimated that there will be 11 billion people on the planet, 3 billion more than there are today. And 870 million people worldwide are already chronically hungry.

The planet can definitely produce enough food for 11 billion people, experts say, but whether....MORE


Combined Fish-Vegetable Farming Catching On

November 18, 2013

BALTIMORE — The fish don’t like strangers.

Ellen Perlman pours a scoop of fish food into one of four blue plastic tanks at Chesapeake Aquaponics, about half an hour from Baltimore. Picture a giant kiddie pool that's deep enough to stand in up to your belly.

“You would think we have piranhas here,” she said, expecting a torrent of tilapia to froth the water’s surface but it...MORE



The Mountain View Market Co-Op is hosting an Aquaponics Workshop which will explain this innovative, sustainable growing system where fish & plants are grown together, benefiting each other.  Aquaponic systems allow growers, gardeners, and farmers to reduce the use of a limited water supply and...MORE


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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ozzies Aquaponics Digest

Aquaponics offers an answer to food shortages in the Pacific
Updated 14 October 2013, 9:34 AEST
Could the fledgling science of aquaponics be one way of solving food shortages in some of the most hard-pressed areas of the Pacific.

Aquaponics offers an answer to food shortages in the Pacific (Credit: ABC)
Offering a combination of fish farming and vegetable production, it would seem to be an ideal way of creating almost a complete food package - and it can be done on a small and very efficient scale.

This Special Report from ABC Radio in Australia (including the Broadcast)


ADVISORY/ Chefs José Andrés, Ingrid Hoffmann and Adrianne Calvo to Join Kick Off of Plant it Forward crops to table educational program at 'One America' tour stop in Miami's Liberty City

Miami-Dade's largest aquaponic lab will open to educate students about urban agriculture; Celebrity chefs will lead discussion on how to innovate in making food accessible to all; Volunteers to assemble 1,000 mobile garden bags for local residents in need


Aquaponics: The Future of Local Food?
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A new movement is growing in our backyards and onto our plates. Cultivating one’s own food is becoming a more common practice and has lead to a handful of small businesses sprouting up around the ‘Burg. We at iLovetheBurg.com reached out to a few - 

Aquaponics Cafe - Saint Petersburg, FL
Aquaponics Cafe - Saint Petersburg, FL - Restaurant | Facebook

Aquaponics Cafe, Saint Petersburg, FL. 250 likes · 48 talking about this · 11 were here. Aquaponic's Cafe is a cafe where all of our food will be grown organically ...


Hannah & Friends greenhouse gives residents work experience
Posted: Oct 10, 2013 5:53 AM

By Amanda Johnson, Multimedia Journalist
A new greenhouse at the Hannah & Friends campus, is giving residents a chance to learn a unique way of farming and work skills.

"A couple times a week we come out here to feed the fish and also to test the PH and levels of ...MORE


Nitrogen in Aquaponics
Posted By Nate Storey on Oct 9, 2013

Why Nitrogen First?

In the world of human economy, politics and society, there are many different currencies, all of which are traded for goods.  This could be oil, US dollars, Facebook Likes or Grandmas cookies.  The natural world has similar currencies- trading in oxygen, carbon, and perhaps the most precious currency of all: nitrogen.


Aquaponics New Member Orientation
Posted October 9th, 2013 by PCC STEM

Join us on Thursday, Oct 10 at 12pm in SV-29 to learn about exciting internship opportunities with Aquaponics!


The 600 gallon tank (right) contains 12 tilapia. The water is filtered through the three blue barrels (middle) and flows to the plant base (left). (Molly Sigler/TommieMedia) Aquaponics research helps Haitian orphanage
By Molly Sigler, Reporter  |  Sunday, October 6, 2013 11:32 PM

A small operation in one of St. Thomas’ greenhouses might have big implications for developing countries.

Biology professor Gaston “Chip” Small and his classes are researching how to optimize a food production effort in Grace Village, Haiti


And finally from Murray Hallum.

A Blast From The Past.

A look back at a simple home system I upgraded in 2006.  The system was an expansion of one of my very first Aquaponics systems and proved to be an exciting learning experience. I want to share with you the photos that show the explosive growth in those very young media beds.


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Monday, October 7, 2013

Warm Climate? FAB TOMATOES ALL YEAR ROUND with Aquaponics of course. Check the Archives on the Right

aquaponics cheap eats – growing your own
it’s fun growing some of your own daily food needs using a smart aquaponic garden.

we feel like urban food rebels eating fresh yummy nutritious food that we grow using our own software code all the time.

see more  food we have grown and eaten here ….


Aquaponics Gardening - A Beginner's Guide [Kindle Edition]
Aidan Johnson (Author)

Digital List Price: $2.99 What's this?
Kindle Price: $2.99 includes free...More


Aquaponics to fight crime
The training provided covered topics areas such as system design, layout and maintenance, fish health and care, plant nutrient requirements and water quality.


IN an effort to fight crime and encourage persons to become more self sufficient, the government yesterday launched an aquaponics project in La Romaine,San Fernando...MORE


Food out of water
Mainstream aquaponics faces economic and environmental challenges
By Zak Weinberg

Aquaponics systems depend on fish and plants co-existing.
Mickey Mouse has never been known for his green thumb, but a ride dedicated to aquaponics at Disney’s Epcot Center (surely a death-defying thrill) highlights the public curiosity for this growing trend. While an increasing number of people take an interest in aquaponics as a way to grow crops and fish — and Longmont is seeing the opening of a 7,400-square-foot aquaponics store — industry professionals continue to wrestle with...MORE


Small Home Aquaponics Setup
I wanted to share with others who may be interested in aquaponics our first small home set-up that my husband designed. We just turned it on yesterday. There are a few small bugs to work out but it works like a charm. Of course we haven't added any plants yet but I hope if there is anyone else out there doing this they jump in and offer any information and experiences they have found worthy to share. If you have ever had a successful fish aquarium you can do this...MORE


Aquaponics Is Growing Farms in the Most Unlikely Places
By Ben Richmond
The world is growing and growing ever more hungry, and there isn’t a single, perfect way to get more food. The changing climate and a projected water crisis cloud the future of agriculture, but the sting of food shortages is already with us, catalyzing riots and political unrest in places like Turkey, Syria and Egypt.

But countries from Bangladesh to Yemen, and cities from Berlin to Tucson, are employing an ancient farming technique


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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Better than Organic...AQUAPONICS, OF COURSE

G6VJSSVL.3Charlotte mission brings aquaponics technology to Haiti
Charlotte Observer
They also brought an aquaponics manual that a student had translated into ... Just up the road, they found a chicken farm that wanted to do aquaponics, too.

Aquaponics a liquid investment
vegetables JMS0041.jpgPost-Bulletin
Chris Lukenbill holds lettuce he grew vertically using an aquaponics system on ... With Edge, a rural Rochester business, uses a process known as aquaponics.

Clermont aquaponics farmer Ryan ChattersonClermont farmer to discuss 'aquaponics' at conferenceOrlando Sentinel
CLERMONT — "Aquaponics" has been taking off across the U.S. by home and commercial-scale farmers such as Ryan Chatterson who have found the ...

Science Cafe NH introduces water-gardens called aquaponics ...imgNASHUA – Leading up to this month's program, Science Cafe NH organizer Dan Marcek wondered.

PuertoRico Working Aquaponics Farm | Keep America At Worknew_kaawStay tuned for more Picture a combination of Byte, 73, and Mother Earth News before they became commercialized. Last updated 19 Sep 2013 email ......And on the same page you can catch up on  Murray Hallam and Agroponicos Farm team
GrowHaus founder Adam Brock weighs in on permaculture elitismAdamBrock05.jpgWestword (blog)We have a commercial aquaponics farm run by Colorado Aquaponics, which uses the waste from tilapia and other kinds of fish to fertilize the greens. We're also ...

Community Calendar for Sept. 20Laurinburg ExchangeAquaponics demo: Davon Goodwin and Noran Sanford, of Growing Change, a sustainability program that works with at-risk youth, will present a demonstration ...
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Monday, July 15, 2013


Harvesting the homegrown Harvesting the homegrown

Imagine growing organic lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers all without pesticides and chemicals. Then imagine being able to harvest such vegetables without even leaving home or changing out of your pajamas to go to market.

Pizza master Brightsky
'Weirder Austin' Permaculture, Aquaponics and Artist project
by Daryl Stewart

Weirder Austin is a community of artists and permaculturalists committed to regenerative and sustainable gardening practices - who want to expand accessibility to locally grown chem-free, non-GMO food while spreading "how-to" knowledge to all. 


Arduino Aquaponics: Real-Time-Clock Part
A fundamental necessity of any controls system is the ability to track time.  As far as we are aware, the Arduino has three methods it can employ:

1.  Serial.  Repeatedly get the time over the Serial connection.
2.  External Hardware.  Real-time clocks, like the ChronoDot from Macetech, establish a base time when the Arduino sketch is compiled.  When you request the current time in the sketch you actually receive a time based on the time that has elapsed since compilation.
3.  Ethernet.  Access time using the internet NTP service.

This tutorial set focuses on option 2.  In Part I we explain the basics of getting the ChronoDot set up and displaying the current time over serial.  You can find more projects using the ChronoDot in our upcoming book, Automating Aquaponics with Arduino.


Greenhouse Aquaponics
What is controlled environment agriculture?

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is the use of technology to manipulate the growing environment to provide the conditions most desired by the plants and animals. Light, temperature, humidity, and nutrients levels are managed by the grower for optimum production. CEA is an intensive method of farming that maximizes its resources


A New Crop of Connecticut Farms Grow Produce Without Soil
Aquaponic lettuce
Hydroponics and aquaponics make dirt-free produce possible
Ever heard of the indoor farm that didn't need any soil? Well, take a look around, because one might be springing up in your neighborhood sometime soon.

There's a new crop of growers in Connecticut who are turning traditional farming on its head by taking plants inside and leaving the dirt at the door. Some are calling it the future of growing.


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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Texas State student organization is building self-sufficient growing beds to help local high schools.
Entrepreneurial Action Us, or Enactus, builds and sells aquaponic systems to high schools as a part of its “Project Growth” undertaking. The outreach project assembles the aquaponics systems, which sustainably grow produce and raise fish. The group, formerly known as Students in Free Enterprise, sells the aquaponic systems to high school horticultural programs for $250 to use as learning tools. [MORE]


Aquaponic Gardening
First Aquaponics - Aquaponic Gardening
Filter canister, Media bed, and Raft for 55 gallon fish tank.



Backyard Aquaponics Made Easy – Article 1 – Sizing your Aquaponics System

Spring is in the air. Well, thoughts of spring are in the air and if you’re like many of our readers, SPRING MEANS STARTING GARDENS. With a Portable Farm, you can have a vegetable garden year round regardless of the [more]


Aquaponics Workshop Covers Farming Basics

Posted on January 16, 2013 by MidWeek Staff
A Mililani nursery will play host to an introductory workshop on aquaponics at 9 a.m. this Saturday, sponsored by the Malama Learning Center.

The program is offered at Mari’s Gardens, 94-415 Makapipipi St., and covers [MORE]


Port aquaponics enterprise taking root       
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 16:15 
Pat Wilborn searching for sustainable market for fish-fertilized produce
Pat Wilborn stood in his shirtsleeves Monday, surveying the greens growing around him in his Town of Port Washington aquaponics facility.
    Four types of lettuce were in various stages on.... [MORE]

Ikea hack aquaponics

Ikea hack aquaponics

by John Robb on January 12, 2013 · 0 comments

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 Washington State Aquaponics 
Joe Martino
 posted Thursday, 17 January 2013 2:54:23 PM   0  
Hey People!
My name is Joe Martino. I am a student at the Evergreen State College and am involved in a project to build a passive solar greenhouse that would house an aquaponics system on campus. My goal is to examine the culture of Washington state food production, the number and state of WA AP projects both public and private, and the economical viability of these...[MORE]


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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Urban Local Food Workshop Series: Aquaponics & Aquaculture in Urban Settings Event Date:

Sat, 01/19/2013 - 9:30am - 12:00pm
GROW YOUR OWN - Free Urban Local Food Workshop Series
Location: Godman Guild, 303 E. 6th Street, Columbus, OH 43201
Dr. Laura Tiu of OSU Extension will present this informative session about the benefits of aquaponics to grow.................More


VSU Researchers Exploring Aquaponics

Virginia State University is ready to begin construction on a unique research lab off campus in a downtown Petersburg warehouse............More


Early Retirement Extreme Forums
--- for those on the fast track to financial independence
Early Retirement Extreme Forums » DIY Skills Questions
Has anyone here ever tried aquaponics? For those that don't know it's a cross between aquafarming and hydroponics. Basically you raise fish to eat and grow plants. The fish feed off the droppings from the plants, and in return the fish poo..........More


Aquaponics – Another Great Solution – Feed Ourselves Organically For Free

What Is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a system to feed yourself. It produces organic fruits, vegetable, herbs, greens and other produce plus is produces fish.
An aquaponics system has a series of beds that aren’t filled with soil, they are filled with.......More


farmnewsletter aquaponics
Portable Farms™ Aquaponics System Course© through Aquaponics University
Portable Farms™ Aquaponics System
Price for course: US$2,500.00 – After completing the Portable Farms™ Aquaponics System Course© satisfactorily, we will ship you the Portable Farms Kit so you can..........More


Carolinas's own guide to great gardening and landscaping. A State-by-State Gardening Publication

Sharon Johnson of Columbia, S.C., is a passionate gardener, a point that is made obvious by the fact that she lives on a small lot, full of concrete pads, yet she has found a way to have a beautiful garden full of flowers, fruits, vegetable and herbs. Some are in containers, some are not. Her blog will document the adventures of gardening in pots, fending off deer and small animals and the trials of organic gardening.

Aquaponics Update
by Sharon Johnson - posted 01/05/13
Well, I apologize for disappearing for so long.  Truth is, aquaponics is not as simple as it first sounds…the bell siphon takes awhile to adjust…then the water cycle itself took another six weeks…which seems like a long time to me, when its outdoors and mid-summer and my plants are still in tiny starter pots, languishing. Then the first batch of catfish proceeded to die on us...........More

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