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Friday, May 25, 2012

Ivy Tech considers greenhouse
Proposed greenhouse in Marion would supply fish, produce for Muncie culinary program By SETH SLABAUGH

Written by
MUNCIE -- The East Central Region of Ivy Tech Community College is planning to enter the aquaponics industry, which would supply its culinary program in Muncie with fresh fish and produce year round.



sample aquaponics business plan
Lynda Land Blog
sample aquaponics business plan


 Tilapia to be raised at pioneering Rossville facility

ROSSVILLE — John Coffman is so impressed with Inner-City Aquaponics that he’s been volunteering full-time for the past six weeks at the fish farm and garden that’s taking shape behind the vacant Rossville Middle School.


 V-Pump in Aquaponics?Hey is anybody using the V-Pump in their aquaponics system?

I am by no means affiliated with this company - I just came across this on the net and thought this would be a very useful tool for all of us.  If this thing is legit, I think it would save us all a great deal of money and electricity.  Anybody use it?  Is this thing too good to be true?


Drying Cayeene Chili\'s Sahib Aquaponics – What shall we grow today?
Hot Peppers
A question that I am often asked is “Other than the lettuces and leafy greens, what else can you grow in Aquaponics?” That is then followed by, “Is it profitable?”

During the last two years or so, I have found that you can.....


 Central European Aquaponic Jamboree 2012

15-17. june 2012
Kerekestelepi Thermal Bath & Camping – Debrecen – Hungary
The goal:
The goal of the jamboree is to meet echother, and to provide more information for those who are interested in aquaponics. The invited speakers are each respected experts of their profession and their presentations will help to promote the organic and simple agricultural production system – the aquaponics.

 Education adapts to evolving farming practices at Bristol Aggie
Dighton —

Established in November 1912, Bristol County Agricultural High School has evolved over the years to keep pace with the changing realities of agriculture in the area.

Once focused on teaching students about running a farm, the school now teaches what it calls “agri-science,” offering majors in natural resource management, animal science, floriculture, arboriculture, landscaping and agricultural mechanics.


 Harambee Aquaponics Project
Installing Aquaponics, Instilling Empowerment
Harambee Aquaponics Project
John Link and Liz Moyer

Our Aim
We live in a very interesting and important time. Our society’s scientific advancements are converging with humanity’s ever-increasing collective compassion, and it is leading to technological innovations geared towards genuine social change. One of the most intriguing innovations.....


 Convert rain barrels to fish tanks for aquaponics

Looking for access to land or water in Boston Metrowest area.
iConvert rain barrels to fish tanks for aquaponics

Have you been reading about aquaponics but don't know where to start?  Well, I have.  So, when my girls caught some tiny trout at a fishing derby I decided to slap together a fish habitat.

Aquaponics is basically growing plants in fish water.  So you need - fish -- water -- and plants.

This instructable only covers the fish and water.

    Catch a fish
    Get a bucket
    Fill with water
    Get a pump
    Put the pump in the water


 Dining with Dara: Urban fish farms may transform MInn. food scene
by Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl

ST. PAUL, Minn. — When you think of Minnesota fish, you naturally think of 10,000 lakes, a boat and a line, and a campfire fish fry. But that may be changing, as our regular food and dining critic Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl is here to tell us about the new indoor trend for....


 Urban Farming: Raising Chickens, Bees and Crops in Somerville

Urban agriculture fans voiced support for a proposed ordinance that would allow farming in Somerville.
Khrysti Smyth, who lives near Porter Square, has eight chickens in her back yard. They live in a chicken coop she built herself, and she raises them for....


Well, thats my share...Now all you have to do is read them. Good Luck.
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grand Traverse Academy Starts Aquaponics
by Christina Burkhart

TRAVERSE CITY -- Students, staff, and parent volenteers at Grand Traverse Academy have constructed a 33-foot geodesic dome greenhouse located just outside the school's science classrooms.

The idea was put forth by GTA science teacher, Matt Drost, and funded by the academy and grants from GTSI with the Conservation District and Trout Unlimited.


Introduction to Aquaponics

Aquaponics farming has been growing steadily over the past years, it has especially gained traction in arid regions where water preservation is crucial. Aquaponics uses a symbiotic closed-loop system that cycles the same water between fish and plants, the fish produces nutrients and CO2 for the plants, and the plants in turn purifies the water and returns Oxygen to the fish.

Aquaponics - Pinterest
My 4 Aquaponics System Update #7. by MrMadmax478. 1 repin. youtu.be · Comment ... My first Mini Aquaponics System.VIDEOS GALORE... Made out of a ten gallon aquarium.


Aquaponics for Sustainability
Build, operate, and maintain an aquaponics system. Construct and operate NFT, ebb and flow, and deep floating raft grow out systems. Learn basic water quality, measuring water quality parameters, fish husbandry, plant production. Practice teambuilding and collaboration skills. Learn how to operate PH, DO, and conductivity meters. Learn how to use hand tools.

Photo courtesy of Haymaker Farmer's Market Facebook
Haymaker Farmer's Market, city Kent to pursue $100,000 grant

The City of Kent and Haymaker Farmers’ Market are pursuing a $100,000 grant to help expand Kent’s healthy food hub and make nutritional foods more available for low-income households.

Kent City Council unanimously approved the Community Development Department to seek the grant money Wednesday night.


Article ImageLesson pays off for students, food bank    Official touts food banks
    La Vista police grow ‘fuzz’ for food ...

As it turns out, Peter Volk likes lettuce.

He didn't expect to like it — what 13-year-old boy does? But Volk found that when he tasted the organic lettuce he and his classmates grew for charity, it was, in his words, “really good.”

Volk, a seventh-grader, is among the students at King Science and Technology Magnet Center who have spent this school year growing lettuce at school using aquaponics.


Dallas, TX-based Aquaponics Co. Hopes to Increase Food Security and Achieve Profit Via International Strategy
By Jessica Vernabe / April 30, 2012 5:59 pm

With world population expected to exceed 9 billion people by 2050, there are concerns about whether there will be enough fresh food to feed them all. Some say aquaponics is the solution.

The method combines aquaculture (fish farming) with hydroponics (growing vegetables in water and nutrients, without soil) to produce pesticide-free food while using substantially less water compared to conventional farming methods.


David Rosenstein of Evo Farm in Mar Vista with young lettuce seedlings ready for transplant.Market Watch: In Mar Vista, an aquaponics farm just down the street
April 27, 2012|By David Karp | Special to the Los Angeles Times

Many growers proudly advertise their local origins, but when David Rosenstein of Evo Farm sells his produce on Sunday for the first time at the Mar Vista farmers market, he says he will be talking "not about food miles, but food feet."

Jenna Williams prunes oregano plants growing in the aquaponics tanks at UW-Sheboygan. Photo by Bruce Halmo
UW-Sheboygan's aquaponics lab gives students new perspective on growing food

When you plant your garden, do you expect to get vines taller than you are in a matter of weeks? You might if you use fish.

The University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan's aquaponics lab — a closed ecosystem that uses nothing but fish, water and bacteria to grow plants


That is all I have for this edition. So I wish you all a great week and an enjoyable garden.