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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Future - It's In Our Hands

A Growing Trend In Aquaponics

“Most of the soil on Kaua‘i is junk,” says Glenn Hontz, program coordinator for advanced education and training in agriculture and business programs at Kaua‘i Community College. “It’s not because of the plantations either. You can blame it on the sun, the rain and the incredible amount of heat that the soil is exposed to all the time.
“That soil can be built back up within a few months,” Hontz continues. “But it’s a lot of work. It’s easier to build an aquaponics facility.”


On March 8 of this year when I got an email from Udemy.com asking me to create an online Aquaponic Gardening course for them.  At first the idea was honestly completely overwhelming.  We were in the midst of getting our arms around large system sales and shipping, I was one month away from teaching for nine days at the Green Acres Aquaponic Farming Course in Florida, and I was leaving for ten days in Japan with my son in the next two weeks.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this was actually the perfect way to bring the book to life!

The result is a comprehensive course that I feel incredibly good about!  It contains 33 video lessons, most as PowerPoint Mashups, that each average about 10 minutes in length.  It also contains twelve of my most educational (or entertaining!) blog posts and a couple of charts for tracking data and maintenance tasks.  Most of all, this is the visual life that I wanted to give to my book all along.  I hope you give it a try!  To learn more, please click here – Aquaponics Course.


Mini Aquaponics Set

Been toying on this for quite a while now, ever since knowing that I will not have any space  for a bigger setup. Using siphon on smaller set may not be feasible, multiple growbed with one master siphon is do able but will be difficult to maintain due piping and space required.


Solar & Hydro-Electric Powered Aquaponics For Sustainable Vegetable & Protein In Every Season & Education Facility.
  For the construction & development of a solar/hydro electric powered Aquaponics greenhouse used for sustainable, nutrient dense food production year round, & educational purposes via farm tours, video & printed materials.  Powered by nature: solar & hydro electricity.


  Home Aquaponics: 1 dead fish and flowering tomatoes- YouTube
One fish has died and left me with too much tomatoes for 1 carp that already has Ich, having ...


Gardening provides job skills, behavioral benefits for developmentally disabled clients

Published 11:23 a.m., Friday, August 10, 2012

Doris Wallace, of Springfield, a program participant at Bridges Training Center, holds one of the center's egg producing chickens, July 13, 2012 in Tallmadge, Ohio. Developmentally disabled adults are learning to raise food at the center

 aquaponics update 8-5-12 - YouTube
We have some issues with the squash fruiting and more bean problems. The fish are doing well ...


 Solutions cultivates idea to end homelessness
North County nonprofit Solutions for Change has opened an aquaponic farm, which they say is the largest in San Diego County. The farm basically consists of fish swimming around in pools with rafts of produce growing above them.
VISTA — Ami Richter is a single mom with four kids who was stuck in a cycle of abusive relationships, leaving her and her children looking for a home. Now she’s a farmer of sorts, working at Solutions For Change’s latest project, Solutions Farms in Vista, and trying to end her homelessness for good.


Harbor grad starts up sustainable, local 'aquaponics' farm business here

Published as part of the August 8, 2012 edition.
Editor’s Note: This is another in an occasional series profiling Harbor Springs High School graduates pursuing unique and interesting paths in life. It also fits with our series of stories celebrating people who are dedicated to protecting our area’s natural resources, and who celebrate small town living, and the promise of a creative, vibrant local economy. If you have a suggestion for such a profile, please email us at news@ncpublish.com
In 2010, while sitting in the LAX terminal en route to Australia, Michigan State University (MSU) junior Josh Graybiel (also a 2007 graduate of Harbor Springs High School) began talking to a fellow traveler who hailed from the Caribbean. The man explained that he worked in the field of aquaponics,

Saturday Aquaponic Farm Tours

For the next Month I will be offering weekly farm tours, Saturdays from 1-4 pm, this is a great chance for Floridians to see Aquaponics
Come visit our farm in Central Florida to see what aquaponics is all about.
$10 recommended donation per individual or $20 per group.
Donation can be applied to purchase (I just need to keep my time productive.)

 Recirculating Farms Help Florida Families Through Tough Economy

Winter Park, Florida (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

The paved alley behind the Winter Park Commerce Center strip mall does not look like fertile farmland. But there, urban gardener Sahib Punjabi grows an abundance of lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, and more, all with the help of water and fish, instead of soil. Sahib's Aquaponics Research Farm — or as he calls it, his "living food jungle"


 Ok Folk, Hope this helps or encourages or pricks your interest. And if You have the time take a look at the Video below......

Back Soon.....



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