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Friday, March 16, 2012

MPP Monique Taylor backs local ‘aquaponics’ project

Rookie MPP Monique Taylor is throwing her support behind a project she says will reduce poverty and promote local sustainability.
Taylor was trying to drum up support and funding Thursday for a local project that combines hydroponic vegetable gardens with tilapia farming - called aquaponics. An aquaponic greenhouse could produce 125,000 heads of lettuce, more than 386,000 pounds of tomatoes, and more than 15,000 pounds of tilapia.Read it all Here


Aquaponics system Dorset UK

Hi we have set up in our poly tunnel, a 1300 litre fish tank, 50 organic carp, with five x 135 litre grow beds and a sump tank. We are ready to start the plumbing now, so we are making the autosyphons for each growbed and the pump will be in the 135 litre sump tank. So, the fish tank will overflow (do I need a ball valve here?) ..MORE


A PipeDream....
 These aquaponic systems work just like soil. The plants to stay in water 24/7. The grow beds are filled with rock (not soil), and they are constantly flooded and drained a few times an hour. This constant flood/drain cycle provides fresh, nutrient rich water from the MORE With Video


Upcoming: Aquaculture Workshop

The Department of Environmental Protection will host its second Aquaculture Workshop on Saturday, March 24th, 2012 to provide Bermudians with an opportunity to consider commercial aquaculture as a business, an investment or a career choice.
A statement issued by the Department said, “Aquaculture is the farming of water-based organisms including fish, shellfish and algae. Most commonly used for food production, aquaculture represents the world’s fastest growing food sector....Continue


Is this the future of farming in Bda?
With aquaponics, land-based fish farms provide fertilizer for crop growing
Recycling: The marine waste from fish farms can be converted into fertilizer and used to help vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce grow. *Photo supplied

Simon Jones
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14: Land-based fish farms would dramatically boost agricultural output in Bermuda, according to a leading expert.

Doug Burdette, who runs Global Aquatics, believes the island is the ideal location for a small group of fish farmers to set up business and develop self-sufficiency.

And he is supported by Dr Frederick Ming, director of Environmental Protection, who says the introduction of 

aquaculture into Bermuda is ‘inevitable’.


Boys & Girls club | What's not to like about worms?

Can crushers: Alondra Machuca and James Kelley crush cans to be recycled.
Can crushers: Alondra Machuca and James Kelley crush cans to be recycled.
Courtesy Ryan Glenn

Recycle police: Angel Murillo and Cruz Arnett work as the Green Team's Trash Police at the Club during snack time.
Courtesy Ryan Glenn

KINGS BEACH, Calif. — Ryan Glenn started a Green Team program at the Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe in 2011-2012 to help children understand what goes into trash cans ends up in landfills. But the program is more than just kids collecting cans.

“My main goal is to build an aquaponics greenhouse for the Club that will hopefully address the problem of sustainably growing food year-round in a high altitude, snowy climate,” Glenn said...Get the full Story


 Aquaponics offer hope for year-round produce
Calgary Herald
Derksen is leading research into aquaponics at Lethbridge College. The idea creates an ecosystem between fish and plants: Tubs of fish excrete into water, ... Continue HERE


CHELSEA: Local family to share the secrets of aquaponic gardening during March 24 tours

A Chelsea family is taking advantage of an emerging gardening trend, called aquaponics, to promote family food security and sustainable gardening with area residents.

Sasha and Bryan Grove have been growing vegetables in their pole barn this winter in gardens fertilized by yellow perch and rainbow trout.

Rahm Emanuel says: Hold the kale, please

Rahm Emanuel and kale are pictured. | AP Photos
'We’re going on a kale strike just for a short 24-hour period,' Emanuel says. | AP Photos
We always knew Rahm Emanuel was a bit of a health nut (he’d get in some major lap time in the pool before heading to the White House, for instance). Here’s one more example: He’s obsessed with kale, the leafy green vegetable that draws as many partisan reactions as a controversial piece of legislation..Read more:


Hydroponic Farmer Produces Year-Round Harvest

Technique involves growing food plants without soil
June Soh | Loudoun County, Virginia

Mary Ellen Taylor sells her produce at weekend farmers markets near Washington, D.C. The heads of lettuce, still attached to their roots, are popular and she has many repeat customers. For the Full Story


Houses for the poor uses IBS

Story and photos by FONG KEE SOONTHE state government is set to implement the “Rimbunan Kasih” project where affordable houses will be built for the poor and needy.

The project, which is currently in place in Pekan, Pahang, utilises the Industrialised Building System (IBS).
IBS is a method to mass manufacture energy-efficient and affordable housing in a fully integrated system, allowing homes to be built in as short as two weeks.


Aquaponics Information

Aquaponics is quickly gaining popularity as individuals, entrepreneurs, educators, missions and governments realize that aquaponics can provide both fish and vegetables from one system, while using minimal resources. Aquaponics can be done in a small space, providing fresh local food that is free of pesticides and herbicides.


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Hafe a great Day
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