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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Appologies for the lack of links in the last issue. I did contact Googles' Blogger and am still waiting for some sort of reply. Hopefully it will have been corrected. So I'm using this as a test.

Aquaponics Systems Helps Growers Learn How to Master the Basics of Aquaponics
People who are interested in aquaponics systems now have a new resource to learn how to master the basics of aquaponics

OK Everything seems to be working again...B


Nothing fishy about this grow-your-own system

Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is pioneering another new food innovation.

After vertical farming comes aquaponics – a self-contained unit combining fish and vegetables that can be installed at home.

The compact design features a fish tank with a growing bed filled with clay pebbles on top. Curator of Plants and Gardens Kevin Frediani said: “Put simply, you feed the fish and you get vegetables – and fish!”


 Four Country Gals
Certified Organic Garden, Custom-raised lambs, hogs, goats, Mom's Farm-Fresh Eggs

Busy week, shearing, more kidding, aquaponics, and soon time to plant

What a week! With great spring weather,  we've been outside working on projects.  You know  the old adage, work on the farm is never done. Bev built some more feeders for the sheep, and we got those installed. Today we built a creep area for the lambs using pallets to separate it from the general feed area.


 What is Aquaponics and How Will It Change Your Life

 With so many con ideas and devices promising your problems to be fixed all by you minimum energy and expense, it may seem difficult or impossible to put a large amount of hope into a new pastime like aquaponics. Many people are less ready to try new things for anxiety about finding scammed.  Others are focused on setup costs. Nevertheless, studying aquaponics is just as easy and successful as...


 OK so you've grown all those herbs.... Now What?

The blending of herbs is ancient. Since humans first started gathering and using herbs, we’ve been blending them: in cooking, in medicine, in our gardens and in bouquets.


 Spring Clean Naturally: Recipes for Herbal Cleaners

by Erin McIntosh

 Erin is the Communications Manager at Mountain Rose Herbs and an apprenticing herbalist at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies, where she botanizes and wildcrafts medicinal plants in the magnificent Oregon Cascades. www.mountainroseherbs.com

Snow is melting away, green leaves are peeking out on limbs, and early bloomers are coloring the city pink and yellow. The long-awaited warmth of spring is a little more noticeable as the days pass, and I’m excited about the promise of a new garden space!


 Fishing for change: Students work to fight hunger
Team of Gemstone students plan to install fish tank on the South Campus Diner’s rooftop garden

The 14 students, members of the university’s Gemstone program, will test different natural materials to determine what the most cost effective and efficient resources are in the agricultural system of aquaponics


 Aquaponics For Vegetarians

Don’t want GMO’s? How about GIYO?

With the growing demand for organic food production, more and more people are looking at sustainable models that will produce a high yield without necessarily having to farm a large acreage. The perfect solution is...


Aquaponics » Fish and Salad on Your Patio

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the entrepreneurial activity in the world of aquaponics. It is definitely a hot top in urban agriculture.VIDEO

Green Acre’s Aquaponics Farming – Then and Now

This is a guest blog post written by Gina Cavaliero,  of Green Acre Organics.  What follows are Gina’s reflections on how much their commercial systems have expanded in the past year and a half, and how far they have come

Branson Aquaponic Garden School proposed for Factory Merchants Mall property

Mona Miller believes the red-roof mall would be perfect site for the Branson Aquaponic Garden School.

March 23, 2012|by Linda Russell | KY3 Reporter
BRANSON, Mo.-- It's a green idea for the red-roof mall in Branson.  The city hasn't officially started taking proposals for the Factory Merchants Mall, which it will take over in June.  But a Branson woman has an idea that would provide jobs, food, and a tourist opportunity.
It's a dream Mona Miller has held onto for years.


 Aquaponics in Jeddah

    Added by Yusuf Mario Germino on March 23, 2012 at 2:17am
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This is my Aquaponics system 3 with a huge brocolli plant, some carrots, swiss chards, peppers, onion, tomatoe. I am in jeddah saudi arabia..VIDEO  who would have t...



Aquaponics heating

Gabriel Leirbag

Joined: Mar 23, 2012
Posts: 2
I am trying to create a aquaponics set up in northern WI to harvest fish and produce year round. I was planning on building a hoop house green house. And am trying to figure out a method of maintaining heat for the tanks in winter. Any input?


Well, All I hope is that the links work and the content stirs your imagination. Once again My sincere appologies for last issues fiasco.
Be Good to yourself and each other...

O  Z  Z  I  E

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