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Friday, February 17, 2012



How to: Start Small Scale Aquaponics, Part 1

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Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

Source: Doom and Bloom, by Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy
I recently added a vegetable grow bed to my existing fish and water lily pond.  Good, healthy bacteria grow within a balanced fish pond in order to help break down fish waste.  This bacteria is important to the entire aquaponics system.
If you are starting a new pond or system, add “pond starter” to help boost the bacteria population. It is a good idea to add more bacteria every few weeks


Long Island City lab on cutting edge of urban farming with aquaponic system 

LOFT LIC to set up water-based growing systems on rooftops and lots

Christie Farriella for New York Daily News

Rael Clarke works in his aquaponics lab in Long Island City where he grows heirloom vegetables and tilapia using a water-based system. 

A former Abercrombie & Fitch model has become a pioneering urban farmer without trading in his preppy clothes for overalls.
Rael Clarke, the 24-year-old owner of LOFT LIC, transformed a Long Island City office into a laboratory where organic vegetables and fish are grown using an eco-friendly aquaponics system.
Clarke plans to turn the system into a business that sets up the water and space-saving designs on rooftops and vacant lots across


 Be Green 2: Mid-Pacific Institute aquaponics program
Reported by: Kirk Matthews

A Honolulu school is using the outdoors as a classroom.
Students at Mid-Pacific Institute have the chance to learn about the environment, marketing and much more.
The students are feeding the fish and netting them with good reason.

It's all part of an aquaponics program on a small plot of land in the back of the school. 


 Commences Site Preparation For Construction At Its Eco industrial Development In Mcbride, Bc, Canada

ECOTECH ENERGY GROUP INC ("ECTH-L") - Commences Site Preparation For Construction At Its - Eco-industrial Development In Mcbride, Bc, Canada

ecoTECH Energy Group, Inc., headquartered in Seattle, WA, is pleased to announce that it has begun to clear its McBride, British Columbia Lamming Mills site.........

In addition, ecoTECH has also received its Timber Mark Certificate from the Canadian Ministry of Forests and Range. The selected ecoTECH contractor will be starting the active logging of merchantable timber on the property by the end of February in preparation for the next phase of site preparation. Once the logging phase has been completed, the balance of small trees and scrub will be cleared, stockpiled and utilized later as the first biomass fuel for the 5 Megawatt Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant to be built on site. The CHP will provide the heat and electricity for the Aquaponics facility scheduled for a construction start this coming spring.


Aquaponics Systems – Ship it!

“When you ship things change.  Your project interacts with the world and the market changes.  You change.  There is a mark in the calendar – there were days before you shipped and then there are the days after you shipped”
Seth Godin, “Ship It”
Aquaponics System on the truckAnyone who has ever read much of Seth Godin’s work knows that he uses the term “ship it” in a unique way.  In Seth’s world shipping means that you have stopped planning, testing, evaluating and primping, and you are now officially taking action.  Once a product is shipped it leaves your control and is “out there” for critique.  “Ship it” in this sense can be both scary and exhilarating, but it is an inevitable milestone in a product’s success.
This past week we shipped our first two customer-ordered large AquaBundance Modular aquaponics systems.  Doing so was the culmination of about a year of hard work.  For this week’s blog post, I thought you might find it interesting to read just a bit about what we did to prepare and launch our Modular aquaponics system.


 Aquaponics NYC February Update

Uploaded by on 8 Feb 2012
Latest update on Aquaponics for a NYC apartment. Lettuce and Bok Choy are doing well however I believe I have contracted Pseudomonas cichorii, a bacteria that attacks leafy greens. It is likely this came from a cutting off .....

Aquaponics in Vietnam

Aquaponics reduces water consumption, yields quality produce, and provides healthy protein for communities.
Communities along the Mekong Delta do not have high incomes to afford protein and grow rice with polluted water from the delta. To feed their families a nutritious meal without using their reserved rain water, and creating a business to increase their income, aquaponics is the solution to go.



I have a 300 gal. goldfish pond with a waterfall.  How do I start a leafy green garden in the holding container for the waterfall?  How do I contain the seeds.Replies to This Discussion
You would probably need to make a raft and contain the seed in little net pots with some media like gravel or clay balls or something similar.
You might need to run some water tests to see if your pond has enough left over nutrients to....


Sahib Aquaponics Free Farm Tour Feb 2012

Sahib Aquaponics Farm Tour Feb 2012

The February Free Farm Tour was the first opportunity for Central Florida members of IDEAS For Us to come and discover the wonderful world of Aquaponics. We certainly had a full house. We had over 60 visitors, 50 of them via IDEAS For Us. We had to arrange 4 tours, starting at 10.00am and lasting well past 4.00pm. A very busy day!
You should have seen the starry glaze in the eyes of all who attended. Was this really true? A sustainable urban food jungle in waste space! We felt so good that we could capture their imagination and open up a whole new world for them

Here is Part 2 of Hailee Durand’s Intern Spotlight Interview: Question: If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be? Answer: “It’s okay to be nerdy, and a little weird. It’s who you are. Don’t fight it: embrace it.” (Yes, I’ve always been... Read More


 Urban Harvest grows healthy food via 'aquaponics'
Date: Friday, February 3, 2012, 6:00am EST
Urban Harvest founder Brad Rogers displays produce grown via a method that combines fish and vegetable farming. The company will target local restaurants and families for its products.
Paula Norton | Courier
Urban Harvest founder Brad Rogers displays produce grown via a method that combines fish and vegetable farming. The company will target local restaurants and families for its products.

Lucy May
Senior Staff Reporter/Associate Editor - Business Courier
Email  | Twitter
A look at a startup company’s business plans – and the story it’s pitching.

Urban Harvest


Urban Harvest is seeking angel investments to procure greenhouse space and the growing systems to launch a commercial aquaponics business.


Alliance helps food industry

Top Photo
Employees at Continental Organics work in the plant's fish house in New Windsor in December. Continental Organics, which is a member of the Hudson Valley Food and Beverage Alliance, is an organic fish and aquaponics farm, started by a military veteran with plans to employ 120.CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record
Jessica DiNapoli
Finding and retaining employees is a perplexing problem for businesses to face when the region's unemployment rate persists at about 7 percent.
But it's a major challenge for proprietors in the food and beverage industry, who vented about employees' poor telephone etiquette and low motivation at the kickoff event for the Hudson Valley Food and Beverage Alliance. The event drew

Once again the plate is full to overflowing with tasty morsels from all over...Please Enjoy
Till next time
Be good to each other, and yourself

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