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Friday, July 1, 2011



Wisconsin Aquaculture Day Planned for July 16
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 06/30/2011

The Wisconsin Aquaculture Association, along with member fish farms, is celebrating the Fourth Annual State Wide Open House on July 16. With the increase in public awareness of their food sources, the fish farmers of Wisconsin are opening their doors to the public, promoting Wisconsin aquaculture and explaining the importance of locally grown, fresh and safe fish.[more]


Aquaponics, growing fish and vegetables in your own backyard. ... News & Information, International, Australian, Aquaponics in Schools, Links & Downloads

MyReviews Now Online Shopping Introduces a Variation in Gardening with "Aquaponics 4 You" on Sale Now
  Los Angeles, CA, June 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Aquaponics is essentially the controlled establishment of a natural, mutually beneficial ecosystem between fish and plants. As it concerns growing plants, it is the most efficient hybrid of aqua culture and hydroponics.[MORE]

To answer the dire need surrounding global food shortages, New Unified Realty will invest in hydroponics and Aquaponics. By becoming a front runner in Hydroponic growing systems, eMax Worldwide will experiment and manufacture hydroponics and Aquaponics systems to maximize potential yields of produce and fish. This produce and fish will then be sold to the wholesale and retail markets.[MORE]

Employment and internship opportunities at the Cape Eleuthera Island School  
ELEUTHERA, Bahamas -- The Cape Eleuthera Island School is an organization that promotes place-based education, scientific research, community leadership, and scientific technologies. Our students and staff share ecologically sustainable campus as we live and work together to solve problems surrounding our immediate local. [MORE]


Offering up the inside story of a mentorship program

Three years of facilitating Muskoka Futures’ Innovation Muskoka mentorship project has given me a heartfelt respect for our community’s business professionals, who came forward to lend their time, thought, and compassion to entrepreneurs facing the challenges of establishing and building a business.
Mentors help shape their partners’ marketing plans, administrative techniques, financial management, technological applications – as well as being the supportive shoulder that builds confidence.
The following portrait of one mentoring partnership echoes many similar experiences.
In April 2010, Steve and Sharon Bacon built an aquaponics system (integrating fish culture with hydroponic gardening) in their backyard greenhouse in Port Sydney. [MORE]


Going Green: Aquaponics
Terry talks aquaponics in this edition of Going Green.
Michael Amadori is working on a project that involves fish, leftovers and several heads of lettuce. No, he's not preparing a meal. Using aquaponics, Amadori is testing the use of food waste to grow fish and food. He's using the leftovers to feed the fish. The leftovers are dried and molded into pellets. The idea is to utilize food scraps that would normally go to waste. [MORE]


2011-06-24: Louis Primavera, Ph.D., Aquaponics
Aquaponics is the utilization of fish culture water as a source of nutrients for the growth of greens and vegetables in a closed-loop system.
It is well known that aquaponic cultivation of greens and vegetables makes the best use of limited resources (land and water) which would be a most appropriate practice on our Island of Oahu.[MORE]


Eye on Unemployment: Milwaukee

In the first of a new series on how unemployment is affecting African-Americans, BET.com looks at Milwaukee and what’s being done to get people working.
By Danielle Wright

As of two months ago the taskforce has been able to secure and disperse funding for its first jobs initiative through a resolution proposed by Zielinski and passed by the federal government. The initiative was a partnership with Will Allen, an urban agricultural farmer and MacArthur genius grant recipient. Allen, an agronomic and aquaponics pioneer and founder of Growing Power, Inc., built a farm in the middle of a Milwaukee residential neighborhood in 1993.[MORE]


YouTube - Aquaponics and Container Gardening in JeddahThis is an updated video on my Aquaponics and Gardening journey while in Saudi Arabia. I now have 3 AP systems, some plants have died ... [MORE]

Types of Fish for Aquaponics
By Kyla Chele Cambrooke, eHow Contributor

Types of Fish for Aquaponicsthumbnail Growers can grow trout in an aquaponic system.

Aquaponics is a bio-integrated system that connects circulating aquaculture with producing hydroponic flowers, fish, herbs and vegetables, according to the Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas. [MORE]