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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So i hooked this thing up sitting above a 300gallon rubbermaid.  1 3/4" outlet pointed staight into the water about 1" above the surface.  When I turned it on the entire 300 gallons looked like the ocean frothy overflowing on all sides lost about 50 gallons of water on the floor of my garage.ns of water on the floor of my garage.....(MORE)


Learning and growing
THE first stage of plans to develop a community garden in Mackenzie Street was unveiled yesterday, with the opening of the Aquaponics centre.

The community garden is a joint project between Lambing Flat Enterprises (LFE), Local Employment and Training Solutions (LETS) and TAFE, and aims to provide employment training for LFE Post School Options participants and other LFE service users.

LFE provided the land and the shed that houses the Aquaponics system, LETS is providing work experience and TAFE will offer a certificate II in Horticulture, utilising the community garden....[MORE]


We have a lot to learn about fishing

MANY NATURAL fisheries (a location to catch or rear fish) around the world have shown a decline in stock, hence the simultaneous rise in aquaculture (the cultivation of aquatic animals or plants for food).

Tilapia, a fish most people in Trinidad and Tobago are familiar with, is now the third most popular fish being reared on fish farms...[MORE]

UTA celebrates Earth Day early by planting trees on campus

The festivities began at 8 a.m. Wednesday for 22 volunteers who helped plant 50 trees across campus, including around Lot 30 and Clay Gould Ballpark.

Grounds maintenance supervisor Jan Hergert said not all of the 50 volunteers who had signed up came to the planting.

“We have 89 trees given by city of Arlington. Our goal is to plant as many as we can in four hours,” he said.

He showed the participants how to correctly dig a hole to ensure the trees can grow properly.

Biochemistry seniors Chris Parikh and Chris Wilson said environmental sustainability was important in their field of study...[MORE]

Danceworks finds growth, inspiration in Sweet Water Organics

Creative inspiration is a curious thing - there's no telling what might inspire it.

For Dani Kuepper, artistic director of Danceworks, inspiration struck when she discovered the local aquaponics project known as Sweet Water Organics, which raises fish and vegetables in a sustainable system in a repurposed industrial building in Bay View."I heard about Sweet Water Organics last fall," Kuepper said in a recent interview...[MORE]

BYU-Hawaii, Vermicomposting, Aquaponics, Soap project

BYU-Hawaii has been using the worm farming for some time and is now educating others on how to use the same system in their own gardens to promote a more eco-friendly method of gardening.

Vermicomposting, also known as worm farming, reduces waste and provides free fertilizer/enriched soil without using destructive chemicals. Worm farms are simple to create and maintain. Simply take organic materials such as garden clippings or leftover vegetables to feed the worms...[MORE]


Students urged to study effect of soil

By Jessica Phan
Mark Kauzlarich/The Daily Cardinal

Farmer Will Allen said Thursday UW-Madison students should take a greater interest in the effects of soil on nutritional content in food.

Will Allen, founder and CEO of Growing Power and one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2010 urged UW-Madison students to become more involved in research on the environment and sustainable farming Monday.

Growing Power, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based on sustainably farming foods for diverse communities and providing education and hands-on training to children and adults...[MORE]

Hands On at Woodbine Ecology Center
Hands-on Aquaponics Workshop
Date: July 24th
Time: 10:00 - 4:30pm

Location: Woodbine Ecology Center,
2584 N. State Hwy 67 | Sedalia, CO 80135
Registration: RSVP to tawnya@coloradoaquaponics.com
Price: $125

Join us for a hands-on aquaponics intensive workshop providing valuable information and skills. The cost of the course will help cover the system materials required to build an IBC aquaponics system. ..[MORE]

Vertical farming finds success abroad; is the U.S. Next?

In the future, the farm may come to the city.

“Vertical farming” is the umbrella term describing indoor growing methods like hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics and other systems.

Indoor farming isn’t new, of course. Greenhouse production of flowers and vegetables is already a billion-dollar business in Canada, a country that lacks a long growing season...[MORE]

Moffat CAN launches its Scotland-first aquaponics system

ENVIRONMENTAL charity Moffat CAN launched Scotland’s first aquaponics food growing system.

And 500 people flooded to the Old Church Depot at Annanside on Saturday to celebrate the environmental project’s opening and see how it works...[MORE]

Aquaponics is it simple or complex

This Blog Post Goes out to Robert in Texas who contacted me through my www.TCLynx.com web site but didn’t leave an e-mail address for me to respond.

He asks for some pointers and notes how I often recommend starting small. Well yes small is subjective and you are in Texas where I guess everything is bigger (well at least till you start comparing to OZ.)...[MORE]

New Aquaponics Project in Old Building Gears Up to Transform Community

Aquaponics is thriving at the SPIN Center in Lynn, Massachusetts. After the successful introduction of plant crops like beans, watercress, and other vegetables, the aquaponics system now houses a healthy population of tilapia. Standing prominently by the SPIN (Serving People in Need, Inc.) Center’s street-side window, it has attracted the attention of curious passer-by as well as local media...[MORE]

Miles Davis Magnet Academy explores Aquaponics

On March 30th, students in grades 5th - 8th, participated in a field trip to the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.
On March 30th, MDMA students explored the world of aquaponics at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. Our students received helpful tips that will assist them with the development of aquaponic centers in their classrooms.

As an added bonus, our students had an opportunity to visit with a few of their four-legged friends!..[MORE]


DIY: Make Herbal, Eco-Friendly Soap Bars
by Anne-Marie Faiola

A.FaiolaAnne-Marie Faiola owns Bramble Berry , a company specializing in raw materials to manufacture soap and toiletries, and has been making soaps, lotions and all manner of bath and body products since she was 16 years old. She lives in Bellingham, Washington with her husband and son, and when she's not blogging here or for Soap Queen or filming free soapmaking videos for Soap Queen TV, she loves to read, scuba dive and hike...[MORE]

A Need to Be Among the Cranes
By Linnea Johnson

It’s spring or promises to be, and so, again, I need to be among the Cranes. There’s an actual ache in my breastbone which pulls me to get my feet wet in the meadows, to watch the Sandhill Cranes eat and dance in the farm fields...[MORE]


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