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Saturday, April 23, 2011

To those Who Celebrate it - Happy Easter

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Getting a aquaponics system for my room and can't decide on what type of fish?
Because the tank is only ten gallons, that put most fish out of the question. I really don't want koi, but I was wondering if there were smaller breeds of tilapia I could get, something I can eat.

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its not worth it. Go for....


Homemade Aquaponics update
    Added by Abdul Aleem Shekhani


Aquaponics alive, expanding in former Case plow factory
RACINE - In Joe Heineman's last job, as a wholesaler, he often had trouble getting retailers to even return his calls.
"Now I call them," he said, "and they say, ‘We'll be there tomorrow.'"
The commodity that's whetted retailers' appetite is lettuce - locally, organically, hydroponically and...


Our new Aquaponics Greenhouse!  

I see aquaponics like this a means to an end and I do not have a greenhouse system just a fish tank and a growbed set up on my back porch and the ground beside it. I was looking for a way to grow some fingerling channel catfish to stock my pond with...

Earth Solutions
  Little Tokyo Aquaponics Container Gardening without A Tank, OTG-FB06
The Farm in a Box is a self-contained aquaponics system which allows you to grow organic fish and organic vegetables....


AquaBundance Aquaponics System Charcoal
Overview - Online stores - Details
AquaBundance Aquaponics System Charcoal
Includes 60 gallon tank, 12" deep bed, steel frame with casters, pump, fittings, 150 liters of hydroton, timer, and DVD....

Food desert no more: Nonprofit sets up aquaponics greenhouse in northeast Denver
By Katherine Doan For the Colorado Daily
I recently drove through the industrial area of Elyria-Swansea in northeast Denver, and it was hard to believe I was on my way to a greenhouse. The Nestle Purina Pet Care Company manufacturing facility stood out among vast warehouses, manufacturing plants, junkyards and signs for auto body repairs...


Hands-on Aquaponics

Sun, 07/24/2011 - 10:00am - 4:30pm
This hands-on aquaponics intensive workshop will provide valuable information and skills necessary to build a personal or community aquaponic systems from locally sourced and repurposed materials.
The course covers:


Bedroomponics finally up and running
Location: redmond, washington   
I have not been on in a while because of other things in my life but i finally have set up a "mini" system in my room. I have a 10 gallon fish tank, 50 gph pump, heater, small grow bed, and a light. The fish are "fancy" guppies 2 males and 4 females. i have basil and heirloom tamatoes growing. I am using...

Aquaponics in Florida      
Looking for people interested in Aquaponics. Naples area in Florida would be my area. Follow on Facebook "Aquaponics in Florida" and post your information or request.
Here is a link that might be useful: aquaponics in Florida...

Aquaponics with Vermiponics
i am not referring to adding a few red wrigglers to a grow bed, but where the worm bins actually become an active part of the system.
anyone working with this?
I have set up as part of a total system, 28-5gal buckets each in itself is a worm bin and each contains one plant veggie or flowering...


Aquaponics Made Eazy
Hey Everyone! Welcome to "Aquaponics Made Eazy" page. This page is for anyone who want to create their very own Aquaponics system the EAZY way. Check it out at...


Commercial Aquaponics Training With Applied Permaculture Design
May 16, 2011 at 6pm to May 20, 2011 at 7pm – Ukiah High School Course Description Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable and productive farming systems in the world. It combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics to create a truly self-sufficient closed loop system… Organized by Nor Cal Aquaponics and Living Mandala | Type: course/training

Malamalama, The Magazine of the University of Hawai'i System
Oʻahu landscaper Fred Lau believes investment in aquaponic farming is an investment in the future.

        video Web extra: Introduction to Home Aquaponics

Clyde Tamaru stands on a small rise, dense trees and the verdant Windward face of the Koʻolau range...


Aloha Mahi'ai Aquaponics
From desert to forest. 
Videos - Loess Plateau Rehabilitation - Interview J. Vogele
World Bank task manager Juergen Vogele introduces the experiences in the initiation and implementation of the Loess Plateau project and shares his thoughts on how and why this project has succeeded. The experience shows the crucial importance of listening to the indigenous people, understanding the


Watching Lettuce Grow – Aquaponics Research
by Island School Students

Lactuca Sativa [April 1, 2011 – April 4, 2011], known to his friends and family as Green Grand Rapids Tropicana Lettuce passed away last Monday as a result of faulty irrigation systems. He lived his short life in the farm beds on TheIslandSchool campus, under shady

Eat Well and Make Money with Aquaponics
Author: Denise Clarke
Eating well and feeding your family through aquaponic gardening is a very attainable and earth friendly endeavor.  In the future, it may become commonplace for every family to have their own aquaponics garden, where they grow their own fresh organic produce, instead of buying grocery store produce which is chemically...

The Home School Aquaponics Curriculum Package is designed for grades 7-10 and is an excellent tool for home schoolers who are currently using or intend to use aquaponics to teach many principles of science, agriculture, math and business. The Home Schhol Aquaponics Curriculum Package is packed full of information and tools for home schoolers teaching aquaponics. It includes:
1 Printed Educator's Guide
3 Printed Student Manuals
1 Introduction to Aquaponics Video on VHS or DVD
1 Printed Desktop Aquaponics


A Brief Introduction to Aquaponics
[I wasn't sure where to post this. This was written as a 300 word article for a local gardening publication. It was written for an audience that has an interest in gardening, but does not know anything about aquaponics and may not even have a pre-existing interest in it. Any feedback would be appreciated as it has not printed just yet; so, I can make adjustments if needed. Thanks for reading!]

AQUAPONICS: The Dirt On Soilless Gardens

As the name suggests, aquaponics is the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. If you're not familiar with either of these, let me explain. In hydroponic gardens the plants

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Saga of a dead Laptop

For the first time since I moved to Laptops, I got a blue screen of death and it really was DEATH to the laptop. Fortunately I had my trusty External HDD backup. Man, I now know how important that backup is. For me, it's 200gb of space well invested.

Now to work:-

Aquaponics Classes
Event Details
Time: May 15, 2011 from 11:30am to 5:30pm
Location: Springfield Botanical Center
Street: Scenic Ave
City/Town: Springfield,MO
Event Description
Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. In aquaponics, you grow fish and plants together in one integrated, soilless system. The fish waste provides a food source for the plants and the plants provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in.


Gardens celebrate solar power
WHILE plants have long known the secrets of converting sunlight into energy, humans it seems are catching up at last.
Lismore Community Garden has just gone solar and will “solarbrate” this Saturday at its Brewster Street site with a public open day.
Lismore Mayor and long-time supporter Jenny Dowell will open proceedings


Basic Aquaponics Systems
Posted on April 6, 2011 by Jennifer Dsouza
If you are the type of grower who’s constantly searching for something that is informative, then you should read this article about “aquaponics”. Aquaponics is essentially a type of hydroponics and it acts as a great controlling measure to protect the environment from the harmful effects of a few substances which pollute the environment. It’s principally a perfect combination of aquaculture and hydroponics.


Bathtub Aquaponics Kit
This kit has everything you need to build a thriving aquaponic system out of two recycled bathtubs!
Includes the following
    Murray Hallam's 10 page step-by-step set of instructions to guide you.  Fully illustrated, 4 color PDF takes you through the job in detail.
    Bell siphon, complete with Media Guard
    800 GPH submersible pump
    All the fittings, tubing and bulkheads you will need
At full retail price the 19 components in this kit would cost OVER $170 and take hours and hours to source and assemble! We've done all the frustrating work so you don't have to!


From Yahoo Answers:
I have been looking into aquaponics however, my mother doesn't want to set up a system in our backyard?
We have an urban garden in our backyard and I was considering bringing the idea of aquaponics with tilapia to the...

Breeding Farm Animals Brings Hope For Poor In ECER
Under Agropolitant project in ECER, animal breeding brings hope to 100 poor families in Batu 8, Mukim Bebar, Pekan, Pahang. Pic: Zulfaidi MuhammadBy Kamarul Irwan Alias
PEKAN, April 8 (Bernama) -- A new agropolitant project in Batu 8, under the Bebar sub district here, has been started to...

Cylburn Aquaponics Farm

University · Baltimore, Maryland


Tomato Seedlings at Four Weeks

Sow-a-long Update
It’s been four weeks since the “sow a long” seeds were sown and the seedlings are coming along just fine.
All five Tumbling Toms are now in their own 3 inch pots and have been given their first feed. Feeding isn’t essential if they are in good quality compost, but ...

Fight Aging With Every Meal
By Letitia L. Star

Chickweed is traditionally used to tame coughs and hoarseness, but this native southern European he...
Protect Your Bones with Herbs
Reducing your chances of osteoporosis is as easy as digesting sage, rosemary and thyme. The common ...
Healthy Workday Lunches: Healthy Oatmeal-Cinnamon Cookies
 Make these nutritious, satisfying recipes at home, then take them along for all day sustenance. ...
From Our Bookshelf: Why Marjoram and Oregano are Superfoods
Discover why sweet marjoram, pot marjoram, and oregano is considered a powerful superfood.
Herb Basics: Best Herbal Extracts
Find out whether the best herbal extracts are fresh or dried....
Melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate. It’s just one of many superfoods that can help fight the effects of aging so you look and feel your best, no matter...


Foraging For Food Fundamentals
These aren't the Ten Commandments, but they are some well-learned guidelines for safety and mindfulness in the wild:

Razor Sharp Tools in Less Than Three Minutes
By Steve Maxwell
Canadas Handiest ManIt might seem too good to be true, but there really is a way to quickly put a razor-sharp edge on chisels, planes, knives and carving tools. It only takes a minute or two, and it doesn’t demand a lot of skill. That’s a good thing because no matter how fancy and effective power tools get, hand tools are still an indispensable part of home maintenance and workshop success.


North Haven Educators Aspire to Replicate Herring Gut ModelOn March 24th North Haven Community School principal Barney Hallowell, science teacher Kyle Wasko, and ninth grade student Ethan visited Herring Gut to discuss installing an aquaponics system at their school on North Haven. 

School Curriculums - Aquaponics.com
Nelson and Pade, Inc offers aquaponic systems, aquaponic equipment, aquaponic supplies, information, workshops and training in aquaponics.

Commerical Aquaponics
Date: May 14th and 15
Course Description:
This workshop is focused on the various aspects of medium to large scale aquaponics food production in a deep water culture or raft style system.

How the aquaponics farm works
Graphic: How the aquaponics farm works. ct-biz-0410-aquaponics-gfc.eps-20110410. ( Tribune, Tribune / April 8, 2011 ) ...


VIDEO: Aquaponics alive, growing in former Case plow factory
Joe and Johanna Heineman of Bristol have created an aquaponics operation inside a former J.I. Case Co. plow factory just outside of Downtown Racine.

There we go my friend, I hope there is enough there for a few days.

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Friday, April 8, 2011


We are never to old to potter in the gardens. No matter where we are, no matter what barriers have fallen in our path, somehow we can tackle the chores and indulge ourselves in the pleasures that gardening in it's many forms provides.

Governments now are finally recognizing that we are in fact quite capable of continuing to carry on in todays work environment despite the calender hanging over our heads in our later years. Unfortunately, I fear it is for the wrong reasons. As is often the case with decisions that are often made regarding the elderly.

The latest move is a direct result of the present world situation and is shown here in this just released article from The Economist.

Pensions -70 or bust! -Current plans to raise the retirement age are not bold enough

 Now back to what we do best:-

Fish farm gets the green light
Plans for a fish farm in Todmorden have been approved.
Incredible Edible Ltd has been given the green light by Calderdale Council to create the aquaponics unit and classroom at Todmorden High School.The building will be funded by a £500,000 lottery grant awarded to the organisation in February.


2011 National Permaculture Day Celebrations
Date: Sunday 1st May 2011
Location: Yandina Community Gardens, Yandina, Queensland

Costa of SBS’s Costa's Garden Odyssey fame chooses the Sunshine Coast to celebrate National Permaculture Day
The Gardening world on the Sunshine Coast is about to have its world turned upside down when the infectious character and passion of Costa Georgiadis and his flying beard hits Yandina for National Permaculture Day on Sunday the 1st of May.
The Greek Garden Guru of SBS’s Costa's Garden Odyssey fame will be opening the Celebrations,


Aquaponic Garden

An Aquaponic Garden is a different way to cultivate plants than what people are adapted in doing.  They’re also quite easy to set up and to keep. The plants will be nurtured naturally and go through all the phases of growth that they would if planted on land.

In starting your own aquaponic garden, you’ll need the following materials:


Friendly Aquaponics
Most people assume that the concept of Friendly Aquaponics is quite easy to understand. This is probably the reason why there are a lot of people who fail when attempting to do this project.
This is why it is important for you to understand a couple of things before you start working on anything or start spending your money on something.

Anguilla Representative Attends Aquaponics & Aquaculture Course in St. Croix USVI
Ms. Kafi Gumbs, the Deputy Director of Scientific Research at the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources, has recently returned to Anguilla, after a five day intense course on ‘International Aquaponics and Tilapia Aquaculture’ in St. Croix United States Virgin Islands (USVI).


Aquaponics Greenhouse

If you’re planning on starting your own Aquaponics Greenhouse, its best that you know the basics and have the enthusiasm for growing vegetables and taking care of fishes. The Aquaponics greenhouse serves as your defense to different hazards that delays optimum development. With the means of greenhouse to be in charge of both light and temperature, it is...

Aquaponics class hosts urban farmers from Colorado to Kenya

posted Mar 29, 2011 5:51 PM by JD Sawyer   [ updated Mar 29, 2011 6:22 PM ] We want to thank everyone who attended our recent aquaponics class at the GrowHaus. The class learned about the fundamentals of aquaponics, fish, plant and bacteria health, systems design, maintenance and best practices

Aquaponics How To – There a lot of people who are looking for tips from experts on Aquaponics systems in order to get basic information in setting up one. You should know that this actually consists of three main factors which are: the fish, plants and bacteria...

Innovators take Aquaponics to the next level -- beauty as well as functionality
Indoor aquaponics using simple materials like plastic soda bottles, and the result is spectacular -- it generates food, oxygen, light, and improves home air quality while providing beauty and pleasant, soothing sound. How's that for a nice package of benefits? Instructions available, assemble it yourself on a small or large scale; video link here:

Aquaponics Research Update
How does the Aquaponics Research Crew  know what’s going on in their tanks full of Tilapia? They conduct a fish sampling. Watch as the Spring 11 research group demonstrates the techniques and methods used to collect data about our Tilapia fish populations.

If you've ever wondered how to get the best results when growing tomatoes, take a few tips from the hydroponic way of growing.
Please follow the link below to this week's Tomato Club Newsletter.


GloryBee’s Annual Bee Weekend: Fun for Beekeepers and Bee Aficionados

EUGENE, OREGON – GloryBee Foods announced today that their annual Bee Weekend will take place April 15th and 16th, 2011. Bee Weekend is a two-day event packed with beekeeping education, distribution of pre-ordered packages of live bees, fun and education for veteran and beginning beekeepers alike. Dick Turanski, founder and beekeeper, will give demonstrations of how to install package bees into hives.

Wow.. I'm done for now....
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It seems we can't go a couple of days without Global Warming issues and opinions taking prime newspaper, radio and TV space. The latest finding coming from the E.U. which adds a new dimension to the opinions being formed. We all have our own opinion or gut feeling about global warming and it really is very disconcerting when we read some of the reports. So we need to be as informed as possible so that our personal considerations have legitimacy.

For this reason I felt a need to share this latest report  so that people following this blog can read absorb or reject as you see fit. However the end result is not to have an opinion but to have an understanding so that we can draw conclusions that will benefit our needs, and the needs of our families and communities.

So here is the link, the rest is up to you.

Now to work:
Can Aquaponics Benefit You?
 I'm sure that you've heard the term hydroponics before. If you have you probably associated with watery produce. Back when it was first invented it was supposed to be the next big thing, that was until people started eating the food. Lately, there's been some buzz around what's called aquaponics.


Commercial Aquaponics Farm - Aquaponic GardeningVisit to a successful Commercial Aquaponics Farm. Aquaponics is the Earth Friendly way to grow organic vegetables. Listen to Gina and T...

Hamden High, SHA Students Shine at Science Fair
Hamden High students takes second place in one catagory, while an SHA student chosen to compete in NY competition.

Two Hamden students took prizes Saturday at the final day of the 63rd annual Connecticut Science Fair held at Quinnipiac University.
Yiyuan Hu, a junior at Hamden High School, placed second in the fair’s Life Sciences category. Yiyuan will now compete for more than


New Grants from OHA Announced
BY MALIA HILL - The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has just announced the award of $329,000 in “Community-Based Economic Development” grants to nine programs that will help make Native Hawaiians “economically successful and self-sufficient.”

You know, when you read enough grant-type literature, that kind of phrasing really starts to drive you crazy.


Training for Haiti's Living Food Bank® Begins in Wisconsin

The launch of the first Living Food Bank® aquaponic system will bring fresh fish and vegetables to many. The construction of this system is nearing completion on the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in Haiti and the training for the individuals who will oversee the operation of the system has begun in Montello, Wisconsin.

Locavores, SPIN Farmers, and Pumpkineers--Oh My!
Even Newark, N.J., is becoming a grow-it-yourself paradise
For many readers, the spring has just sprung and the grass is riz, as the poet said. It's time, in other words, to turn our attention to growing things or, more to the point, to words related to growing things.

A column last year introduced some climate-friendly food terms, such as foodshed, the area where a person or family can obtain locally grown food; food miles, the distance that a food item travels from its source to the consumer; and locavore, a person who eats only locally grown food. (I didn't know it at the time, but it turns out...

The Local Food Revolution
By Michael Brownlee
A local food revolution is quietly unfolding in our midst right here in Boulder County. It’s a revolution aimed at rebuilding this region’s capacity to feed its own people, to ensure food security and food sovereignty for all.


As Aragorn has begun, so we must go on.
Leni appeared almost the moment he had done so. MILLINOCKET SCHOOL DEPT was written up the side, big black letters against a yellow background. " So, my father, we dragged him out, groaning, to the cleft that is above in the breast of aquaponics in education old Stone Witch, that same cleft where Galazi had found the bones.
"He hath twice manfully served me. � �It is now a full hour past noon,� said �omer. He was sterling stuff, even if he aquaponics in education a survival of darkness. At last she fell asleepand dreamed of a blond, grayeyed youth fighting for his life against a swarm of attackin


I don't have a curriculum, but I do have a large file of powerpoint slides from Colorado Aquaponics.  I'm also gleaning all of the information I can find. 2.  So far, all of my aquaponics systems have been funding by a couple of grants from donorschoose.org as well as a small bit of program budget funding.  My advisory committee has gathered up the funding I need to set up a greenhouse based system. We are setting up a fund with the three local banks that will allow my students to borrow the money needed to purchase fish, feed, testing supplies, etc.,


(Aquaponics florida >> aquaponics i danmark) (west coast ...
aquaponics be constructed from trex deck lumber. how to care tilapia for aquaponics


UCSD students team up with ECOLIFE foundation
A group of UCSD engineering students has joined the San Diego-based nonprofit ECOLIFE Foundation to develop technology that will help reduce the need for bushmeat hunting while maintaining the diets of residents of Ugandan towns.
They are building a sustainable aquaponics system for the communities that will be delivered this spring, according to a press release.


Hernando's local harvest is bountiful
“I’m so excited,” Audry Mosher tells visitor Bill Bonner, right, as she shows off the swiss chard she planted in a Verti-Grow hydroponic container at the Auro Community Garden south of Brooksville last week. A U.S. Department of Agriculture survey has shown an increase in the number of farmers Hernando.


Aquaponics and light choices to grow food that's worth the time and $$
First of all I'm posting this here because I plan to do the following as an organic flood table setup (using Bio-Bizz), or as an aquaponics setup....possibly even considering soil filled tray with drippers. The second reason I am posting here is to avoid all the senseless banter I'd probably get in the lighting forum for inquiring about LED lights. And lastly, because I highly value the input of the people that hang around this forum.

Biogas and How to Make a DIY Anaerobic Digester (Video)
by Sami Grover, Carrboro, NC, USA
Biogas and anaerobic digestion made number one in HowStuffWorks' list of wacky alternative energy, and poop-to-energy biogas projects have proven popular on Discovery News too. From biogas in Haitian slums to green gas being sold direct to UK consumers, there are plenty of examples of innovative projects turning biodegreadable waste into both energy and fertilizer. But how can someone at home get a piece of the action? The Urban Farming Guys have just released a great video showing how they built a DIY biogas digester using little more than some tanks, piping, rubber seals and a grinder. Oh, and a whole load of cow poop.


Aquaponics Project to Provide Fish, Vegetables
Today was the last official day of our aquaponics setup. If you aren't familiar with the system, you need to talk to Rev. Jeff Greer at Grace Chapel about it. He speaks with the passion and dreamer's view of what this system could mean to this community in the future.

A small team took a random set of resources and have put together a fully functional hydroponic vegetable garden and fish pond together to work symbiotically to produce what could be a monthly harvest of food.

Goodness Gracious, Great Gobs of Greens!
Full of texture and bursting with flavor, a well-constructed salad is anything but boring.
Italian-Style Arugula Salad
Salad of Strawberries and Watercress
Mixed Lettuces with Pears, Fennel, Walnuts and Parmesan
Arugula, Beet and Feta Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Tasty Taco Salad

NASA Begins Arctic Mission
This year’s Operation IceBridge continues the airborne surveys studying changes in polar ice, glaciers and sea ice, as a means of monitoring our global climate.
Courtesy NASA
Washington, D.C. — Researchers and flight crew arrived in Thule, Greenland, in mid-March for the start of NASA's 2011 Operation IceBridge, an airborne mission to study changes in Arctic polar ice. This year's plans include surveys of Canadian ice caps and expanded international collaboration.

Eat in Season: Asparagus
Enjoy asparagus three ways this spring.
Tall, slender stalks of bright green asparagus are as much a harbinger of spring as is the highly anticipated melting of snow or pretty bulb flowers popping their heads and necks out of the ground.


Wild About Dandelions
Learn how to use freshly harvested wild dandelion greens at their young and tender best.
I’m going wild again, just like I did last year. My suburban wildness — if such a thing is possible — centers on a simple spring ritual that starts in mid-April and continues through mid-May: harvesting wild dandelion greens at their young and tender best.

Hope that gives you plenty to think about
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Friday, April 1, 2011


No jokes or tricks....Straight to work and to kick things of, let me say if are not on Sylvia Bernsteins' lists, you are missing out on a wealth of information that could be vital to anyone interested in Aquaponics. So I've included her latest for your perusal and the rest is up to you:-

Charlie Price at TEDx

Have you ever seen a video that so blew you away that when it ended your mind started racing to figure out how to share it with the most number of people possible?  I just had that experience this morning, so after sharing this video with the community site, Facebook, and Twitter, I am now sharing it with you!

The video shows Charlie Price who runs 


Aquaponic Gardening Workshops

Sylvia Bernstein teaching aquaponics
Over the past two years I’ve taken several aquaponics workshops and classes, and taught several myself.  One thing that I’ve learned is that, while an aquaponics system is fairly easy to operate once it is up and running, a beginner has a lot to learn at the outset in order to be successful.  Here is what I’ve discovered that a beginner can comforatably

Aquaponics vs. Hydroponic nutrients 

I’ve gardened in dirt for many, many years in a variety of climates (Illinios, Ohio, Colorado, California) so when I discovered hydroponics 7 years ago I thought it was amazing.  Imagine, no dirt, no weeds, fast growth, never needing to worry about when to water and when to fertilize.  Best part was because the grow beds are portable I could “garden” where ever I wanted.  But there was always that nagging issue of the nutrients.  Most nutrients in hydroponics are based on mineral salts, which could be ecologically harvested and purified, but I’m afraid the vast majority just aren’t.  It always felt a little like I was feeding my plants with a chemical


Aquaponic Fish: To Eat or Not To Eat
Yesterday I was asked why someone would grow aquaponically.  I went through the usual reasons that we probably all use to justify the time and money we spend on our obsession – organic produce that is sustainably grown, the ability to garden anywhere, regardless of soil quality, without mess or weeds, etc., etc, etc.  I found myself wrapping it all up, however, with the heartfelt exclamation “but the real reason is that...

Aquaponics: Certified Organic Without Soil?

Believe it or not, you cannot be certified USDA organic if you grow crops in a soilless environment in the U.S.

Dirt = Organic…WHY???

Bevan Suits of Access to Aquaponics has launched a righteous war of soil semantics with the National Organic Standards Board.  On December 17 he sent a letter to Valerie Francis, Executive Director, and Jeff Moyer, Chairman, which I’m excerpting below. There'll be more from Sylvia over the next few issues

LITH Rotary bringing hope 
to Guatemala
Publication: Northwest Herald, The (Crystal Lake, IL)
LAKE IN THE HILLS – Several area Rotarians are headed to the jungles of Guatemala next week.
There, from Saturday through April 3, the group will set up an aquaponic system that they hope will feed and financially support an impoverished school.

Aquaponics in Paradise meetup #5, Olomana Gardens APRIL 10th
    Kids & Family
    Sunday, April 10, 2011 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Add to Calendar
   POTLUCK - please post what you are bringing to share
    This is a free event open to all!  Visit Glenn's farm where he's got two 1000 gallon tilapia tanks and the latest growbeds and innovations in AP

E & T Farms: A Local Farm with a Twist
A tour of Cape Cod's only aquaponics farm.
By Francine Stroman
Jumping fish, fresh green veggies and the sound of running water are just a few of the sensations one experiences when they tour E & T Farms in Barnstable.
The Farm is Cape Cod's only commercial aquaponics farm.  Its 9,500 sq. ft. indoor growing space includes 9 indoor fish ponds and a connected greenhouse.

DIY urban bathtub aquaponics system
Aquaponics just might be the ultimate closed-loop food production system. A healthy aquaponics system can provide its lucky owner with fresh fish and fresh organic vegetables year round, for very little ongoing cost. Getting an aquaponics system set up, however, can be costly. There’s lots of off-the-shelf systems to choose from nowadays, but they cost a bundle.                                              ...oooOooo...

First Past The Post
I’m always on the look-out for early varieties and was recently introduced to realseeds.co.uk by one of the Tomato Club Members.
The Race Is On!
It seems that they have a very early cherry/bush variety called Latah which was developed in Idaho, USA for short seasons. That’s a bit like the summer in the UK!
I’ve ordered some of these seeds and intend to grow this variety alongside Red Alert and one or two other early fruiting varieties to see which is the earliest. I’ll keep you up to date with the results.

Try Sprouts
If you want to grow nutritious and tasty fresh vegetables during the cold months, sprouts are the answer to your prayers. In just a few days, a handful of seeds will turn into several servings of crunchy sprouts. It doesn’t get more fresh and local than that!
By Tabitha Alterman and Barbara Pleasant
Sprouts can be grown easily in hemp or flax bags. And they come in a wider variety than you may realize. Try multi-colored purple radish sprouts or crisp sprouted peas.
Best Vegetables to Grow in the Shade
Even in shaded conditions, you can bask in great garden harvests if you choose the right crops and make a few easy adjustments.
By Colleen Vanderlinden
For successful growing in the shade, remove low-hanging branches from nearby trees, use raised beds and liners to discourage tree roots from wicking water away from crops, and use reflective mulches to give plants more light.


More soon
Take care