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Thursday, March 10, 2011


This issue again will be including interesting articles relating to things to do and how to do them around the home, yard and farm. I decided to includ these extras as I believe my blogging friends include quite a number of DIYers who could benefit from many of these articles. So now lets have a look in the notebook...

Eating What You Grow: A Farm Works to Preserve the Culture of Food
Changes are happening on the farm as we speak, since they just purchased five dairy cows. Konesni says they haven’t decided how best to use them, but he’s thinking maybe they’ll start making yogurt. In the future, the possibilities are limitless, and Konesni is open to what may come.
“We might get into growing oysters and other intensive aquaponics,” he says. But for now, “We support shellfishing by keeping the bays clean. We don’t put toxic sprays in shellfish grounds, and we are working to make sure our type of farming increases water cleanliness and quality… There’s a traditional food culture on Shelter Island, including deer hunting, and we support that.”
As the CSA membership grows and the public becomes more and more a part of Sylvester Manor, Konesni’s arms are wide open.
“We’re not an exclusive club. We want to give everyone access to this land, this story, and this place that belong to the entire island and the whole East End,” he said.


Marketing the urban agriculture revolution

Let's talk about indoor farming inside urban warehouses or sleek glass highrises in the canyons of crowded neighborhoods.

It may sound strange but that’s the idea behind vertical farming, a new way to grow food in the middle of and during any season of the year.

Northwestern University alumnus Alan Rose, a 1977 Medill advertising graduate, is at the forefront of this movement. Along with his partners Paul Suder, Paul Hardej and Myles Harston, he’s working to grow produce in the Chicago area using closed-loop technologies


Pocket Tower - 5 ft.

Expand your growing space effortlessly with our newest vertical growing option.  Hangs right over your fish tank, or can be plumbed to drain just about anywhere...including a soil garden.  Features 7 pockets for growing strawberries, peppers, herbs or just about any small to medium sized plant you can grow in your aquaponics grow beds.  Just send your fish tank water through the top and watch it grow!
  • Optional pipe fitting available.
  • Hanging hook included
  • Ships separately


Planting new vision

Producing fresh produce locally for area residents would be both a health and an economic benefit, he said.

"Fresher food has greater nutritional value. It also has the potential for creating thousands of jobs and ancillary services. We can manufacture what we need, like the materials for hoop houses, here," Williams said.

Aquaponics, or raising fish such as tilapia and perch, is another possibility for urban areas, as ventures in Milwaukee have proven, he said.

STEVENSVILLE - Entering Ronald Pifer's greenhouse in Stevensville on a frigid winter day is like transporting to a humid oasis on the other side of the planet.
His pyramid-topped project constructed last summer on a 20-by-20-foot basketball court is a work in progress, but the flora and fish inside are already offering evidence of approval.


Bell Siphon with Window AND Media Guard

Perfect for new grow beds that don't already have something to block the media from the plumbing!
A Bell siphon is an elegant way to drain your grow bed in a flood and drain aquaponics system without using a timer to turn your pump on and off.
Why use a siphon?
    *  No more timer - You will no longer need nor want a timer to control your pump.  This eliminates:
          o The cost of the timer
          o The risk of timer failure
          o The cost of the electricity needed to run the timer


Aquaponics: A farming revolution?
I recently had the opportunity to hear the owners of Green Acre Organics speak about their aquaponics farm, which is located in Brooksville, FL. They supply produce to Hernando County health food stores, farmers markets and restaurants, and hope to spread the word on this combination of hydroponics and aquaculture and its benefits.
According to their presentation:

Greenhouse & Aquaponics Tour
When:March 5, 2011
11:00 AM

Description:Grow chemical-, pesticide-, and fertilizer-free vegetables and edible fish all in a compact backyard system. Use 90% less water to grow the same amount of produce as in a dirt garden. HOURS: 11am to 4pm.
More Info:


Aquaponic Gardening Weekend Workshops 

in beautiful Boulder, Colorado

  • Only $350 for 14 hours of expert instruction!
  • Learn everything you need to know to set up an Aquaponic Garden in your home (inside or out)
  • Grow your own organic fish and vegetables year round
  • No weeding, no watering, no fertilizing, no back breaking labor
  • Actually build an aquaponics system during this class, and leave with detailed instructions so you can build your own at home
  • Taught by experts in home, media-based aquaponic gardening (the only style of aquaponic gardening that is appropriate for the home)


Ready Steady Sow!

The “sow-a-long” starts today so I hope you will join me and sow a few tomato seeds this weekend!
If you don’t have the time right now, you can sow anytime up to the end of April and expect to get a successful crop before the end of the season.
The sow-a-long is at: http://www.tomatogrowing.co.uk/sow-a-long
Below is a list or glossary of tomato growing terms and frequently used jargon that I hope will be useful to browse.


Wild Oregano: The Mediterranean Spice

Cultivate the sunny flavor of a Mediterranean hillside with this essential herb
Greek oregano is the classic culinary oregano, famed for pizza; use for any tomato dish, eggs, olives, soups or stuffing dishes.
Steven Foster

Recipe: Mediterranean Chicken


The World of Tea: Six Tea Recommendations
by Erin McIntosh
E.McIntosh Erin is the Communications Manager at Mountain Rose Herbs and an apprenticing herbalist at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies, where she botanizes and wildcrafts medicinal plants in the magnificent Oregon Cascades. www.mountainroseherbs.com

The allure of tea has captivated the world for more than 5,000 years. I, too, have been an enchanted teahead since the delicious liquor of Orange Pekoe first passed my....

From Our Bookshelf: An Introduction to Magical Herbalism
But there are higher secrets of culture, which are not for the apprentices but for proficients. These are lessons only for the brave. —Ralph Waldo Emerson
By Ellen Dugan
Excerpted from Garden Witch's Herbal: Green Magick, Herbalism & Spirituality (c) 2009 by Ellen Dugan. Used by permission. Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
What is it about plants, trees, flowers, and the idea of green magick that continues to fascinate and bewitch us?


Writing the Aquaponic Gardening Book

Sylvia sending in the book
Hitting the 'send' button!
It was the most exhilarating push of a “send“ button I have ever experienced.  On Tuesday, March 1, I sent the manuscript for my new book “Aquaponic Gardening: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Fish and Plants Together” to my publisher, New Society.  If you have ever felt the rush of having a multi-month, all-consuming project lifted off your shoulders with one symbolic act, then you know exactly what this felt like to me.


Women leaders of the “Green Revolution” in Tampa Bay
March 8, 2011 at 10:00 am by Eric Stewart

tampa-bay:As the revolutions in Wisconsin, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Yemen, Ohio, Ireland, Greece and hundreds of other places go on, another more peaceful revolution is occurring in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

 And so we close another chapter. But never fear, I shall  retu..... Nahh, that's alredy been worn out.
Take Care
Be Back Soon

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