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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday movers

The other day I picked up the latest Backwoods Home Mag issue and they had have an article on Aquaponics. I've read a little bit about it and types of systems and watched alot of videos on YouTube.
Basically, Aquaponics is..


Island Coast High School
Academy of Natural Resources
2125 DeNavarra Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33909
Island Coast High School in Cape Coral, Florida began a unique program in the Fall of 2008. The Academy of Natural Resources teaches students to run a successful business sustainably using the practices of recirculating aquaculture, aquaponics, and alternative energies. Students can enroll in the program for one to four years with the forth year culminating in a research/capstone course. Students are responsible for the daily care of over four thousand...

Fish plans move closer

PLANS for a new fish and aquaponics unit at Todmorden High School have moved a step closer after town councillors recommended approval of the application.

AREVO Aquaculture & Aquaponics (Pty) Ltd

AREVO produce 10-times the seafood biomass compared to traditional open-air pond farming on the smallest land footprint ever, indoors under controlled bio-secure conditions using

Aquaponics Media Posts

Dear Fellow Aquapons,
I would suggest that we post any responses and suggestions on the related Discussion so that we do not bury the initial post :-)
You are welcome to Start you own

Time: March 15, 2011 at 1:30pm to April 30, 2011 at 5:30pm
Location: UH-Kaua'i....


Aquaponics - Wild Fish?
Would it be possible to catch adult channel catfish and then use those in a backyard style aquaponic setup?

Talking with a friend of mine who worked with commercial aquariums in the past stated that it was possible but to expect some initial die-off due to the stress


Sean Short's Blog Posts Tagged 'fish' (11)
My First Aquaponics System

It feels good to type this, because one of the biggest parts of goal setting and goal achievement


Saint Aquaponics: A pioneer packs up his farm and comes to town

In aeroponics, plants are grow on a sponge like material with suspended roots. The roots are consistently sprayed with a nutrient-rich water. Harston and his partners hope to combine the technologies of aeroponics and aquaponics at a new  commerical farm in a Chicago suburb.
Just off the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, clean plywood cordons off the first floor of a brick walk-up apartment building. But inside the place

Growing Virginia breaks ground in Brosville
By SUSAN WORLEY/Star-Tribune
BROSVILLE - Growing Virginia, LLC held a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning for an aquaponics, aquaculture, hydroponics, horticultural technologies company locating in the Brosville Industrial Park off U.S. 58 west.

Developers Rory Smith and Chris Moore

Plant Nutrient Management in an Aquaponics System

(This is a reprint of an article I wrote that ran in UrbanGarden.com)
red pepper

When I first stumbled upon aquaponics in early 2009 it was while I was still running product development, and by extension the plant laboratory, for AeroGrow International. While I am not a scientist by education (my undergraduate degree is in Agricultural Economics) I learned a tremendous amount about hydroponic nutrients in my various plant research roles at


We need your help. There are 9 acres of land in Hunts Point, South Bronx, New York, where we would like to build commercial farms (including CSA's), a school of aquaponics & urban farming, and a number of other endevours. We need partners and HELP. Please contact us. http://www.facebook.com/l/1fd27H7_p06ghrB6kKQlrRgxbcg/www.vifarms.com anya@vifarms.com S.A.V.E. @ http://www.facebook.com/l/1fd277tCmUYwnDSBAMkvfRPYOiA/ThePoint.org Thank you, Anya & Christopher
Vertically Integrated Farms3:32am Mar 4
We need your help. There are 9 acres of land in Hunts Point, South Bronx, New York, where we would like to build commercial farms (including CSA's), a school of aquaponics & urban farming, and a number of other endevours. We need partners and HELP.

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Hey all,

I was just wondering if you are required to obtain a aquaculture license in CO to run an operation. I noticed they have them for $100, http://www.colorado.gov/oed/industry-license/42IndDetail.html and was wondering if anyone

Get ready Sydney as Aquaponics  is about to rock your town! One Day only!

The one day workshop with Dr Wilson Lennard, one of the world’s leading scientific experts on Aquaponics will be flanked by SBS-TV Gardening Guru Costa Georgiadis and our own Murray Hallam. You all know Murray Hallam of course, an experienced Aquaponics Kit manufacturer and presenter of all those great Aquaponics DVDs that we make at Ecofilms.
This rare event is scheduled to be held on....


 Now Lets Spread to other areas
15 Herbs to Save Money on Medical Bills
Studies show EGCG inhibits the growth of cancer cells and promotes the death of damaged cells.
Juliette Borda
Times are tough. So we scrimp where we can and keep a sharp eye out for new ways to save. But there is one area where spending a little now can actually save a lot later—your health.


The Lowdown on Companion Planting

By Lauren Holt and Gina DeBacker
February/March 2011
Alliums (like the onion in bloom pictured here) are traditionally planted to repel whiteflies and aphids from the garden.
Some plants are friends; others hate each other. Such is the premise behind companion planting—the practice of growing specific crops in close proximity so that...

 Well that's it Sorry I missed Friday was stuck in sick bay.
OK Take care

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