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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well, there are still more Great Sites for us to visit.....

Here we are, the middle of another week and all sorts of things keep turning up. So I'll see if I can make head or tail of some of it.....:But First - I said on Monday I would make it up to you - Well Here's Your Bumper Crop:

Courses, Workshops & Events

For Upcoming Courses, Workshops, & Events in Permaculture, Ecovillage Design, Sustainable Living Skills, & More
2008, Living Mandala
creative services by: 360 Degrees

In Association With

Nor Cal Aquaponics

Mendocino Ecological Learning Center

Facilitators & Instructors

Max Meyers

David William House

Chris Byrne

Guests Instructors TBA

Course Inspiration

What if there was way to produce an abundance of organic food using 98% less water, while producing up to ten times more food in the same amount of area and time? What if you could achieve this using 1/4 the amount of energy, in a system that does not require fertile soil, saves you labor, makes you a good living and is incredibly sustainable?


Experts release qualified information on sustainable food production.
Right and wrong methods – and little pointers that will rapidly increase food productivity and bio-security with functional foods!

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 03, 2011 – I could hear the spruiker calling out to the public as they walked past "Come on a journey with Australian Andrew S. de Dezsery, M.Sc and International Specialised Skills Industry Fellow as you learn Aquaponics 101The who, how to, where and what!” he cried.


 From Murray Hallam
The First 12 Months and DIY Toteponics.
Posted on February 9, 2011 by Murray

Guest post by Eco Films.

Just a quick update on what’s happening with the upcoming DIY Aquaponics DVD. The DVD is complete and ready to go. We’ve been waiting for Murray Hallam to complete his accompanying pdf file that will be included with the disk and today we got his first draft and boy is it looking good. We were expecting a plan with measurements of the various layouts of the IBC container, but Murray has submitted almost a detailed book, full of photos, graphics and an extensive parts list with a...


Herring Gut students learn from experience
by Alexandria Brasili
School of Roots students with harvested greens. L-R: Kyle, Tyler, Jack, Savanah Photo: Alexandria Brasili
It's a cold winter day in Port Clyde. While all is quiet and snowy outside, inside Herring Gut Learning Center it's a completely different story. Students dart back and forth in rubber boots and aprons with baskets of fish and clipboards, yelling out weights and quantities in order to determine tank stocking densities. The group shrieks as a fish flops out of a basket and onto the floor. One brave student cups the fish under the belly and over the nose, a handy technique for ensuring that the fish doesn't wiggle out onto the floor again. Meanwhile, students in the greenhouse work in t-shirts, planting and harvesting crisp heads of bright green Bibb lettuce while snow gently falls outside.


West Chatham Events CalendarWest Chatham Events Calendar
Posted: February 9, 2011 - 12:20am  |  Updated: February 9, 2011 - 3:18am
By Savannah Morning News


"Club 316"

5-7 p.m. Feb. 9, Salvation Army, 3000 Bee Road. There will be cooking, sports, Bible study and more for ages 4-18. Free. For information, call 912-352-8366.

Opening Reception for "New Beginnings"

6:30 p.m. Feb. 9, Gallery S.P.A.C.E., 9 W. Henry St. The youth art exhibition celebrates the talent of local middle...[MORE]


Aquaponics Systems Work With Nature Instead Of Against It

By , on February 16th, 2011%

Growing plants in the ground the old fashioned way may seem like the natural way to grow plants, but in reality, you are working against nature that way. It starts out by...

Aquaponics , how to build aquaponics Garden?
I am trying to build my own aquaponics garden, but i am having trouble completing th eproject. Thus far i have been relying on forums and free guides. All the guide I have found are either: Harder to understand, incomplete, or just don't work. I know they are well intentioned but i want a professional guide that will lead me through the process step by step. Any suggestions? Read on for the Answers...



by Walter Newsom
(Gilbert, AZ, USA)
Tilapia from our tanks
Tilapia from our tanks
We have a small acreage in Arizona that we raise our chickens for eggs, calves for beef and fruit trees. As we aged, we found that raising beef was too expensive and we needed protein that was more digestable.

We started raising talapia in tanks in our back yard 2 years ago. We us... Get the Full Story HERE

Aquaponics For The Beginner - 5 System Considerations And Requirements
By K Bray Platinum Quality Author

You can set up your own aquaponics system rather easily however there are some factors you need to consider and understand before you get started. The first item is selecting your location, if you have limited space then this will determine the size of your grow beds and the fish tank.

Aquaponics and Apartments… oh yes!

Photo Courstey: AquaBundance Aquaponics System $1295 retail

With more people moving into apartments from single-family residences, property managers have begun to encounter resident hobbies and behaviors that can be challenging. One of these is the practice of aquaponics, or raising fish and plants together in a tank and plant medium system.

How does it work? A very organic process recycles the fish excrement into plant fertilizer and as the plants grow they


Grow Leds Hydroponic Aquaponic hps mh solar indoor whatever

I'm sick of foreign countries controlling our shit. no offense, jus sick of it..German Hydroton, Netherland rockwool, south american or indian coir , saudi oil or chinese everything else..cmon America .put our heads together.

Maui Sustainability Learning Center open for volunteers
Banana starts are planted in the Canoe Garden.

LAHAINA — Lahaina’s new sustainability center in Launuipoko invites the public to come and help with its monthly projects.

Established in 2010, the Maui Sustainability Learning Center, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, already has plantings of bananas, breadfruit and sugarcane in its Canoe Garden, with plans for many more plants that the early Polynesians brought to Hawaii in their canoes.


Farmer-Chef Conference to be held in Buffalo.

Hyatt Regency Buffalo will play host to the Third Annual Farmer-Chef Conference on Monday, February, 21.
The theme this year is "Bridging the Farm to Table Gap" meaning all farmers, restaurateurs, and related professionals will gather and build awareness of Western New York's agricultural products, their quality, and accessibility to restaurants and the food industry in general.

Toquaht chief speaks at Seafood Summit
Land-based aquaculture could be future for First Nation community
Julia Prinselaar, Westerly News

Toquaht First Nation chief Anne Mack attended last week's Seafood Summit in Vancouver and made a presentation about a proposed aquaculture park within her territory.

"At this point we're in the early stages," said Mack, who was part of a panel discussing the business of land-based closed containment salmon farming.


Ryan Lilley's Page
We area a group of students from Santa Barbara City College building an Aquaponic Systems for our class called Projects in Sustainability
Well, that should satisfy the best of you. I sure hope so....I got RSI of my two typing fingers...
So, have a good week [What's left of it]

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