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Saturday, February 26, 2011


So, we meet again and again I welcome you to this Weekend edition of Ozzies Aquaponics Blog:

And from Murray Hallams Forum:
Aquaponics in schools

Hi Murray
Murray I have been asked by 2 schools (1 in Brisbane and 1 on the Sunshine Coast) about aquaponics and one of the questions they have is how many other schools have a system in SEQ.and could they have a look at one ?
A person from the school has seen a aquaponic system already but I think they would like to talk to someone at the school about how they went about it.

If anyone else has an idea on this I will pass the information back to them.


Commercial Aquaponics
meet new people almost every day who are interested in pursuing commercial aquaponics and ask me for direction. They usually have no background in farming, hydroponics or aquaculture but are looking to take their lives on a new path. They want to be a part of the unique potential for global change that commercial aquaponics offers.

I usually counsel them to start by reading my blog post “Commercial Aquaponics: 10 Things to Consider Before Taking the Plunge” and take the time to

In restoration, hands get wet and brains fed
LANAI CITY - While conservationists work to restore the native watershed on Lanaihale tree by tree, they're getting some help from students at Lanai High and Elementary School.

For the past two years, science teacher Lisa Galloway has been getting her students out of the classroom and into the greenhouse, where they learn ecology and also grow seedlings for the watershed restoration effort.

Aquaponics - Organic Gardening Plus Fresh Fish

If you are an organic gardener or looking to start a garden you may want to consider designing an aquaponics home system. The combination of aquaculture and hydroponics has created a unique marriage where you can grow fresh organic vegetables and raise fish at the same time!

In a nutshell the way the system works is your fish produce waste which of course is

Home Aquaponics Systems
Home aquaponics systems are opening up the possibilities for many people to grow their own organic food. A lot of people who may not have a fertile plot of land or even outdoor space at all, are finding aquaponics to be both practical and a lot of fun. This is very important, because if something is enjoyable, people are more likely to stick with it.

Green Patch: Rosemary, Sage and Basil Growing Problems Solved
Are your basil leaves turning yellow? Is your garden sage having trouble staying alive? Have your rosemary leaves fallen off? Keep your herbs thriving with our expert advice.

Food Pairings: Fresh Herbs and Artisanal Cheese
Pair fresh herbs and aritisanal cheese in these 5 sensational recipes by award-winning chef, Jerry Traunfeld.


Cures for Winter Blahs: Winter Sow Herbs
DebDeb's family owns a small herb farm and herbal skin care business in Porterfield, Wisconsin. It is there that they play and work with herbs on a daily basis.  Deb is a Master Gardener Volunteer, organizer of a local herb group, and a teaches herb-related and soap-making classes for a local technical college, folk school, and right on the farm.

Blue Bungalow Farm

Heather Zydek is a writer, college English teacher, and master-gardener-in-training who lives on the east side of Wauwatosa with her husband and three children. She blogs about her adventures turning her old bungalow into a sustainable urban homestead.
Touring the Food Revolution
By Heather Zydek
Yesterday I took my three girls to Sweet Water Organics for a tour of their facility at 2151 South Robinson Avenue in Milwaukee. Sweet Water is an indoor urban fish and vegetable farm in operation since 2008. I've been following their progress over the last couple of years and figured it was time to check the place out.


Mowing With A Scythe: Custom Fit Snath Makes It Easy
I've used a number of different scythes over the years -- most were borrowed and used mainly to cut vegetation in places where I couldn't manuver the tractor and mower. Some of those scythes were heavy and clunky, but worked nicely at whacking back brush. Others were light and almost flimsy

Best Tools for Fencing
Many people with several acres eventually want to raise livestock. To contain animals on a pasture, you will need a good fence. The following tools will help you build a good fence and maintain it over time.
Ok Friends That should do for now. Just a clarification The Aquaponics area of the web is fairly saturated with Aquaponics 4U which you will have noticed I have steered well clear of. This is causing me some concern as it means that my sources are being filled with the one thing. with no doubt as many trying to sell it as there is people to buy it. If I'm right that is not profitable except...well I;m sure you can figure that one out. The other thing worth mentioning is You may notice that I'm introducing areas  related to A/P that should be benificial to our blog members and visitors. O.K. That's a Wrap
Take Care

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