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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday and We are all a Bit Sick of this Weather

So I guess most of us are wondering what is the next weather installment. Well not me, I've had all the weather I need. So I'll just sit here and get on with work:

It occurred to me a couple of days ago that I had never written anything reviewing my Friendly Aquaponics Commercial Training experience.  It was a profound four days in my life and yet I have never chronicled it.  I think I finally will now.

We arrived in Kona late Saturday night after grounded planes and nearly missed flights.  We were tired but excited as we drove from the airport up to Waimaia where we were staying.  Tomorrow we would go to the farm tour and then the class would start on Monday.  We slept well, but cold in the little Hawaiin hotel room with no heat.  It was dipping into the 40's there at night and we Florida girls were freezing!  The next morning we headed out for breakfast and to go to the farm tour.


Gardening by the use of an aquaponic system will enable you to cultivate plants along with aquatic life, and starting out at a small scale will allow you to get started without the need for significant amount of expence or maintenance. Understanding the benefits will help you to determine what type of system is best for your needs.


Food Justice Workshop at GrowHaus
The GrowHaus of Denver and Hazon invite you to a special Food Justice Workshop with Nigel Savage and alumni from Hazon’s food conference on Sunday, February 6th, 1:00-4:00pm.  Come join “Hazoniks” of Colorado and friends for a tour, discussion, and volunteering at the GrowHaus in west Denver. The GrowHaus serves fresh fruits and vegetables that they grow in their cutting-edge aquaponics greenhouse system to a large community in a food desert in the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.


Aquaponics in Education, Inspiration, and Community Building
By slywoman
Video of the presentation I gave at the Sweet Water Organics Workshop titled Aquaponics in Education, Inspiration, and Community Building.


Aquaponics 101-Part One: The Process
This is the first of a series of articles that are going to teach you most of what you would need to know about Aquaponics to build and maintain your own system. These articles are part of a book we are writing and will eventually be selling on our website at www.aquaponicsusa.com


How to build a basic Aquaponics System
A basic guide on how to build your own Aquaponic system. This is sytem is based on the barrel ponic and S&S setup and was built by me in the summer of 07′.
I have been very pleased with my DAYMAK AUSTIN electric motor bike. This is the fourth season of riding around the city streets and local highways. I have had a few electrical/electronic issues which I repaired quickly...


[WATCH]: Aquaponics Greenhouse Tour
This is a Harbor Freight 10×12 greenhouse that is used for an aquaponics system. It’s not as big as my regular garden, but I can start it 2 months earlier! Thanks for viewing! For more info, see my blog at web4deb.blogspot.com or http Also “like” us on Facebook by searching for “Bigelow Brook Farm” 


Barrel Aquaponics Workshop
If you want to get started producing a constant supply of fish, rabbits, chickens, vegetables, herbs, greens and other plants in an efficient, inexpensive small-scale system, plan to attend the Aquaponics training in Starksboro, Vermont.


Lynn labor leaders look to form worker's co-op
LYNN - Two local labor leaders want to start a worker-owned cooperative in Lynn, modeled after a successful one in Spain, as a way to create jobs and wealth for the city's working class.

The GrowHaus: Building A Community Around Food In Elyria-Swansea

"What I really see here is a hub for community development, a place where we support and inspire the neighborhood," says Adam Brock, of Northeast Denver's GrowHaus.

Community Calendar
11:30 a.m. Feb. 1, Savannah Morning News Auditorium, 1375 Chatham Parkway. James C. McCurry Jr., director of administration at Georgia Ports Authority, will be speaking on the Port of Savannah and the Savannah Harbor Deepening Project. Cost: $11. For information, call 912-644-6434 or go to

Diy Aquaponics - Very Easily Make Your Aquaponics System.
If you are seeking any sample Aquaponics Layout you could follow then Im planning to place you in the right direction. There are a lot of different types of aquaponics tanks & gardens, hence you have to consider which you would like to select. The best way to begin this would be to work with a DO IT YOURSELF guideline

My DIY Aquaponics REVIEW-Organic Gardening Secret
If you are wondering about My DIY Aquaponics REVIEW , Mydiyaquaponics.com reputation, or...
is My DIY Aquaponics SCAM or The Real Deal? You've come to the right place.
With aquaponics it is simple to grow 10X the quantity of plants within the same space a garden would normally take. This step-by-step guide continues to be engineered to obtain your personal aquaponics system ready to go to help you produce your personal produce with 1/10th the quantity of work. Certified Organic Food that tastes great! ...[more details]

Movement in the Bottoms: Operation Canned Spinach!
Starting a grassroots urban farm with little means on a small plot of industrial wasteland with soil so toxic you can’t put any seeds in the ground is no small feat. However, for a small African American community in the Village Bottoms district of West Oakland, being able to feed themselves

 Well, That's a wrap - For Now
Be Back Soon

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