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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh dear, Where did Friday go....

Apologies my friends, we've had a mishap.  Our Bobcat got bogged in the mud. Since the flood we've had a few nights of rain and the ground we normally can work/drive on had taken all the wet it could handle. So my mate drove into a scrubby area to remove an old motor and when he went to turn the bobcat she dug into the ground and the mud just swallowed half of each of the four wheels.

Well we tried for three hours to get it out with a 2 ton car jack and lots of timber, then we had the guy at the back of our place with his tractor to give us a hand. They have trotters and their own training track. But the tractor was only two wheel drive with a small motor and it didn't even budge the bobcat. eventually we got the thing out and finished the work but by then Friday was a gone chicken. \

So here I go with the new WEEKEND Issue... Please Enjoy:

Upscale, Democratize, and Internationalize Aquaponics

(Event is in the planning stage; more details coming soon!)

Sweet Water Organics announces it’s very first winter workshop. Here’s your chance to discuss sustainable agriculture with some of the best and brightest creative minds. Participating organizations include:

University of Wisconsin’s School of Fresh Water Science

Columbia University School of Architecture and Urban Design

Stirling University and Aquaponics UK

The Aquaponics Source, organizer of AquaponicsCommunity.com

Milwaukee Department of Community Development

What: Winter Workshop One

When: Friday, January 21 - Sunday January 23



Kaiser Permanente to "Walk the Walk" with Hawaii island school garden network
Community to come together on Martin Luther King, Jr. "day of service" to promote healthy living.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 11:40 AM HST
Kaiser Permanente Hawaii physicians and clinic staff will set aside their sterile medical garb, equipment and working environment and, instead, get down and dirty working in the dirt - volunteering in Hawaii Island school gardens to celebrate the 25th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. "Day of Service" on Monday, Jan. 17. In doing so, they hope to practice....


Start Your Aquaponics Greenhouse Now! (WITH VIDEO)....


Life, the universe and everything

Taking students out of the classroom to do ‘real’ research and pairing their teachers with those working in the field is getting children enthused about science’s possibilities

It is Tuesday morning and a double-free for a group of Year 12s. But instead of lounging around the common room or catching up in the library, 30 maths, ICT and science pupils have given up their free time to look at satellite images of the River Mersey.

Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference Planned for March
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/14/2011

Fish Farmers from Wisconsin and around the midwest will be meeting this winter for the 16th Annual Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference. The March 11-12 event will be held at the Country Springs Hotel & Waterpark in Pewaukee.

The conference will feature aquaponics, marketing, pond management, aeration, fish processing, economics, species breakout groups and more. Several out of state speakers are attending, including Dr. Gary Jensen, Dan Deisenroth, Dr. Robert Kim and and Henry Clifford....


Hands-on agriculture at KI school

14 Jan, 2011 03:00 AM
KANGAROO Island High School students are getting a hands-on agricultural experience through KI Community Education's Parndana campus.Agriculture teacher Trevor Bolwell said there was a working farm adjacent to the school where students were taught a broad range of subjects related to the industry.
"The kids are involved with prime lamb production and run a feed-lot, so they have to go through and work out rations," he said.
They also learn about aquaponics through a barramundi growing-out facility.
Attached to the facility is a recycling system where the waste water is transported to trays with various seedlings including herbs, spinach, beans and lettuce.


‘Living Food BankTM’ to Provide Fresh Fish and Vegetables in Haiti
The Living Food Bank, developed by Nelson and Pade, Inc, produces fresh fish and vegetables..MORE

VIDEO: GrowHaus in Denver Colorado - The Urban Conversion and Aquaponics...VIDEO...

From Squidoo: My aquaponic organic garden
Could Aquaponics gardening make our wishes (at least some of them) come true? Don't we all wish to have organic food for ourselves and our family members to eat healthy and without any preservatives? Wouldn't you like to have the opportunity to go to your backyard and pickup your organic fruit and vegetables for your daily use without thinking about how much it would cost you? If the answer is yes then your wish could come true very soon. ...


Good morning, aquapons,
 If you haven't dropped by to visit our Aquaponic Gardening community lately, you might want to.  It is a bustling place with over 800 members now!
 And you now have a new option for following our activity - Hootsuite! Hootsuite is a very popular social media aggregator for monitoring Facebook, Twitter, etc. all in one place.  Now you can add our community to what you follow, and make updates directly from your Hootsuite desktop.  Just click here for simple instructions to get started.
 Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
 (Hey if you're not a member...Why Not....Editor)


( I'm sure I had this shop in the Digest several months ago.....)
FARM: shop - East London's radical experiment in food growing and community building

David Hawkins
FARM: shop in Dalston is a revolutionary new take on urban food self-sufficiency: a cafe and community hub with its own rooftop chicken coop, pigs and floating garden
    FARM: shop is a place where people can interact with farming

Just along from the new Dalston Junction train station, opposite East London standard issue billboards and a fried-chicken shack, stands the pleasing facade of a freshly revived shopfront. Yet this isn't the usual tedium of homogenized gentrification


Afnans' Aquaponics - Nothing in Particular - General Update
One Tilapia missing. It was eight, today only seven left. Need to investigate what happen, I don't think cats will take fish in water. Previous batch survive and none was missing.(VIDEO)



Your business can be a daunting task, because most of the work requires special skills and tones of money to invest. While you can acquire the necessary skills, money is not easy to solve the problem. However, there is a business that requires investment, and the minimum is repaid in less than a year. It 'called Aquaponics agriculture or Aquaponic can change your life and well.
Aquaponics includes the cultivation of vegetables with water from the aquarium. You just have to wait for the fish tank in a square, about a month to supply enough water organic nutrients for plants, so the spread....(MORE)

Shop Growfresh Organics and More online
on Jan 15 in News | ShareThis

Growfresh Organics and More is proud to bring online Arkansas’ first and only hydroponics and aquaponics e-commerce site. Arkansas was once a pioneer in bringing aquaponics sytems into school systems in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. We are glad to now bring information and products for these fantastic systems to the retail market online and in the store at 2600 South Zero Street in Fort Smith. If you are just now learning about hydroponics and aquaponics or if you are a seasoned veteran, we...MORE


Well I caught up.... Sorry again for the delayed report, but that's farming I guess. If it can go wrong....
See you soon, Take Care....

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