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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The divide between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have not's. Which side are you and I on.

It's not about sides. It's not a game. It's more about can you manage to feed, cloth and shelter yourself and your family.Which brings me to World Hunger and Poverty.

Acording to the Oxford Dictionary 'Hunger' has three meanings:
  • The uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; craving appetite.
  • A strong desire or craving 
  • The want or scarcity of food in a country
The third one is about world hunger and the reality is malnutrition or  a lack of some or all nutritional elements necessary for human health.
 For those who don't know, I'm 75 years old and I have had world poverty on my mind and heart for most of my life. But what can one person do to help, and does it really help. Well when I first got interested in Aquaponics it became clear to me immediately that this was one way people could be helped - if a better way of growing food was available, they could be helped. If there was a way of making it into a lean, mean, food machine.

That's now the one way that I can see for me to be of value in this present world poverty struggle. To somehow make A/P available and workable for people where it is most needed. So to that end, this blog was created. Just simply to learn and to be an instrument in some way for people to help A/P to progress. For it to be developed. For people to have somewhere where any new concepts, any hints or ideas can be shown for the benefit of all who drop in here and somehow the word will get to the people who really need a better way to feed themselves and their families.

And so to work:

Murray Hallam has two peices worth  noting this time, the first is about Fungi and Bacteria in Aquaponics Systems. And the second is Aloe Vera and Kitchen Herbs in Aquaponics

Next, Logic behind why Plants Grow healthy and Fast within an Aquaponic Farm plus the Many benefits it could Provide


Now for the very first time we have a recipe or two firstly in the form of videos

And now from a Twitter buddy of mine 

Now from the aquaponics community (You are a member, surely) 

Here is a like now to the urban aquaponics manual by gary donaldson megaupload

 Aquaponics Made Easy Workshops by Australian Murray Hallam to be Taught in Colorado and California

Aquaponics Solids Lifting Siphon Overflow Box AKA Johnny Jump Box

Next up another Video Aquaponics Fodder vs. Hydroponic Fodder, lettuce and tomato.

 Now here's a Single Barrel Aquaponics System by alexhroz 

Affnan's Aquaponics. Amateur Urban Aquaponics. Tilapia - Breeding - The New Set. After I managed to get some Tilapia's Fry from my present stock I decide to make a proper set to do the breeding. ...

Get details about Eco-Friendly Backyard Aquaponics Tour. Tour the future of backyard gardening. 

Aquaculture is the world's fastest-growing farming sector with an average growth rate of 6 - 8%/year, a value of $86 billion, and an output of ~45.5 million tons of fish protein.
 China produces 70% of the world's cultured fish. All countries producing over one million tons of fish protein are located in Asia (China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia).

This past spring in CE 180, Design, Construction, Maintenance of Civil and Environmental Engineered Systems, Fisher and his project group designed a flood management system for the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta that would serve small-scale aquaponics, a sustainable agricultural method using water and fish to grow food. Fisher advocated a new line of thinking to progressively return the delta back to nature, Professor Robert Bea explains, “while also developing future...

Tour our 5,000 square foot aquaponic greenhouse!
Tours available beginning Feb 1, 2011:
Learn about aquaponics and controlled environment agriculture.
Discover what you can grow and why it tastes better and is better for you.

That's the Ball Game for today. Sorry I'm a bit late... pressure.....
All the Best

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