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Monday, November 29, 2010


In my search for todays material, I stumbled upon Yahoo through a Google search and found a question and answer section. I have listed it below. Unfortunately the question/answer bit with a request for information about A/P had closed. I say Unfortunately, because they have some sort of vote on what is the best answer and this is the one that is printed. Well as you will see the answer is Ummm... garbage IMHO. But what do I know..... Anyhow I'm trying to make contact with the person who asked the question so that I can offer her a real answer(or Guess What - A Blog with real answers). Please wish me luck... Oh yes it's listed below....

Work Time......

We are hoping to gain lottery funding for a large aquaponics unit (fish farm combined with hydroponic plant growing/water purification).
Incredible Edible Todmorden www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk is a local food project in a tiny town in the pennine hills of northern England. In the meantime we are setting up a small scale pilot project to get our hands in. Here it is under construction.

New pool now in place, still a lot to do over the next few weeks as we start to preare for the winter (did we have a summer) we had some medium / gravel which turned out not to be suitable a simple test show you how not to make the same mistake, even if the man at the shop said it is ok does not mean it is.

You get 100% organic veggies, cannabis and organic seafood from this system! The fish provide all the nutrients that the plants need so no extra fertilization is required...
The easiest way to make one is to make it out of PVC. PVC is turning out to be my favourite material to use for all kinds of things during my time spent so far learning 120 things in 20 years.

Aquaponics Update #13 – Combined Filters, More Plants in Tank, Trying to Increase Bacterial Growth
Getting a group to agree on just about anything can be challenging. Getting them to agree on the definition of something they are passionate about could be way passed challenging. Getting a group of 565 passionate people with various experience levels who are scattered around the world that can randomly come and go from the conversation to agree on that definition is, well, a superhuman task.

16th, 2010 – Today, HobbyGardner.com editors released the free DIY Aquaponics Build Guide. In this resourceful new guide, gardening enthusiasts will learn about the aquaponics style of growing plants, whether their interest is in vegetables, flowers or medicinal.

Can i use mollies in aquaponics?
i have a 10 gallon tank with 9 adult mollies and 3 baby's and im looking to start a aquaponics system using the mollies im going to have a grow bed above the tank with a drip system i plan on growing peppers and tomatoes any info would be great
We look at efforts to save tigers from extinction in the wild, as Russia prepares to hold a key conservation summit ++ Genetically modified corn takes root in Mexico ++ A super efficient farming operation, right in the middle of London ++ And a controversy over German plans to export nuclear waste to Russia.

There’s a national movement afoot to grow more food in cities. And the Milwaukee area stands out as an urban agricultural hotbed, as raised gardens multiply in backyards, empty lots and community spaces. Another promising piece of urban food production is called “aquaponics”.

  • We built our first AP system in April-May 2009. I forgot to mention it in the video, but the credit for the design for this system goes to our friend Paul Range. My husband tweaked it slightly to fit our backyard. Much thanks to Tim Mann of Friendly Aquaponics for his advice in improving the system. Our goals in the next few weeks
  • This summer was my first time growing with aquaponics. In this video I am using a 50 gallon fish tank filled with goldfish and an algae eater. The water is pumped to the top grow bed, which drains to the second grow bed, which returns to the fish tank.
Enough already, I'm getting cut-and-paste cramps....
There really is a lot to get through among that lot, so please try to enjoy yourselves...
I'll be back in a couple'a days. Be good to yourselves - and each other....

Saturday, November 27, 2010


There is some conjecture about what is the correct terminology so maybe there is a reason for this title or maybe it's just not worth the effort. Maybe I'd be better employed talking about other things. One thing is certain, you are now going to have at your disposal quite a few differing opinions.....

I thought I'd start with a Novel and cost effective bio-filter media.

Powered by sunlight, enriched by oxygen from the waterfall, nourished by fish-waste nutrients, the pond is home for a treasure of microscopic creatures.

The solids removal tank in an aquaponics system is designed to remove solid waste from the fish tank before the water passes through the biofilter. The biofilter in a backyard or home aquaponics system is usually a gravel bed.

Again, citing Alexander's Intro to Soil Microbiology, this attribute is not rare since up to one half of soil bacterial isolates tested usually are capable of solubilizing calcium phosphates, and the counts of bacteria solubilizing insoluble inorganic forms of phosphorus may be as high as 10^7 (10 million) per gram of soil. Such bacteria are often especially abundant on root surfaces.

There are many different sizing approaches for media bed aquaponic systems, but none of them are actually based on the use of sound or established scientific or technical principles. Our new sizing model uses established and well known associations for gravel bed biofilter sizing, fish feed input to plant use ratios and gravel bed solids mineralisation ratios.
The model is provided as an excel spreadhseet for ease of use and we also provide a document that explains the model and explains how to use the model. We hope this assists you with designing your backyard or hobby scale aquaponic systems. Happy aquaponicing!

Integrating hydroponic and aquaculture systems (aquaponics) requires balanced pH for plants, fish, and nitrifying bacteria. Nitrification prevents accumulation of fish waste ammonia by converting it to NO3--N. The difference in optimum pH for hydroponic cucumber (Cucumis sativa) (5.5 to 6.0) and nitrification (7.5 to 9.0) requires reconciliation to improve systems integration and sustainability. The purpose of this investigation was to: 1) determine the ammonia biofiltration rate of a.....

The ancient Aztecs developed chinampas, man-made floating islands, which consisted of rectangular areas of fertile land on lake beds. Aztecs cultivated maize, squas­h and other plants on the chinampas and fish in the canals surrounding them. The fish waste settled on the bottom of the canals, and the Aztecs collected the waste to use as fertilizer [source: Growfish]. Additionally, countries in the Far East like Thailand and China have long used aquaponic techniques in rice paddies.

From the biofilter, water is pumped to the top of a slanted hydroponic growing area, most often constructed with PVC piping. The typical system uses an inert growing medium, such as porous clay pellets or rockwool, a spun glass wool made of volcanic rock, to hold roots in place while water moves through the system and overflows back into the fish pond.

A handfull of Video clips on the subject

Water pH Impacts Sustainability of Recirculating Aquaponic Systems

Now to other matters

Hot off the PRESS

A practical workshop on how to produce your own organic vegetables and fresh fish in one sustainable, closed-loop system, in your own backyard.
Title:     Sydney Autumn Aquaponics
When:   2 Apr 2011 - 3 Apr 2011  9:00am - 5:00pm
Where: Alexandria Park Community Centre - Alexandria
Category:Aquaponics Workshop
His passion for teaching science is evident in the many past and present student projects throughout the school and community, including revegetation, vegetable and wildflower gardens, nesting boxes, aquaponics and permaculture gardens, community recycling, orchard and earth worm farms all constructed by the students themselves under Mr Whittome’s guidance.

Description of Basic Aquaponics System in Australia. Single grow bed media based systems.

The Fair

Jesus Rodriguez, front, and Bimmer Torres, members of 2 Kool media, spray paint UCD professor Greg Cronin’s electric car Nov. 10 at the Auraria Sustainability Fair. Cornin’s car was painted to help promote www.350.org, a website working to “inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis.” Photo courtesy of Photoroadies.com, special to The Metropolitan
Of the variety of booths and displays to behold there, the aquaponics tank and the electric car getting tagged definitely drew the most attention.
Shawn Cruze, a Metro junior, answered questions about the aquaponics tank — a fish tank with plants growing out of it.

Colorado Aquaponics Greenhouse #5 – February, 2010

I hope again that I am providing the type of information you require. If not please contact me with your needs.

Untill next time 

Be good to yourself


Thursday, November 25, 2010



When I started playing with Aquaponics I thought it was something that simply provided a means of producing greens a bit quicker and considerably easier. By now we all know the details, far less water, no need for fertilizers etc. etc. What a shock was about to unfold when I began to realise the incredible powers that had suddenly become available through A/P. Powers that are still being unravelled before my eyes.

Things like when growing tomatoes, you need to remove side shoots from the plant as it climbs up it's stringy home. Every one of those removed shoots will grow into another Tomato plant simply by poking them into my gravel bed. Each plant providing another ten to twenty new clones that can produce ten to twenty more that can produce...  Each one of them an identical copy of the original.

If I go down to my local nursery I find tomato seedlings in a pot for something like six babies for $2.95 and up to $5 or more for a large seedling in it's own pot.

And incredibly this applies across many plants that are still amazing me. An insect chewed off the top of a cucumber plant So I did the same thing. BINGO the chewd off head of the cucumber is growing fine as is the 'parent'. The same thing happened to a Zuccini, with the same happy result. The A/P garden really is my personal, magical wonderland. I hope you get to play like me, to see just how far you too can stretch it's ability.

Now let's get to work....

Building Deeply Sustainable Food and Energy Systems Through Integration
- Don McCormick, president of Carbon Harvest Energy. The president of Carbon Harvest Energy will discuss his company's landfill gas-to-energy project in Brattleboro as a practical model of sustainable and responsible resource use. The central principle of this project is to replace a linear model of resource extraction => consumption => waste with a circular model based on nature, where waste/outputs are recovered to become new inputs for further processes--until no waste remains.

UPDATE ON TILAPIA AND VEGETABLE PRODUCTION IN THE UVI AQUAPONIC SYSTEM. James E. Rakocy, Donald S ... Aquaponics has several advantages over other recirculating aquaculture systems and ...

Aquaponics and Tilapia Aquaculture Field work will include fish handling, vegetable production and system operation. Facilities UVI is ... Fingerling production Nutrition and Feeding Tilapia Production Systems Aquaponics ...

Do It Yourself Aquaponics. The knowledge to feed the multitudes

Aquaponic Equipment, supplies, books, information and more!

Aquaponic Equipment
Aquaponic equipment available for all aquaponic applications 

Fishy Farm - Polyculture & Aquaponic Equipment For Family Food ...


Commercial Hydroponics

AngleseyPonics - Aquaponics

Practical Aquaponics. Grow Vegetables and Fish in your own ...

An Aquaponic farm located on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas.
Owned and operated by Jermaine A. Black AKA THE BOSS. Don't Miss this one - and Turn up the VOLUME

Ok that one will have you glued for quite a while....Enjoy
So, till Friday....

Best Wishes

Monday, November 22, 2010

Well, What a weekend that was.....

Apart from all the usual goings on, I had another birthday (That I could well do without). It's not about getting older, Just finding it harder to keep up. The body is telling me that I need to just settle the rythm of my life a little bit more and I want to reject that alltogether.

I guess somehow I'm going to have to make my mind and my body come to some sort of understanding. But hell, I don't like it. I guess that's what I get for living life too free and easy. Now it's time to reign in and I don't like the feel of the reins, pulling at me.

Oh well, work time....

Our view: Ridge Center visitors learn about 'aquaponics'

Fishy Farm Combines Aquaponics and Vermiculture in Ready-to-Use Kit

Aquaponics workshops, starting soon! A friend of mine is beginning Aquaponics workshops here on the Central Coast very soon. Read about it on Facebook, or her website here.

Affnan's Aquaponics. Amateur Urban Aquaponics, if I can do it, you can do it too..:). Time for Chillies

I guess it's just plain laziness, but I'd rather not chew my fish's solid waste
Trials, tribulations and funny stories about my trip into the aquaponics world

The tanks, fish and nearby Christian Louboutin Josefa – BlackGold are part of the aquaponics systems at the center

Aquaponics is a sustainable agricultural system that recycles nutrients and water in a soil-less environment. It combines two types of food production

Why should you choose aquaponics as a method of gardening?

Biomass production and nutrient dynamics in an aquaponics system.

I am suddenly struck by the whole concept of being able to grow all my own food, including fish in one system, you can even grow shrimp and crayfish! If I can figure out how to hook it all up to a small solar charger and battery I will be in absolute hog heaven! 

Get hold of few Asparagus seeds in October

Here's what you'll find in-side the eBook... and the many benefits you'll enjoy with Aquaponics 

Think about farm-fishing for some perch and harvesting a side salad from the same ..

Video-Link TV » Video: Fishing for food solutions, aquaponics … 

Aquaponics grow bed finally erupting in here in Volcano

Fishing for Food Solutions, Aquaponics Offers Clues - Hulu

We are a neighborhood farm dedicated to providing our community with quality food and education.
Website: http://coastviewaquaponics.com
Location: Kona, Hawaii

I  sure hope I've provided enough to satisfy  your need for information. Until Wednesday I wish you well in your endeavours...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aquaponics News Highlights

A perfect week downunder. Wonderful weather, our Aussie Dollar is still boyant and our politicians seem to be behaving themselves. The big worry here at the moment is Schoolies Week. Yes this is the week when Grade 12 School leavers decide in their droves to let their hair down. Unfortunately they also decend on the Gold Coast here in Queensland and it usually becomes a very wild week with headaches for the Police, Parents, Local Residents Oh yes and a lot of the Kids. Hopefully this year might be a little quieter.

Now to work.....

First offering comes from Murray Hallams Blog.

How to get started in Aquaponics – Rules-of-Thumb.

Welcome to Green Sky Growers

Visiting an Aquaponic Farm Near my Home in Bedford 

The Definition of Aquaponics - It could have been a real hornet’s nest.

Check out Aquaponics on Union Street

 Aquaponic E-Book Collection

The time has given me the chance to finally return to the aquaponics unit! There is only so much time I cans spend on my other projects (Magician Christian Cagigal, The Tall Blog, Hot Nerd Girl, Ken Rocks My World) that don’t require much getting dirty before I really want to pick up a power tool and MAKE something.
Nelson & Pade, a Wisconsin-based aquaponics company, recently traveled to Haiti to launch an aquaponics system that can grow vegetables and fish to help feed people.

I have read several books and researched the websites on this subject and it is more than what anyone can hope.
The merging of two independent technologies that become a model of life in the real world. Aquaponics merges the famracolocy of fish farming along with plant farming...without the use of soil.

On August 23, Tim Evans, a Nazarene involved in ministry in Jerusalem, went to Jerusalem to research a system for growing fruits and vegetables in water-scarce areas in the Middle East

Charlie Shultz's Page -Aquaponic Gardening - A Community and Forum For Aquaponic Gardeners

 Here's several more Aquaponic PDFs'

More On Monday
Have a Good Weekend

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

N.B.C. Features Aquaponics

Yes, This is great news for Aquaponics. NBC have really got with it by featuring a series of video snippets on A/P and sustainability, Here we go, but remember you need to sit through the Advertising 
breaks to see it all
Here is Murray Hallams' latest update on his CHOP system

WHEN fishing for a new project, Edi Upper Primary School found something interesting to whet their imaginations — aquaponics

Here we go, Mr 120 Things To Do, on monday showed how he HOPED his fish had enough brains to hit a lever to be fed - Well His next video shows their 'higher intelegence'

Now here is another Site I found "Bobs Backyard"

Here's another Aquaponic PDF Source

Here's an opportunity to learn about Aquaponics

Even more Aquaponics Learning PDF's

Then there is always someone who needs help

The Goal of this school: AQUAPONICS: Conquering the funky taste of tilapia is our goal.

What is the first thing going through your mind when you see this:

NO EXCUSES not to try aquaponics now!

Well let's see what he is about (see I can shout toooo) 


Fish tank for my aquaponics setup. I will post a follow-up video when the system is complete. 

Aquaponics video #3: So far the experiment is a success, and I'm taking steps toward getting the parts for 55 gallon tank to set up come spring.


Perkins County High School:
 The new greenhouse, which is being constructed by Mr. Babbitt and Mr. Terwilliger’s classes, is located by the south parking lot.
The inspiration for this project, which came from Mr. Babbitt, was the small size of the old greenhouse. Students could not work in it very well.
Another reason is the new aquaponics and the small animal production area of the project.

 And with those few words, I bid you A Very Pleasant Evening
Back Soooooooooon

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Good are Blogs?

WebLogs IMHO are the best compromise that has developed on the net. Not quite a Web Site, One Giant Leap beyond an email. The thing is though, they provide information that is updatable and is held for reference where it can be found. Some blogs ar little more than Diaries or notepads while others are closer to Websites than many that call themselves sites.

I guess this one sits wherever I want it on any given day. I just continue to hope that the information it provides, lies in the realm that includes or covers your interest or curiosity. This is the reason it tends to jump around somewhat with the type of content as well as the depth of information. So although I am trying to satisfy people who are by now well into living their life around their Aquaponic System by providing links to sites or blogs that deal with a huge range of problematic issues, I still like to touch on the little blogs put up by people who are still way back in the 'thinking about it' stage.

The third area I like to tap into is the more technical area like the the guys who are right up on the more technical issues associated with water quality, bacteria life cycles, fish diseases and of course naturally dealing with plant disease and pests.

So if your needs as yet have not been met, just hang in there and if you have an issue or two let me know and I'll try to chase it up for you. Because some time, someone else is going to thank us both for providing the answer to their needs. Aquaponics is like a whole new world and we are the lucky ones who have chosen to get on this bus very early and I'm still guessing where it's going to take us and all who come after us.

I'm not joking about this, just look at the countries on my counter. People everywhere are looking to Aquaponics as a means to their end, to fill their particular need.

This Blog was only started this year and look at the growth. Doesn't that tell you something. I know it tells me that A/P is like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill. Every rotation it takes, it grows because every newcomer finds the answers and those answers are reachable and achievable with A/P.

O.K. I'm off the bandwagon... Sorry about that.....


A/P on Face/Book

Slywoman is here with a look at the subject we started on last week. So here's is a experts view on fishless cycling without a push bike.

From the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, a PDF on On-Farm Food Safety: Aquaponics. Food Safety and Technology  and others

Port Clyde — Herring Gut Learning Center welcomes Louis W. Cabot Island Fellow Alexandria Brasili to its staff. Brasili will focus on developing a business and marketing plan for the aquaponics greenhouse and hatchery

I love Forumz. Here's one, have a dig around and see what morsels you can uncover

Back in 2006 the Dervaes' family's Path to Freedom urban homestead project hit the airwaves of TreeHugger TV. Since then we've seen a proliferation of urban farm tours, awesome small-scale permaculture projects, inner-city aquaponics, and even backyard animal husbandry and slaughter.
Here is the link to all of that and MORE

An update from Chef Ricky

Taro in Aquaponics

This is a great alternative to grow food for animals with the latest in growing technology AQUAPONICS

120 things is back again with Automatic fish feeder

I spoke earlier about the range of people who are involved, here is a new one (new to me that is)

Here's an article by Chris Smith and some follow up encouragement from our friend, Slywoman.

Now here's an article that came to me from dig.com

Ok guys and Gals thanks again, see you real soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Weekend Edition Time...


Welcome to any and every new visitor to the Digest. I hope you have an enjoyable and enlightening experience each time you visit. This issue will be focussing on catchup as my little book is getting a bit full and that means when I pass these sites and Blogs on to you they may be a bit late and we don't want that to happen.

So let's do it....

Back to the Environmental Centre. Yes, we've been there but this is from another site and so a different viewpoint. - Aquaponics explored in course at Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Affnan's Aquaponics is Back this time touching on Ferns

A download site for some Murray Hallam Information

Aquaponics o2 - Building a System Video

Murray has linked to a series of download sites and as I find them I'll show them because they may hold other morsels of great joy. Well it could be worth a look.

Here is another One

The Bulldog Kaimuki High School Honolulu, HI

Starting your A/P System using fishless cycling

120 things is next talking about SLUGS

Eco is next with Worm Farming and Aquaponics

Improved crop production practices, diversification of the agriculture sector and encouragement of mini-aquaponics systems are some of the key focus areas

An Aquaponics setup growing organic vegetables and raising fish

A 3-day aquaponics workshop will be held in Montello, Wisconsin, USA, from 9-11 December 2010
Aquaponics in Wisconsin


Can You Feed Your Family With Aquaponics? 
How to build aquaponics system 


Killian Morgan Griffin's Greenthumb Gardening 2010 - Update

all is well and at Peace....
Hope you enjoy yourselves with this issue. I certainly have so far.
Bye for now

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We had so much on our plates that neither of us could get near the Laptop. So in the next 30 minutes my fingers will have to fly.....

I'm putting this one in because I don't know what his potential is. This blog page shows very little to recomend it however there are however there are 14 followers and I didn't have time to go into their archive. So I'll leave it to you guys to investigate for me...

From 120 things....One of the things most important to me in doing aquaponics, was to grow some strawberries. A lot of strawberries. I love them.

 Now from Murray Hallum

I painted all my barrels to retard algae growth and laid them out and got the drains plumbed.

Fishy Farm combines horticulture, aquaculture, and vermiculture

Is it a dream, Or will it become a reality

And the BIG news (Not to be confused with ABC in the U.S.) -Filming for ABC Gardening Australia.

OK I think that one will do it until Friday

Have fun in the sun, or don't let the rain become a pain


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aquaponics - Are we on a mission?

So many of us start in Aquaponics as a way of feeding ourselves or saving a little money or better feeding our family. However some people, some who started out for one reason became aware that through A/P they could possibly help this planet and they became driven to use Aquaponics as a tool to help others.

So I started to go through my notes to see who, what, where and how. Here's what I found and I hope you enjoy.

“Living Food BankTM” to Provide Fresh Fish and Vegetables in Haiti

Luke’s Mission has extensive experience  using aquaponics, both in the US and in Haiti.

Vancouver Island University's ongoing efforts in the direction of sustainability are evident inside a preferred aquaponics mission happening

During a recent trip to New York City, Felipe from GlobalGiving stopped by Brooklyn Rescue Mission for a quick visit. Here is his postcard from the field

I  am writing to tell you about an exciting new opportunity for Brooklyn
Rescue Mission! We have been selected by the GlobalGiving Foundation to
participate in its Urban Farming Open Challenge

Our Mission Statement...
Provide support for those people who are most in need,
following Jesus's example.
Attain sustainability and teach others to do the same.

Organization dedicated to promote Aquaponics in Europa. French, English, Nederlands

Olomana Gardens is a permaculture farm dedicated to serving the local  community as a demonstration farm for modern, sustainable food growing systems suitable for small-scale farms and even food production for residential lots.

The aim was to develop a system that could be widely replicated in economically blighted regions, used as a cost-effective vehicle to teach the public the importance of growing the right fruits and vegetables to ensure a healthy diet

Our intention is to empower people through the education of food production, nutrition, and cultural integration. The demographic that we would like to impact first would be the communities residing in regions on our Earth that are suffering from famine, disease, and malnutrition

The training is being conducted by Challenger and 16 ANC members are completing a Certificate II in Aquaculture.  It is planned that ANC members, once they have finished their training, will become mentors for other aboriginal communities to start their own aquaponics systems

Kijiji grows (kee-gee-gee) is a collaboration of farmers, artists, engineers, builders and educators who advocate for aquaponic gardening. Our mission is to bring aquaponics to the San Francisco Bay Area and change lives through urban sustainable growing systems in schools, homes and businesses

I really enjoyed the conference. It helped me see that my wife and I could contribute to serving the poor in ways that we didn't imagine. There's enough information given to get started in Aquaponics. One day I hope to develop similar projects in Kenya and Nigeria.

An Australian sustainability collective has come up with a novel approach to bringing ecological organic food production into our cities. Their design is fast, efficient, cheap, demountable, and scalable. Welcome to the urban farming revolution proposed by CERES.

Build an aquaponics system to educate Central Brooklyn residents on the benefits of urban farming, healthy eating and improving healthy food access for residents in the communities where they live

Right, I think you'll get the idea. There are a lot of people out and about who are striving to help my/your planet. Makes me feel pretty darn good inside.

So on that Note I'll bid you a fond fairwell....(O.K. So I'm going all Mushy. So What)
Bye till Wednesday

Friday, November 5, 2010


Over on the right is that fancy gadget I had installed to let me know how many people have been on the Blog. Interestingly, it also shows the countries where all you guys come from. Well, I was looking through some of the countries when I found one I have never heard of and I just had to dig until I had a few answers. Now one of the things about this gadget is it doesn't tell who comes from the places listed.
So here is what I found:

 See the little black box Bottom Right Hand Corner... That's it. Like I said I don't know who you are, but to you my friend a mighty big welcome. Now on with the show:

WARNING WARNING Colorado Aquaponics Greenhouse update – 
Aquaponics bench system at the GrowHaus

A Bit of a Warning - Aquaponics – Commercial Aquaponics – Backyard Aquaponics – Home Aquaponics

Tomatoes and Potassium

Just a touch of Hydroponics... Q: What are the environmental benefits of the hydroponic growing of lettuce and other crops?

WARNING WARNING Energy Roundup 2009 – Aquaponics (1 of 6)

Aquaponics Update #10 – Balanced Tank & Basil from Kelly

Can Aquaponics be Financially Viable?(I think I know one young lady who will be interested in this one)

My pen has run out of ink(or is it gel) anyway I need to go and get a refill. So I'll look forward to coming back on Monday...
Bye for now

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Late AGAIN, But I think most will get this on time.

First up, Murray Hallum has been working hard to improve his CHOP designs, So this is as good a time as any to Intro them. Here is the First...

And here is the same system with Swirl Filter/Settling Tank. I recomend that you read the notes on both of these modifications as they describe the reasons why these changes are justified.

If you are not getting Murrays Email notification for his blog, it could be a worthwhile idea.

While we are on Murrays' sites you may care to heed a Warning

Now a point of view and a CHALLENGE.

 Aquaponics explored in course at Tom Ridge Environmental Center

 WARNING WARNING - Vancouver Island University’s ongoing efforts in the direction of sustainability are evident inside a preferred aquaponics mission

A new spin on science

There are stories about Native Americans helping early pilgrims by telling them to bury fish near the corn crop to help bring nutrients to the soil

Only a concept BUT -  this is a whole different kind of backyard pool conversion:

A site with quite a number of links

California men float their visions of changing current agriculture methods

 Fish for your supper at farm in a shop

 Update 120 things

And I thought I was getting Noticed. Oh Well.....

Aquaponics (Well sort of..) has reached Metcafe

OK Guys Hope you enjoy this lot, 

be back with more soon.

Take Care


Monday, November 1, 2010


And a pretty busy one I think, so no idle chatter to-day. We are straight into it full speed ahead:

First up is a bit of a run-around. We have Murray Hallam Working with ECO-FILMS but it's on Strain Guides' site. So I have to give my usual warning for a young lady who works in an office (reading every issue of this blog) WARNING WARNING

Now that's out of my system, Lets go to '120 things in 20 years where you can see how fish like to be able to get into a current and have a bit of a workout. No wonder they are slim, smooth and sort-of sexy. You don't believe me - Ask another fish.

 So, is there an Aquaponics page on Face/book, you had better believe it.

Now, as this next guy says 'It's not much yet, but....' Well let's hope you keep driving forward - We all started from the same place.... Good luck Killian

Let's see how this school in the Sun Valley area is fairing after last years chicken hick-up

Next a trip to Louisville to see how the Urban Farming Organization is going(With a Correction)

Aquaponics e-books available here

Now we are off to the Whitney Young High School Eco Club

Aquaponics on display at show

 This time we are off to Malaysia So fasten your seatbelts.

Now the "Bath Tub Aquaponics Brigade" or something like that...

And finally Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, visits Sickles High School

That's it guys have fun with them and I'll see you real soon

All the best