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Monday, September 27, 2010



I know several of you wonder who and what I am. So I thought I might use a little of this space to give a bit of an insight to the Aussie who keeps bombarding you with this Journal. I wondered how I might do this and just this morning I received an email from a friend which had included in it a video that pretty much encapsulates what the  inner me is about. My thinking, beliefs and hopes for the future....

Now Back to The Job at hand:

First up, One families drive toward aquaponics and sustainability

MESA, Ariz. -- If you have a pool that you're tired of maintaining, but you don't want to spend the money to fill it or rip it out, Garden Guy Dave Owen might have a solution for you. Convert it to a garden.

Here is a video about two schools, that are highlighted in a news story for winning $10000 of grant money for their students’ projects linking sustainability education, community and industry partnerships.

Chris Newman, a onetime novelist, has converted 14,000 square feet in a former rose-growing facility into stream channels, gravel beds and water pipes to raise fish and grow vegetables commercially.

 Lots' of video today - Now some Education - 

Fish farming is making a splash with students at a South Side university. They are hoping it will inspire others in their community to eat locally grown, healthy foods.

Aside from getting more information and unravelling different mysteries of the ocean, marine biologists also aim to learn more about processes that will ultimately provide for the growing needs of populations all over the globe.

Finally a major article from ATTRA.

Thanks for your company....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Aquaponics Digest - A journal/Diary

Living in Aquaponics.
Yes, I guess that's me and I wonder how many others might put their hand up.
Sure I do all the other things needed around this place, but it only takes a thought or a comment that could remotely have its' roots somewhere near water, fish or plants and I'm back in my happy place.

I've had a thought and decided to attempt to scribble something about it, just to see where it takes me I guess. It goes something like this (don't forget these are only ramblings of a senile mind):

I can divide in my thinking, gardeners into two groups.

  • Those who, when they started, found they could grow certain plants successfully and so  they became addicted to that group possibly expanding it as they developed their expertise.
  • Those who, because they had trouble with their earliest attempts at growing certain plants, became adicted to experimentation and improvement in that area.
Now I'm sure you can think of many other divisions and sub divisions that could replace or be added to the above but I felt within myself that I could have sliped into one or the other of those two at a very early point in my gardening life.

Of course we are all capable of walking in both of those camps and need to do just that. But there are those who can go to the nursery and buy two thousand dollars worth of plants in or almost in flower, poke them in the ground, wet their heads and sit back and be proud of them.

Likewise there are some who would get no personal gratification from that what-so-ever. Of course there is no right or wrong here, only differences.

This is where gardening, sustainability, aquaculture and all the other variations are so perfect at filling the needs of man. We just simply grow into and eventually produce the fruits of our gardening interest. We send out roots to gain nutrients in  the form of knowledge, understanding and expertise. Then we take these nutrients and apply them where they are needed so that not only does our garden flourish but we are bigger, better, brighter and more worthy to ourselves and to others. (Well that's what I hope for each of us)

O.K. the rants and raves are out of my system again, so back to work:

First up is a pdf guidebook covering A/P or at least an introduction to Aquaponics

Recipes for Success; What’s in the Water? Pond Pollution Investigation; Expanding a Small Business With Hydroponics/Aquaponics;

So home-schooling and A/P. Is this a viable combination?

I love forums. This is where we can all Learn

Have you met Mike Nicholls? You really should And here he is...Dr Mike Nichols is a horticultural research scientist at the College of Sciences, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, and a regular contributor to PH&G.

This one article should keep you occupied for a month or two. In fact there are enough lin ks to keep you in QUALITY reading matter for ever and beyond.

So.........Have a great weekend
See you soon

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Is Going Too Quickly

Now the weather is warming up here in Australia it's a great time to plant Basil, tomatoes, chillies,  Zucchini, Shallots, Capsicum and I'm going to try my hand at Celery as well. That will take care of all the space I have presently in the grow beds. What can I say - Little fishies do your thing...

Now to the note book:

From around the world we are learning more and more how others are creating their own models of sustainability.

This is a 365 day journal of our harvest from our aquaponics system

Afnan is getting quite prolific in print and in A/P

The solutions to the most pressing problems of our day don’t necessarily have to be complex and expensive

Now from the NEWS TRIBUNE - People came from near and far to attend the Missouri Renewable Energy's Labor Day Energy Fair in New Bloomfield

Go behind the scenes at Milwaukee’s new aquaponics farm and market

Once a week, for three hours, students in the fisheries and aquaculture program at VIU take care of the university's first aquaponics project

3 Advantages of Aquaponics Over Anything Else!

Have you heard about The Science Barge

I am trying to keep up with Slywoman, her latest (I think)  - Aquaponics, This and That 

Now for a Forum Where you never know what gem of information you will come across

That's it for now  my friends - see you soon - 


Sunday, September 19, 2010

BACK TO NORMAL (Whatever that may be)

Sorry about the two short entries, as important as they may have been, I have been very busy with my daughters birthday celebrations. So I had better get back to work........

Anything that shows commitment to sustainability and Aquaponics gets' my vote, like Here

Afnan is producing again and this time it's about siphoning. A most worthy subject.

WARNING WARNING-Neville Passmore from the garden gurus? about Backyard Aquaponics

My (under construction) RAS & aquaponics system

Interactive mini-course helps to simplify the beautiful complexity of aquaponics

An aquaponics system off Valley View Drive west of downtown Kalispell

San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur Gene Fredericks sees opportunity: to grow food. Lots of food

Yes even in Nicaragua... What great news. This web-site is still under construction

The pool now produces fruit, vegetables and herbs and is home to eight egg-laying chickens and more than 1,000 tilapia fish. 
 Surely this is enough for this visit - Hey if you have a story about Aquaponics By all means let me know
or if there are any questions that you need answers to we will do what we can to help the Email is HERE

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Email.... This Time from Slywoman - Thanks Sylvia

Interview with Dr James Rakocy, Father of Aquaponics – Part 2

Couldn't help posting this straight away.



Monday, September 13, 2010


I received an email from Murray Hallum informing me that his Blog has just been updated and he has included the results on growing....

Ok, be back soon

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yeahhh.....Spring is Sprung.

And straight away the chill went out of the air.

So it's time to string up those young tomato plants

Generally decide what can be done now rather that later when it gets really busy and things start getting on top of you/me/us.

Oh yes, I have Soldier Flies in our Biopod again so it's time to keep it included in my daily routine.

OK, let's have a look at my jottings again...

First up an update from Afnans' Blog/site

Next, Why did Aquaponics take off like a rocket in Australia, and here is the answer One Video on TV

Chris Newman has taken empty greenhouse nurseries and used them for aquaponics

Aquaponics Exploration Tour 

Aquaponics: The First 12 Months

WARNING, WARNING AquaBundance Year Round Aquaponics Gardening System

Our journey to sustainability

Manoaponics Aquaponics System

That's all for the moment. Back Soon....



Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday the 7th of September

Those garlic are coming along fine, the one that was one and a half inches is now about nine inches and the other one sent up two shoots and now it's/they're about 3 to 4 inches.

Because of the small size of this unit, it is very susceptible to major fluctuations. This was within my desired calculations as I wanted at that stage to have a small system that would be behaving like this so that I would have to be able to cope with any eventuality.

Thankfully I haven't had too much go wrong and over the last couple of weeks it has settled into a really steady rhythm.

Now back to my notes.... 

Can Aquaponics Pay for Itself?
by Sami Grover, Carrboro, NC, USA on 08.24.10
 Next question - What is Aquaponics - Where are these people hiding????? Well here it is.

Now we have the Woodbine Ecology Centre with and Introduction to A/P Hmmm
Now, the next one is "An Overview of A/P" and at this point I'm getting a bit sick of every cat and dog re-introducing the re-introduction for the umpteenth time of A/P.  Like how many times are we going to have another rehash of the same stuff, over and over again. As you read through all of this stuff it doesn't take an Einstein to recognize the same old ongoing saga being revamped from the original from U.V.I. NOW..... But Here It Is.
If you want to get some meat instead of all the potatoes there is something brewing that could prove more and more interesting as it rolls along. You would have already been aware of Murray Hallum from over my way and the lady who I have introduced to you on these pages a few times who goes under the handle of "Slywoman" who is in the U.S.
There is another guy over here who has a site called http://www.aquaponicshq.com/ Now both Murray and Slywoman advocate 12 inch depth growbeds and Gary advocates through his book and his site, 6 inch growbeds and they are having a degree of public disagreement over it all.
So where do I stand? 
Well I'm on the side of Aquaponics. That means that I believe A/P is the most forgiving bacteriological process that man has embraced. We have at our disposal what might be the ultimate answer to feeding the starving populations of this planet and we need to focus ALL of our combined talents toward that end.
I believe that both parties are mostly correct. Depending on what is being grown, in what climatic condition and under what circumstances, there is reason to lean to either a deeper or shallower system. An example of this is shallow levels during high temperatures can cause failures. Although flow rates can even assist there. It's up to the grower to know the plants, conditions and the possible outcomes and act on their experience and understanding then work within the needs of the plants.
Back to more important issues:
Urban Farming - Reaching for the Skies See it Here
Now, here is Slywoman with a digest of several of her more important articles. Right Here
O.K. Until we return, you take good care of yourselves - See You Soon
P.S. You can contact me HERE

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Controversy Bulb....GARLIC

When you're like me and have a small A/P system that is used as a test unit, and it's laying idle....

Anyhow I tossed a couple of Garlic cloves at the gravel Growbed last week. So yesterday when I was checking it...Damn, will you look at that. One of them has a 1 1/2" shoot...

Now what do I do...?

They are three quarters covered by 3/4"gravel so I dug in and the roots look really good and thick. Covered it again. lets see what transpires. I'll keep you posted.

But back to the Notebook and a sad tale(tail)

Now I am pretty geeky and have never grown a thing in my life. I am much more comfortable with silicon and solder than dirt and water

We have harvested some Pak Choi, Watercress, Snow Peas, Beetroot, Zucchinis, Celery, Potatoes, Lettuce,Tomatoes, Basil, Parsley,Garlic, Tang O and Vietnamese Coriander and Goji leaves. We have experimented with...

Root crops?

What about root crops? No problem, although you are probably better off growing potatoes in the ground, they will...

Click for video clip on Garlic harvesting.Here....http://www.autopot.com.au/

I am a fan of aquaponics . My solution is a hybrid of classic ... Beetroot, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Garlic, Capsicum, Spinach, Leek, ..More...

Aquaponics is a hybrid of hydroponics and fish farming. ... tomatoes, silver beet, herbs and garlic as well as water plants like taro and water chestnuts. ...

Many different varieties of crops can be grown in the
aquaponics system including: lettuce, endive, broccoli,
cabbage, cauliower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy,
cucumber, squash, melon, mint, basil, lavender, thyme,
dill, watermelon, spinach, chard, arugula, tomato,
pepper, onion, leek, garlic, chives, corn, beans, peas and
owering plants.DON'T MISS THIS ONE...

I hope that will take care of your enthusiasm for Aquaponics for a couple of days.
Be Back Real Soon