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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday 13th December 2010

I've been flicking through the Archives this morning and I am pretty sure that this Blog has covered Aquaponics from every direction possible. However not to the depth that we can go. The things I'll be looking at throughout 2011 will be to try to cover the more technical aspects of the biological processes and of course searching for breakthroughs or better understandings of what is happening or can happen within certain systems.

In other words 'The Search Goes On' Into 2011 and beyond. So stick with us as we attempt to continue to uncover What's New and What's Different through the upcoming twelve months and of course we will continue to cover the very basics of DIY for what I believe will be a huge rush of newcomers into this wonderful hobby.

OK Bridle is back on............

First up...Murray, But I'll let him do the talking because he is talking with a Milne....???

Next I can hit two birds with the one shot - The Daily A/P and Sylvia

Erin & Jake's Adventure “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” – Hellen Keller

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