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Thursday, November 25, 2010



When I started playing with Aquaponics I thought it was something that simply provided a means of producing greens a bit quicker and considerably easier. By now we all know the details, far less water, no need for fertilizers etc. etc. What a shock was about to unfold when I began to realise the incredible powers that had suddenly become available through A/P. Powers that are still being unravelled before my eyes.

Things like when growing tomatoes, you need to remove side shoots from the plant as it climbs up it's stringy home. Every one of those removed shoots will grow into another Tomato plant simply by poking them into my gravel bed. Each plant providing another ten to twenty new clones that can produce ten to twenty more that can produce...  Each one of them an identical copy of the original.

If I go down to my local nursery I find tomato seedlings in a pot for something like six babies for $2.95 and up to $5 or more for a large seedling in it's own pot.

And incredibly this applies across many plants that are still amazing me. An insect chewed off the top of a cucumber plant So I did the same thing. BINGO the chewd off head of the cucumber is growing fine as is the 'parent'. The same thing happened to a Zuccini, with the same happy result. The A/P garden really is my personal, magical wonderland. I hope you get to play like me, to see just how far you too can stretch it's ability.

Now let's get to work....

Building Deeply Sustainable Food and Energy Systems Through Integration
- Don McCormick, president of Carbon Harvest Energy. The president of Carbon Harvest Energy will discuss his company's landfill gas-to-energy project in Brattleboro as a practical model of sustainable and responsible resource use. The central principle of this project is to replace a linear model of resource extraction => consumption => waste with a circular model based on nature, where waste/outputs are recovered to become new inputs for further processes--until no waste remains.

UPDATE ON TILAPIA AND VEGETABLE PRODUCTION IN THE UVI AQUAPONIC SYSTEM. James E. Rakocy, Donald S ... Aquaponics has several advantages over other recirculating aquaculture systems and ...

Aquaponics and Tilapia Aquaculture Field work will include fish handling, vegetable production and system operation. Facilities UVI is ... Fingerling production Nutrition and Feeding Tilapia Production Systems Aquaponics ...

Do It Yourself Aquaponics. The knowledge to feed the multitudes

Aquaponic Equipment, supplies, books, information and more!

Aquaponic Equipment
Aquaponic equipment available for all aquaponic applications 

Fishy Farm - Polyculture & Aquaponic Equipment For Family Food ...


Commercial Hydroponics

AngleseyPonics - Aquaponics

Practical Aquaponics. Grow Vegetables and Fish in your own ...

An Aquaponic farm located on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas.
Owned and operated by Jermaine A. Black AKA THE BOSS. Don't Miss this one - and Turn up the VOLUME

Ok that one will have you glued for quite a while....Enjoy
So, till Friday....

Best Wishes

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