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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

N.B.C. Features Aquaponics

Yes, This is great news for Aquaponics. NBC have really got with it by featuring a series of video snippets on A/P and sustainability, Here we go, but remember you need to sit through the Advertising 
breaks to see it all
Here is Murray Hallams' latest update on his CHOP system

WHEN fishing for a new project, Edi Upper Primary School found something interesting to whet their imaginations — aquaponics

Here we go, Mr 120 Things To Do, on monday showed how he HOPED his fish had enough brains to hit a lever to be fed - Well His next video shows their 'higher intelegence'

Now here is another Site I found "Bobs Backyard"

Here's another Aquaponic PDF Source

Here's an opportunity to learn about Aquaponics

Even more Aquaponics Learning PDF's

Then there is always someone who needs help

The Goal of this school: AQUAPONICS: Conquering the funky taste of tilapia is our goal.

What is the first thing going through your mind when you see this:

NO EXCUSES not to try aquaponics now!

Well let's see what he is about (see I can shout toooo) 


Fish tank for my aquaponics setup. I will post a follow-up video when the system is complete. 

Aquaponics video #3: So far the experiment is a success, and I'm taking steps toward getting the parts for 55 gallon tank to set up come spring.


Perkins County High School:
 The new greenhouse, which is being constructed by Mr. Babbitt and Mr. Terwilliger’s classes, is located by the south parking lot.
The inspiration for this project, which came from Mr. Babbitt, was the small size of the old greenhouse. Students could not work in it very well.
Another reason is the new aquaponics and the small animal production area of the project.

 And with those few words, I bid you A Very Pleasant Evening
Back Soooooooooon

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