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Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Weekend Edition Time...


Welcome to any and every new visitor to the Digest. I hope you have an enjoyable and enlightening experience each time you visit. This issue will be focussing on catchup as my little book is getting a bit full and that means when I pass these sites and Blogs on to you they may be a bit late and we don't want that to happen.

So let's do it....

Back to the Environmental Centre. Yes, we've been there but this is from another site and so a different viewpoint. - Aquaponics explored in course at Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Affnan's Aquaponics is Back this time touching on Ferns

A download site for some Murray Hallam Information

Aquaponics o2 - Building a System Video

Murray has linked to a series of download sites and as I find them I'll show them because they may hold other morsels of great joy. Well it could be worth a look.

Here is another One

The Bulldog Kaimuki High School Honolulu, HI

Starting your A/P System using fishless cycling

120 things is next talking about SLUGS

Eco is next with Worm Farming and Aquaponics

Improved crop production practices, diversification of the agriculture sector and encouragement of mini-aquaponics systems are some of the key focus areas

An Aquaponics setup growing organic vegetables and raising fish

A 3-day aquaponics workshop will be held in Montello, Wisconsin, USA, from 9-11 December 2010
Aquaponics in Wisconsin


Can You Feed Your Family With Aquaponics? 
How to build aquaponics system 


Killian Morgan Griffin's Greenthumb Gardening 2010 - Update

all is well and at Peace....
Hope you enjoy yourselves with this issue. I certainly have so far.
Bye for now

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  1. Thanks Bruce for including our stuff in your roundup the other week.

    We really like what you are doing here :)

    Best wishes,

    The Hydroponics Guide team


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