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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Late AGAIN, But I think most will get this on time.

First up, Murray Hallum has been working hard to improve his CHOP designs, So this is as good a time as any to Intro them. Here is the First...

And here is the same system with Swirl Filter/Settling Tank. I recomend that you read the notes on both of these modifications as they describe the reasons why these changes are justified.

If you are not getting Murrays Email notification for his blog, it could be a worthwhile idea.

While we are on Murrays' sites you may care to heed a Warning

Now a point of view and a CHALLENGE.

 Aquaponics explored in course at Tom Ridge Environmental Center

 WARNING WARNING - Vancouver Island University’s ongoing efforts in the direction of sustainability are evident inside a preferred aquaponics mission

A new spin on science

There are stories about Native Americans helping early pilgrims by telling them to bury fish near the corn crop to help bring nutrients to the soil

Only a concept BUT -  this is a whole different kind of backyard pool conversion:

A site with quite a number of links

California men float their visions of changing current agriculture methods

 Fish for your supper at farm in a shop

 Update 120 things

And I thought I was getting Noticed. Oh Well.....

Aquaponics (Well sort of..) has reached Metcafe

OK Guys Hope you enjoy this lot, 

be back with more soon.

Take Care


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