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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Good are Blogs?

WebLogs IMHO are the best compromise that has developed on the net. Not quite a Web Site, One Giant Leap beyond an email. The thing is though, they provide information that is updatable and is held for reference where it can be found. Some blogs ar little more than Diaries or notepads while others are closer to Websites than many that call themselves sites.

I guess this one sits wherever I want it on any given day. I just continue to hope that the information it provides, lies in the realm that includes or covers your interest or curiosity. This is the reason it tends to jump around somewhat with the type of content as well as the depth of information. So although I am trying to satisfy people who are by now well into living their life around their Aquaponic System by providing links to sites or blogs that deal with a huge range of problematic issues, I still like to touch on the little blogs put up by people who are still way back in the 'thinking about it' stage.

The third area I like to tap into is the more technical area like the the guys who are right up on the more technical issues associated with water quality, bacteria life cycles, fish diseases and of course naturally dealing with plant disease and pests.

So if your needs as yet have not been met, just hang in there and if you have an issue or two let me know and I'll try to chase it up for you. Because some time, someone else is going to thank us both for providing the answer to their needs. Aquaponics is like a whole new world and we are the lucky ones who have chosen to get on this bus very early and I'm still guessing where it's going to take us and all who come after us.

I'm not joking about this, just look at the countries on my counter. People everywhere are looking to Aquaponics as a means to their end, to fill their particular need.

This Blog was only started this year and look at the growth. Doesn't that tell you something. I know it tells me that A/P is like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill. Every rotation it takes, it grows because every newcomer finds the answers and those answers are reachable and achievable with A/P.

O.K. I'm off the bandwagon... Sorry about that.....


A/P on Face/Book

Slywoman is here with a look at the subject we started on last week. So here's is a experts view on fishless cycling without a push bike.

From the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, a PDF on On-Farm Food Safety: Aquaponics. Food Safety and Technology  and others

Port Clyde — Herring Gut Learning Center welcomes Louis W. Cabot Island Fellow Alexandria Brasili to its staff. Brasili will focus on developing a business and marketing plan for the aquaponics greenhouse and hatchery

I love Forumz. Here's one, have a dig around and see what morsels you can uncover

Back in 2006 the Dervaes' family's Path to Freedom urban homestead project hit the airwaves of TreeHugger TV. Since then we've seen a proliferation of urban farm tours, awesome small-scale permaculture projects, inner-city aquaponics, and even backyard animal husbandry and slaughter.
Here is the link to all of that and MORE

An update from Chef Ricky

Taro in Aquaponics

This is a great alternative to grow food for animals with the latest in growing technology AQUAPONICS

120 things is back again with Automatic fish feeder

I spoke earlier about the range of people who are involved, here is a new one (new to me that is)

Here's an article by Chris Smith and some follow up encouragement from our friend, Slywoman.

Now here's an article that came to me from dig.com

Ok guys and Gals thanks again, see you real soon.

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