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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aquaponics News Highlights

A perfect week downunder. Wonderful weather, our Aussie Dollar is still boyant and our politicians seem to be behaving themselves. The big worry here at the moment is Schoolies Week. Yes this is the week when Grade 12 School leavers decide in their droves to let their hair down. Unfortunately they also decend on the Gold Coast here in Queensland and it usually becomes a very wild week with headaches for the Police, Parents, Local Residents Oh yes and a lot of the Kids. Hopefully this year might be a little quieter.

Now to work.....

First offering comes from Murray Hallams Blog.

How to get started in Aquaponics – Rules-of-Thumb.

Welcome to Green Sky Growers

Visiting an Aquaponic Farm Near my Home in Bedford 

The Definition of Aquaponics - It could have been a real hornet’s nest.

Check out Aquaponics on Union Street

 Aquaponic E-Book Collection

The time has given me the chance to finally return to the aquaponics unit! There is only so much time I cans spend on my other projects (Magician Christian Cagigal, The Tall Blog, Hot Nerd Girl, Ken Rocks My World) that don’t require much getting dirty before I really want to pick up a power tool and MAKE something.
Nelson & Pade, a Wisconsin-based aquaponics company, recently traveled to Haiti to launch an aquaponics system that can grow vegetables and fish to help feed people.

I have read several books and researched the websites on this subject and it is more than what anyone can hope.
The merging of two independent technologies that become a model of life in the real world. Aquaponics merges the famracolocy of fish farming along with plant farming...without the use of soil.

On August 23, Tim Evans, a Nazarene involved in ministry in Jerusalem, went to Jerusalem to research a system for growing fruits and vegetables in water-scarce areas in the Middle East

Charlie Shultz's Page -Aquaponic Gardening - A Community and Forum For Aquaponic Gardeners

 Here's several more Aquaponic PDFs'

More On Monday
Have a Good Weekend

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