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Monday, November 1, 2010


And a pretty busy one I think, so no idle chatter to-day. We are straight into it full speed ahead:

First up is a bit of a run-around. We have Murray Hallam Working with ECO-FILMS but it's on Strain Guides' site. So I have to give my usual warning for a young lady who works in an office (reading every issue of this blog) WARNING WARNING

Now that's out of my system, Lets go to '120 things in 20 years where you can see how fish like to be able to get into a current and have a bit of a workout. No wonder they are slim, smooth and sort-of sexy. You don't believe me - Ask another fish.

 So, is there an Aquaponics page on Face/book, you had better believe it.

Now, as this next guy says 'It's not much yet, but....' Well let's hope you keep driving forward - We all started from the same place.... Good luck Killian

Let's see how this school in the Sun Valley area is fairing after last years chicken hick-up

Next a trip to Louisville to see how the Urban Farming Organization is going(With a Correction)

Aquaponics e-books available here

Now we are off to the Whitney Young High School Eco Club

Aquaponics on display at show

 This time we are off to Malaysia So fasten your seatbelts.

Now the "Bath Tub Aquaponics Brigade" or something like that...

And finally Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, visits Sickles High School

That's it guys have fun with them and I'll see you real soon

All the best


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  1. Great stuff!

    I love the fish portal. I've got a lot of trouble seeing into my tank, so I think I'll incorporate something like that as a solution.

    And thanks for the warnings. :-)


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