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Monday, November 29, 2010


In my search for todays material, I stumbled upon Yahoo through a Google search and found a question and answer section. I have listed it below. Unfortunately the question/answer bit with a request for information about A/P had closed. I say Unfortunately, because they have some sort of vote on what is the best answer and this is the one that is printed. Well as you will see the answer is Ummm... garbage IMHO. But what do I know..... Anyhow I'm trying to make contact with the person who asked the question so that I can offer her a real answer(or Guess What - A Blog with real answers). Please wish me luck... Oh yes it's listed below....

Work Time......

We are hoping to gain lottery funding for a large aquaponics unit (fish farm combined with hydroponic plant growing/water purification).
Incredible Edible Todmorden www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk is a local food project in a tiny town in the pennine hills of northern England. In the meantime we are setting up a small scale pilot project to get our hands in. Here it is under construction.

New pool now in place, still a lot to do over the next few weeks as we start to preare for the winter (did we have a summer) we had some medium / gravel which turned out not to be suitable a simple test show you how not to make the same mistake, even if the man at the shop said it is ok does not mean it is.

You get 100% organic veggies, cannabis and organic seafood from this system! The fish provide all the nutrients that the plants need so no extra fertilization is required...
The easiest way to make one is to make it out of PVC. PVC is turning out to be my favourite material to use for all kinds of things during my time spent so far learning 120 things in 20 years.

Aquaponics Update #13 – Combined Filters, More Plants in Tank, Trying to Increase Bacterial Growth
Getting a group to agree on just about anything can be challenging. Getting them to agree on the definition of something they are passionate about could be way passed challenging. Getting a group of 565 passionate people with various experience levels who are scattered around the world that can randomly come and go from the conversation to agree on that definition is, well, a superhuman task.

16th, 2010 – Today, HobbyGardner.com editors released the free DIY Aquaponics Build Guide. In this resourceful new guide, gardening enthusiasts will learn about the aquaponics style of growing plants, whether their interest is in vegetables, flowers or medicinal.

Can i use mollies in aquaponics?
i have a 10 gallon tank with 9 adult mollies and 3 baby's and im looking to start a aquaponics system using the mollies im going to have a grow bed above the tank with a drip system i plan on growing peppers and tomatoes any info would be great
We look at efforts to save tigers from extinction in the wild, as Russia prepares to hold a key conservation summit ++ Genetically modified corn takes root in Mexico ++ A super efficient farming operation, right in the middle of London ++ And a controversy over German plans to export nuclear waste to Russia.

There’s a national movement afoot to grow more food in cities. And the Milwaukee area stands out as an urban agricultural hotbed, as raised gardens multiply in backyards, empty lots and community spaces. Another promising piece of urban food production is called “aquaponics”.

  • We built our first AP system in April-May 2009. I forgot to mention it in the video, but the credit for the design for this system goes to our friend Paul Range. My husband tweaked it slightly to fit our backyard. Much thanks to Tim Mann of Friendly Aquaponics for his advice in improving the system. Our goals in the next few weeks
  • This summer was my first time growing with aquaponics. In this video I am using a 50 gallon fish tank filled with goldfish and an algae eater. The water is pumped to the top grow bed, which drains to the second grow bed, which returns to the fish tank.
Enough already, I'm getting cut-and-paste cramps....
There really is a lot to get through among that lot, so please try to enjoy yourselves...
I'll be back in a couple'a days. Be good to yourselves - and each other....

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