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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


First up the Tomatoes Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardeningare thriving, the vines are alive with flowers and baby fruit. Zuccinis and Cucumbers are progressing beautifully. They look fit to bust. (I don't know if that is an aussie saying or world wide. But it sort of means too healthy for it's own good). I've just finished planting a crop of lettuce seeds. That is always exciting, I love the expectancy. ok work time:

 I dont know if you've seen Murray Hallams' 'other' site, so here it is

Have you ever come across "Natural Sequence Farming"? Neither have I until now....

What Plants Grow in an Aquaponic System?

Here is a little something from Jaymie Rains

NorCal Aquaponics is one of the first in the world to offer systems, trainings, knowledge and experience in a Permaculture based Aquaponics design methodology...

2 Million dollars to be spent on an aquaponics greenhouse for Cornell University in New York

Raft systems are somewhat under represented at the backyard level – particularly in Australia...

IN an age of metered water consumption and increasing emphasis on natural foods, a polyethylene tank maker has created something that can assist with both pursuits.

This just in, from Christopher Nesbitt:
Backyard AquaponicsBackyard Aquaponics” is a new book by Joel Malcolm, an innovator in Perth, Australia and is well worth a look.
At what other concert can you sit on a tractor?

To bring you up to speed – I had a disaster around ANZAC day this year
Here's a video "Aquaponics in my garage"

OK. That might do it for a day or so....

Now take it easy and you be good to each other
All  the Best

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