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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go away...

It's one of those things. You either have too much of it or the tanks are dry. There is no in between.

The lagoon (swamp) is full, the river (creek) that meanders through our property is half way up to the bridge and climbing, the Roadway (bush track) is littered with puddles. But do we care...?? Nahhh. We have resilliance and fortitude. (and we are as thick as two planks)

So because we are sort-of confined to quarters here is the next episode..:

 Genetically Modified Salmon Could Be On Your Plate Soon

 From Mark Wright, a Sludge Seperator


Some Video on Virgin Islands Uni

The surface of the water erupts in turbulence as the fish feed with noisy gulps.

From LimeLife A/P


Back here a look at A/P Instalation

After all of those, you might enjoy a trip out to Moffats Farm

Please take a second to read what’s been happening down at CCCM, and perhaps pass  this article on to any friends that might be encouraged or inspired by it.  Thanks!!

"Could you pass the following link on to friends. There will be several more in the series. However this one is important as it shows the storm damage that placed 230 people out of work and did so in less than 24 hours. The building you see was a shrimp processing plant where 230 people worked each year in order to make some sort of a living..." We sure can do that...

" My BF wanted to combine both of our hobbies into one. His love of aquaculture and my hobby of growing things. Welcome our new aquaponics set up."

"Ask any Boulder home gardener what they miss the most during the wintertime and they’ll most likely respond that it’s.........."

Enough already, Exit Stage Right, Until next we meet....
Good aponics to YOU.

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