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Wednesday, October 27, 2010



I've forgotten what they call them in England, but the Zuchinis as well as the cucumbers are powering on again now that the Nitrates are climbing. It's amazing how quickly they have turned around.

 I should mention I did give everything a dose of Iron Chelate and I'm delighted how quickly they color up after this wonderful stuff. It's like Angel Dust for Aquaponic grown plants that are showing yellowing, veiny leaves.

 It's notebook time...

 I thought I might take on the Bio-digester and throw up some sites to deliver an explanation about the principles.  Let me say first of all, if you have set up an Aquaponics system with gravel or expanded clay as your growing medium and you have the system in balance, you don't need a digester. If however you are putting together a system with floating rafts, you will have to have some form of digester so on with todays tour of the net.

First a Commercial look at digesters and the principals behind their existance..

 Here is an extremely exaustive PDF on this important subject.

I'm now going to include two sites that give two views and perspectives. They are both giving their views on commercial undertakings, but each of them show several different slants and are worthy of digesting (sorry about the pun). As I was researching todays Blog, I became very aware of the way modern commercial aquaponic systems have become so complex that they could become unviable.

The first is Semper Aquatic Food Exports

Next this approach from Aqua Biologics

Next I would like us all to consider the fundamental reasons for embarking on the Aquaponic and sustainability road. This next site shows a number of videos, some of them may make you feel a bit uncomfortable but they will also remind us of the state of this planet and many of the communities that can be helped through the push for Aquaponics and a more sustainable approach in all things human, by humans, for humans and it only takes an effort by people with time on their hands.

Now a little closer to home...

Aquaponics and Organic Gardening

I'm going to blackout proof my planned, larger, aquaponics system by building an electrical backup.

By the time this blog is posted, I’ll be on the Big Island in Hawaii getting a fast-track immersion in aquaponics

Transition Steamboat Urban Garden Tour attendees visit the Community Roots Garden

WARNING WARNING We have completed the first cell which we can now easily duplicate.

 That's it till next time
 Enjoy yourself and be good to each other

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