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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Going Beyond....

I was wondering over the last couple of days if any of you may be interested in thinking beyond the envelope, beyond Aquaponics. Not necessarily doing, but just reading, absorbing or challenging your thoughts. So I'm going to include anything that might be of interest that I consider a possible offshoot from A/P. If you are interested and wish to delve a bit deeper, please let me know and I'll endeavor to include further information in that area.

One such example is Cloning. The process of taking a section of a plant and making it possible to identically reproduce this plant as many times as you need to. Now to give you a taste or two.

I do hope you realise that as we are in Aquaponics, we are bound to the basics of Hydroponics and we are very fortunate as we have untold experiences from Hp to aid us because what ever problem we may have in relation to plant growth etc. They have probably had the same many times over.

Likewise the fish we keep and grow have all of the problems that any other fish have and at times more so because of the particularly crowded environment we may have them in at various periods of their growth. So both aquaculture and even your local aquarium dealer and be a source of important advice under certain circumstances...

Rant Over, Back to the notes...

....and there will soon be an organic garden and an aquaponic freshwater system for farming tilapia; that is, for raising the fish symbiotically with plants.

It is the mission of Santa Cruz Aquaponics to produce the healthiest, most flavorful and nutritious fresh Tilapia and Watercress available on the Northern California market.

Rene LaMarche of Port Orchard is growing tomatoes and other produce using a technique called aquaponics, which combines aquaculture and hydroponics. (MEEGAN M. REID | KITSAP SUN)

 it seemed a little like they just kept throwing things up, and yet somehow it works.  this one is a triple-decker aquaponics system.  the bottom layer is a tank with 8000 tilapia swimming about.  in order to aerate and filter the water it gets pumped up to the top layer where the tomatoes are growing.

NOW, A Small scale aquaponic system in Barbados
Long before the term "aquaponics" was coined in the 1970s the Aztec Indians raised plants on rafts on the surface of a lake in approximately 1,000 A.D. 
The one that gets biggest the fastest needs put in another tank. Quickly. Atila only has 19 friends left. They are all his friends, because he ate his enemies... 
I hope you all enjoyed that one...Well that's another one done....
Be Back Soon


  1. Another great edition!
    I live in California, so Santa Cruz AP is of particular interest to me. Though unfortunately California is a large state so they're too far for a day trip. But now I've linked to them I look forward to following their progress.
    I spent last weekend hooking up my own 340-gallon AP system in my side yard. It's not completely together yet. I'm hoping to finish hooking up the growbed this weekend. I inherited a running (though incomplete) system including fish, so it's going together in reverse order. But so far the fish are still alive and that's the most important part to me.
    What an adventure it's been and will continue to be!

  2. Regarding cloning: at some point that will interest me, though my focus right now is necessarily on the very basics.


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