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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Amonia Problem

As it happened our weather has cleared and the last two days have been a lot warmer. To the extent that that tank with the problem has registered 14 deg and 18 degrees respectively. The Amonia is dropping and the Nitrite is just starting to gather a bit of momentum. So I am at peace......for a while.

Now to the task at hand and today I thought I might stay in the area of D.I.Y. Aquaponics....

So here's a starter

And what better place to get yourself up and running than digging around a forum

The good and the bad of this Blog I know I am helping a lot of people get started by my email box trouble is I loose so many people as they get their gear successfully producing. Oh well that's Life I guess . Next

Another really great Forum... You can't have too many of these if things go a bit topsy turvy.

OK  this next one is impressive however as it is a presentation. Here is the address

Now from ECOFILMS A great article on Swirl Filtering

Here's an interesting Video on Trough A/P

Anyway, today I just want to show that it keeps growing. The water is still clean and the plants....

The biological filter is one of the most important parts of your aquaponic system. No matter how many

Now heres one from 1987 - It’s certainly no secret that I’m pretty passionate about aquaponics (ok maybe only those who read the blog regularly would know that)  and now, all of us

 And finally the Bell syphon how to make and then how to fit followed by the U syphon and other syphon's hints

 And so till next time
Take care

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  1. Great stuff as always! And such perfect timing. This weekend I really need to decide what kind of siphon to use on the new, big system... and then make it.


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