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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday the 7th of September

Those garlic are coming along fine, the one that was one and a half inches is now about nine inches and the other one sent up two shoots and now it's/they're about 3 to 4 inches.

Because of the small size of this unit, it is very susceptible to major fluctuations. This was within my desired calculations as I wanted at that stage to have a small system that would be behaving like this so that I would have to be able to cope with any eventuality.

Thankfully I haven't had too much go wrong and over the last couple of weeks it has settled into a really steady rhythm.

Now back to my notes.... 

Can Aquaponics Pay for Itself?
by Sami Grover, Carrboro, NC, USA on 08.24.10
 Next question - What is Aquaponics - Where are these people hiding????? Well here it is.

Now we have the Woodbine Ecology Centre with and Introduction to A/P Hmmm
Now, the next one is "An Overview of A/P" and at this point I'm getting a bit sick of every cat and dog re-introducing the re-introduction for the umpteenth time of A/P.  Like how many times are we going to have another rehash of the same stuff, over and over again. As you read through all of this stuff it doesn't take an Einstein to recognize the same old ongoing saga being revamped from the original from U.V.I. NOW..... But Here It Is.
If you want to get some meat instead of all the potatoes there is something brewing that could prove more and more interesting as it rolls along. You would have already been aware of Murray Hallum from over my way and the lady who I have introduced to you on these pages a few times who goes under the handle of "Slywoman" who is in the U.S.
There is another guy over here who has a site called http://www.aquaponicshq.com/ Now both Murray and Slywoman advocate 12 inch depth growbeds and Gary advocates through his book and his site, 6 inch growbeds and they are having a degree of public disagreement over it all.
So where do I stand? 
Well I'm on the side of Aquaponics. That means that I believe A/P is the most forgiving bacteriological process that man has embraced. We have at our disposal what might be the ultimate answer to feeding the starving populations of this planet and we need to focus ALL of our combined talents toward that end.
I believe that both parties are mostly correct. Depending on what is being grown, in what climatic condition and under what circumstances, there is reason to lean to either a deeper or shallower system. An example of this is shallow levels during high temperatures can cause failures. Although flow rates can even assist there. It's up to the grower to know the plants, conditions and the possible outcomes and act on their experience and understanding then work within the needs of the plants.
Back to more important issues:
Urban Farming - Reaching for the Skies See it Here
Now, here is Slywoman with a digest of several of her more important articles. Right Here
O.K. Until we return, you take good care of yourselves - See You Soon
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