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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Is Going Too Quickly

Now the weather is warming up here in Australia it's a great time to plant Basil, tomatoes, chillies,  Zucchini, Shallots, Capsicum and I'm going to try my hand at Celery as well. That will take care of all the space I have presently in the grow beds. What can I say - Little fishies do your thing...

Now to the note book:

From around the world we are learning more and more how others are creating their own models of sustainability.

This is a 365 day journal of our harvest from our aquaponics system

Afnan is getting quite prolific in print and in A/P

The solutions to the most pressing problems of our day don’t necessarily have to be complex and expensive

Now from the NEWS TRIBUNE - People came from near and far to attend the Missouri Renewable Energy's Labor Day Energy Fair in New Bloomfield

Go behind the scenes at Milwaukee’s new aquaponics farm and market

Once a week, for three hours, students in the fisheries and aquaculture program at VIU take care of the university's first aquaponics project

3 Advantages of Aquaponics Over Anything Else!

Have you heard about The Science Barge

I am trying to keep up with Slywoman, her latest (I think)  - Aquaponics, This and That 

Now for a Forum Where you never know what gem of information you will come across

That's it for now  my friends - see you soon - 


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