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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Controversy Bulb....GARLIC

When you're like me and have a small A/P system that is used as a test unit, and it's laying idle....

Anyhow I tossed a couple of Garlic cloves at the gravel Growbed last week. So yesterday when I was checking it...Damn, will you look at that. One of them has a 1 1/2" shoot...

Now what do I do...?

They are three quarters covered by 3/4"gravel so I dug in and the roots look really good and thick. Covered it again. lets see what transpires. I'll keep you posted.

But back to the Notebook and a sad tale(tail)

Now I am pretty geeky and have never grown a thing in my life. I am much more comfortable with silicon and solder than dirt and water

We have harvested some Pak Choi, Watercress, Snow Peas, Beetroot, Zucchinis, Celery, Potatoes, Lettuce,Tomatoes, Basil, Parsley,Garlic, Tang O and Vietnamese Coriander and Goji leaves. We have experimented with...

Root crops?

What about root crops? No problem, although you are probably better off growing potatoes in the ground, they will...

Click for video clip on Garlic harvesting.Here....http://www.autopot.com.au/

I am a fan of aquaponics . My solution is a hybrid of classic ... Beetroot, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Garlic, Capsicum, Spinach, Leek, ..More...

Aquaponics is a hybrid of hydroponics and fish farming. ... tomatoes, silver beet, herbs and garlic as well as water plants like taro and water chestnuts. ...

Many different varieties of crops can be grown in the
aquaponics system including: lettuce, endive, broccoli,
cabbage, cauliower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy,
cucumber, squash, melon, mint, basil, lavender, thyme,
dill, watermelon, spinach, chard, arugula, tomato,
pepper, onion, leek, garlic, chives, corn, beans, peas and
owering plants.DON'T MISS THIS ONE...

I hope that will take care of your enthusiasm for Aquaponics for a couple of days.
Be Back Real Soon


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  1. I can't wait to hear how the garlic does! And I really want to try ginger root. Have you tried any rhizomes in your AP system yet?


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