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Sunday, August 15, 2010


The first bite of a sweet, succulent, ripe tomato picked fresh from your garden. The warm juice runs down your chin as a delightful explosion of flavour. It awakens dormant tastebuds.

In  a harsh climate, fresh tomatoes can usually be enjoyed for only a few short weeks of the year. Then it's back to artificially ripened, flavourless imports your grocer charges a small fortune for. Take heart, you can savour the homegrown tomato experience year round. This and other wonderful tastes that we all long for will be discussed within these Blog issues so to make sure you dont miss any why not join. Like everything on this site, IT'S FREE.

And here is a taste...

We are about to harvest the first of our aquaponics tomatoes. I planted them on March 24 and they've grown nice and plump.

The Fish and Tomato project is most impressive, and so it should be as it is supported by some major industry players. The fish tanks are held inside the greenhouse, below the hanging troughs in which the tomatoes are grown


This Habanero chilli plant on the right grew a fantastic crop of super hot chillies, and a single tomato plant in a nearby grow bed produced well over 30 kg of tomatoes.By fusing Permaculture and Aquaponics truly sustainable closed loop systems are created that provide

 OK Let's hit a forum....

WARNING - Another forum...

Next issue, other plant varieties and more on the Black Soldier Fly. But for now I wish you well and look forward to seeing you in a coupla dayz...

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