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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Keeping your Records up-to-Date

I think I'm going to have to wait until the new year to turn over a new leaf about keeping records. I think I have set-up and started a record keeping system about seven times now and every time I have a problem the records go out the window until I can finally come to gripes with the cause of the problem. This mostly occurs when I have a fish kill. I hate losing even one of them and I struggle with myself and tend to blame myself until I or someone comes up with an acceptable answer.

The fact that fish kills can be expected at any time and with no apparent reason doesn't change the way I feel.

So if you happen to have one or two floaters, and you get to feel a bit guilty about it.... YOU'RE NOT ALONE.....

Anyhow back to fishin' and planting...

Clarendon's Rural Agricultural Development Authority's (RADA) extension officer, Orlando Rowe, was on hand to demonstrate such a method to patrons inside the Clarendon parish showcase at the 58th annual Denbigh Agri-Industrial Show....

There is money available..... Programs that work to research the development of aquaponics and...

 Now about those floaters....

Now a Lady and her favorite pastime....

Now some BSF News
I learned that these larvae emit a chemical signal that keeps houseflies away. Sweet. And chickens love to eat them.

See you Soon


  1. Speaking of chickens liking BSF:
    I was reading a paper on tilapia, and it said that the heads, skins, and bones make great chicken feed. Presumably that's true of other fish, though I can't guarantee it. So if you're doing AP and BSF *and* chickens, you've got a nice little ecosystem going. :-)

  2. Thanks for that bit of Info. I've also read that BSF will consume your dead fish and if the fish has been cooked, this will also include head, bones etc. Haven't had time to try this yet. Where will this end. They might finish up being stars on NCIS or similar (Or even get their own show...lol).

  3. Sorry Blogger does not handle my scratchings very well. I'll try to write things a bit differently in future. Trouble is, I write what I think. I never try to emulate real writers. Huh (wouldn't) would not know how...


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