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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are You New to Aquaponics?

If you're a newcomer to AP and are maybe wondering if it is for you and your situation, then maybe we can shed some light on the subject for you.

There are a stack of sites out there in the Weird and Wreckless,Wilderness that we call the internet and the two of us at the Digest have taken it on ourselves to bring as many as we can find for You to Digest. So please stick around and enjoy.....

Let's start with The basic flood and drain aquaponics system is the most common system

Alright, so for those who don't know, aquaponics is the combination of...

In a typical aquaponics system, water cycles through a....

Sweet Water Organics is an urban aquaponics company that raises fish

The tilapia fish are still alive and swimming and the plants that are growing in the nutrient laden water

The home DIY hobbyist could build these systems if  they understand two things. How the  AutoSiphon works and

Now that lot should keep you both busy and enthused for the next couple of days.....

See You Soon...

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