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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Aqua Cycle of Life

So much has been written about AP and the cycling of systems and understandably so. This is the one thing we must get right. Every person having a go at AP has to come to terms with the cycle, the size of the pond, the amount (and size) of the fish, the quality, type and amount of the fish food provided, the water quality and quantity and the cubic area being used in grow bed production and how all of this fits together.

Of course if we read a lot of what's on the www, you are sort of led to believe that just about any combination will be OK provided the water quality is OK. Well this not true. There is a vast difference between what is acceptable and what will bring really great results over an ongoing system life, which after all is what each of us should be aiming for.

So I thought I should get some sites that give a better indication of what is the safe path to follow.

We need to be aware that despite what some people claim and there are many great stories around with claims of success after success but not too many people are prepared to include figures showing fish losses,  or other problems that have arisen that would help others to get through the tough times as they learn the craft.

So we are going to dedicate some effort into searching for figures that could be of help.

However while we are doing this, we shall continue to provide as much associated info as possible with each issue. Like Now......


...and here's Afnan again with an Update

An A/P Blog coming from Vancouver

Can't forget Christie from this Site

Or this DIY special on greenhouses

Another Greenhouse design - well why not....

There are several places on FaceBook as well

Finally, a video on a home A/P system

OK Have fun with these and we'll be back real soon.

Oh by the way you can contact me at aquaponics@gardener.com

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  1. Oh what great timing! This is precisely the subject I was going to look into this weekend.

    Thank you, again, for gathering all the info together!


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