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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Linking all that is Aquaponics - and that which is Not

This may seem to be a strange title, but hopefully you will see the connections. Every AP System has at its core a fish tank, some form of growing area, plants, fish or other aquatic creatures and a flow system that provides the connection between all of them.The other additive is some form of propulsion (usually in the form of an electric pump) so that water and the products of the system (nutrients etc.) can be distributed throughout the system. Then we can add the bacteria that makes itself available to convert by-products of the system so that life is breathed into it.

Oh yes, I had better include the other bacteria. The bad bacteria that can settle in any corners and cause what can be, major problems within your system. We need to be aware that just as we have aerobic bacteria, we also have anaerobic bacteria in our AP system. However just as you and I have both good and bad bacteria in our bodies, it's the proportion of bad bacteria that is allowed to develop that can cause problems.

Fortunately, provided we are aware of good housekeeping procedures in and around our AP system we are pretty certain of keeping it in a safe condition.

There are other thing that can be added to the list that can be byproducts or by-producers in your AP system for example Soldier Fly Larvae, Worms, Duck Weed, Lupin and probably many other available items and products that will gradually be recognized as beneficial to a system.

My hope is that each one of us can and will benefit by what is and will be available through the internet and of course through this Blog.

So to any new visitors, welcome pull up a log and sit a while.....

So now, back to my notes....
First up is a site that goes something like this...
Aquaponics is the marriage of organic hydroponics and aquaculture. Fish waste becomes

Here's a twist, this is a site introducing another site. So seeing as how I've already provided a link to that other site, I thought I might as well do the same for this one...
The worldwide demand for seafood is huge and ascending. The global seafood industry is...

 The Final Offering for Today.

Garden brings hope to Schaumburg campus

See You Soon


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