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Monday, May 10, 2010


I look forward to writing this blog with the intention of providing the Aquaponic fraternity with one location to find recent Blogs and webpage updates.

I will be searching the net and checking my inbox for new and relevant postings on our favorite subject so my first recomendation is hit my RSS Button to make sure you are kept up to date with the latest findings.

O.K. Let's do it.........

First cab off the rank is a blog that I located recently and it started of with:

The emerging science of aquaponics (aquaculture + hydroponics) is quickly growing as a viable and sustainable option of food production on any size scale, and is forecast to be the future of the national and international food industry.  From a backyard garden in Colorado to a village center in Tanzania, the closed-loop, sustainable system of aquaponics is a win-win, beneficial food production system

 OK if this next piece sounds more like your cuppa, the Blog is just below. One thing, this lady really knows her Aquaponics:

When I was in charge of plant R&D at AeroGrow International we used to say that our holy grail was being able to offer a strawberry kit for customers of the AeroGarden.  We were so confident that we would be able to achieve this goal that we actually printed “Strawberry” as a setting option on the control panels of the initial gardens (to the right of the green Select button in the image).

 Next up, the guy who keeps Aussie Aquaponics on the map:

Aquaponics Systems…..let’s look at Continuous flow…How does it work ?

When contemplating building a new Aquaponics System it can be difficult to know just what method of operation to adopt. There is an array of information out there and often conflicting.


O.K. That should whet your appetite a little untill  next time so enjoy and take care....


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