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Saturday, May 29, 2010

WELCOME AGAIN...........

The past several days have been a bit hectic. We have been cleaning around the grow-bed pad, lowering the ground level for the fish pond, auguring out the post holes (by hand) and strangely enough starting to get visitors who are showing some interest (or curiosity) in what we're doing.

We are fairly convinced that it's genuine interest because the ladies ask a lot of general questions especially about costs and possible returns and the guys do a lot of ummm probing about the problems and techniques.(So glad we have the experimental system up, running and looking healthy. Even though it hasn't cycled yet.)

O.K. Time to look through  my notes and report on what has grabbed my attention over the last few days.....

Here's a bit on the Black Soldier Fly that should stir up your thinking a bit. It has several videos showing feeding fly larvae that I think will surely catch your attention.....

 Now another BSF site or I should say blog that gives more detail about BSF....

 Now to AP and to kick things off here's a U.K. blog site

What to feed your fish – Tropical Aquaponics update fish in th......


The need to know aquaponic pump sizes is becoming a must these days due to the growing community of people that are trying to produce their own...

Keep those cards and comments rolling in......lol

See you real soon
Take Care

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