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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Searching the Web for Accuracy in Aquaponics

More wonderful places to visit as we delve deeper for all the answers about our favorite pastime. So if you haven't hit the RSS button, now might be a great time.......Man, you don't want to lose this Blog.....

Paula Alcala Rosner, CAO Director of Urban Assisted Agriculture, said, "Here in Buffalo, through the CAO, our focus is on creating jobs through urban agriculture, urban farming, and we're setting up small urban farms all throughout the city and we even have one in Lackawanna, one in East Aurora. So, we're really at the forefront of urban farming."

In 2008, two mothers Sidsel Robards and Manuela Zamora took their fight one step further and began the Greenhouse Project, a literal greenhouse on top of Public School 333 where kids grow their own vegetables through hydro- and aquaponics. http://www.tonic.com/article/school-green-house-rock/

Out of all the plants the two cucumbers in L-3 seem to growing the best. They are blooming and have small cucumbers growing. Cucumbers have always been a good grower in hydroponics systems so no surprise that they are doing well in our AP system. http://sustainablemissionsinfo.blogspot.com/2010/05/prototype-aquaponics-project-charity_11.html

An aquaponics clarifier helps to remove suspended solids which hinder the growth of the plants. It removes all the solid, unwanted material that accumulates in the water. Aquaponic systems can be found in various sizes. You should base your purchase on the usage and space available. Examine the different sizes and.........

Read more: http://www.doityourself.com/stry/the-size--your-aquaponics-clarifier-should-be#ixzz0nkNKIHtp

While this might appear to be a blinding flash of the obvious, the simple fact is that many aquaponics systems are dysfunctional – and most of those that do actually grow fish and plants still fall far short of their productive potential.
The simple explanation for the failure of these systems to function at peak capacity is that they are, ...... http://www.microponics.net.au/?p=422

From a backyard garden in Colorado to a village center in Tanzania, the closed-loop, sustainable system of aquaponics is a win-win, beneficial food production system because it produces local, organic, fresh food ranging in quantities to..... http://greenerspirit.com/aquaponics-the-future-of-the-food-industry/04/17/2010/

Finally; Please feed my fish.

See you soon


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