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Saturday, May 22, 2010


 This is your chance. She pulls no punches, as you shall soon gather:
As an indoor garden, the "smallish" 35 gallon fish tank would work fine with a limited number of fish, the small grow bed  would be fine for growing an herb garden or a modest....


 Here next is Dave Clancys' Blog which is clearly focused on the greening of our environment and of course that has to include AP.
This month, I will examine one of the most significant agricultural developments of our time which, if implemented competently could provide a solution to future food security challenges. The development of which I speak is known as Aquaponics

It's interesting that AP is being touted in so many different places on the www these days. It was about a month ago I read where it is a phenomenon that is trying to get noticed. Well guys and gals, go to an AP forum and check out how many people are looking at the Q&A's, like this one in Australia.We're not looking for a toehold, We've ARRIVED....

OK I hope this is enough to keep you excited for a while.... Be back soon.........
Best Wishes

Please feed my Fish and yours tooooooooooooooooooooooo..............

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