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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Craving for Crayfish????

If you are and you'd like to try them with Aquaponics, here is a guy who is already dabbling in them and I'm sure he would be only too pleased to pass on any help. After all that's what Aquaponics is about....

The tank was changed to a standard 65 gallon and only filled 1/3 of the way up to simulate a shallower depth for them. Only a smattering of.....

More info in the form of PDFs'
...waste from the plants provides food for the fish and the waste from the fish provides nutrients for the plants.  To set up a basic aquaponics system, very little is needed.  Some of the best links I have found for building a basic aquaponics system are the following:

 One of the main reasons for people taking up Aquaponics is sustainability. The next site is not an Aquaponics site but is right into Sustainability. So I thought they might give us all something extra to think about. They are having a problem or two with their blog provider but they have a large blog history worth checking out....
it took us until about late July to truly figure out our watering system. The potatoes grew a ton at the top and a ton at the bottom but not anything in the middle. So all in all we got......

OK That might do for now - See your real soon.........

Any comments..........????

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PLEASE feed my fish.

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