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Saturday, May 29, 2010

WELCOME AGAIN...........

The past several days have been a bit hectic. We have been cleaning around the grow-bed pad, lowering the ground level for the fish pond, auguring out the post holes (by hand) and strangely enough starting to get visitors who are showing some interest (or curiosity) in what we're doing.

We are fairly convinced that it's genuine interest because the ladies ask a lot of general questions especially about costs and possible returns and the guys do a lot of ummm probing about the problems and techniques.(So glad we have the experimental system up, running and looking healthy. Even though it hasn't cycled yet.)

O.K. Time to look through  my notes and report on what has grabbed my attention over the last few days.....

Here's a bit on the Black Soldier Fly that should stir up your thinking a bit. It has several videos showing feeding fly larvae that I think will surely catch your attention.....

 Now another BSF site or I should say blog that gives more detail about BSF....

 Now to AP and to kick things off here's a U.K. blog site

What to feed your fish – Tropical Aquaponics update fish in th......


The need to know aquaponic pump sizes is becoming a must these days due to the growing community of people that are trying to produce their own...

Keep those cards and comments rolling in......lol

See you real soon
Take Care

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was bored this week so when someone asked how small and cheap can you go with Aquaponics...

I thought I'd throw something together and see what transpires. I didn't go for the smallest or the cheapest, however as you can see I have taken some risks. So we'll see how it goes. I'm expecting to spend far too much time tweaking it so that it can survive than I can really afford. The video is up top.....

Now back to my latest searches.......
There is a guy called Affnan who has a Blogger blog and he is right into detailing the equipment he is designing and using......

Nelson & Pade are featuring their 4-28 Aquaponic System at the moment....

The Global Healing Centres' website has a brilliant way of introducing Aquaponics.....
By setting up a proper aquaponic growing system, you can almost guarantee a healthy pay off........

So just a few Photos of our property and what we are about at the present.

 This firs one is our present Veggie garden and in the background,on the right is where the new Aquaponic is planned to go. See Pic two.
This is the pad, built up with help from a local pool excavation guy
...and leading back to the house, our winding driveway is 'littered' with garden
..after Garden
..and gardens leading across the creek to the house.

 OK, I guess that will do for now but there's more coming so why not hit that RSS button and make sure you get back as soon as I post the next edition.....

,,,,and, Please don't forget to feed my(and your) fish.
bye for now....

Saturday, May 22, 2010


 This is your chance. She pulls no punches, as you shall soon gather:
As an indoor garden, the "smallish" 35 gallon fish tank would work fine with a limited number of fish, the small grow bed  would be fine for growing an herb garden or a modest....


 Here next is Dave Clancys' Blog which is clearly focused on the greening of our environment and of course that has to include AP.
This month, I will examine one of the most significant agricultural developments of our time which, if implemented competently could provide a solution to future food security challenges. The development of which I speak is known as Aquaponics

It's interesting that AP is being touted in so many different places on the www these days. It was about a month ago I read where it is a phenomenon that is trying to get noticed. Well guys and gals, go to an AP forum and check out how many people are looking at the Q&A's, like this one in Australia.We're not looking for a toehold, We've ARRIVED....

OK I hope this is enough to keep you excited for a while.... Be back soon.........
Best Wishes

Please feed my Fish and yours tooooooooooooooooooooooo..............

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Craving for Crayfish????

If you are and you'd like to try them with Aquaponics, here is a guy who is already dabbling in them and I'm sure he would be only too pleased to pass on any help. After all that's what Aquaponics is about....

The tank was changed to a standard 65 gallon and only filled 1/3 of the way up to simulate a shallower depth for them. Only a smattering of.....

More info in the form of PDFs'
...waste from the plants provides food for the fish and the waste from the fish provides nutrients for the plants.  To set up a basic aquaponics system, very little is needed.  Some of the best links I have found for building a basic aquaponics system are the following:

 One of the main reasons for people taking up Aquaponics is sustainability. The next site is not an Aquaponics site but is right into Sustainability. So I thought they might give us all something extra to think about. They are having a problem or two with their blog provider but they have a large blog history worth checking out....
it took us until about late July to truly figure out our watering system. The potatoes grew a ton at the top and a ton at the bottom but not anything in the middle. So all in all we got......

OK That might do for now - See your real soon.........

Any comments..........????

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Moving Right Along...

I thought I might introduce Black Soldier Flies into the Blog today for anyone who has not had the pleasure....

The BioPod and ProtoPod Systems are the ultimate missing link for a modern, sustainable environment. The BioGrubs make excellent poultry, fish, hog, and reptile feed, all made from ordinary household kitchen scraps! The resulting BioGrubs are....

And now, Back to the Fish and Veg & more great sites.....

"My inspiration for starting an aquaponics system came from reading a 1970's Mother Earth New's article about raising catfish in a barrel and feeding them with worms. I hope that you...."

 Now somewhere  to go to get FREE Literature About Aquaponics or just about anything else....

Solar power is being used in an increasing number of projects around the world. To the environmentally conscious, this technology has

Saturday, May 15, 2010

If only we all lived in Queensland, Australia

 Not that there is anything super special about Queensland but I believe this first guy is probably one of the best people around when it comes to providing good information about Aquaponics.

aquaponics field trip

Free catered field trip to Murray Hallum’s Practical Aquaponics at North Maclean. Morning session focusing on the totally organic concept of aquaponics. As recently featured on...

 Here's a guy who also knows Aquaponics and he is a prolific writer to his Blog complete with videos so you will be seeing him turn up here quite regularly I hope....
My Aquaponics system. this is The before video – before I rebuild it and extend it. It Will give you a basic insight into.... http://strainguide.org/6104/aquaponics-6/

Here is another one of the special people on the www who freely give information (and I'm so glad they do)
A couple weekends ago, we decided it was time to start putting together our first aquaponics system. It’s a 500L fish tank with  200L sump pump and a grow bed which is 120×180cm large (30cm deep). Our intent is.....

 OK that's enough for this week. Gosh I hope I'm doing something worth while here because I really want to help the Aquaponics communities everywhere. So any feedback really would be appreciated.

Best Wishes

P.S. Please feed my Fish....lol

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Searching the Web for Accuracy in Aquaponics

More wonderful places to visit as we delve deeper for all the answers about our favorite pastime. So if you haven't hit the RSS button, now might be a great time.......Man, you don't want to lose this Blog.....

Paula Alcala Rosner, CAO Director of Urban Assisted Agriculture, said, "Here in Buffalo, through the CAO, our focus is on creating jobs through urban agriculture, urban farming, and we're setting up small urban farms all throughout the city and we even have one in Lackawanna, one in East Aurora. So, we're really at the forefront of urban farming."

In 2008, two mothers Sidsel Robards and Manuela Zamora took their fight one step further and began the Greenhouse Project, a literal greenhouse on top of Public School 333 where kids grow their own vegetables through hydro- and aquaponics. http://www.tonic.com/article/school-green-house-rock/

Out of all the plants the two cucumbers in L-3 seem to growing the best. They are blooming and have small cucumbers growing. Cucumbers have always been a good grower in hydroponics systems so no surprise that they are doing well in our AP system. http://sustainablemissionsinfo.blogspot.com/2010/05/prototype-aquaponics-project-charity_11.html

An aquaponics clarifier helps to remove suspended solids which hinder the growth of the plants. It removes all the solid, unwanted material that accumulates in the water. Aquaponic systems can be found in various sizes. You should base your purchase on the usage and space available. Examine the different sizes and.........

Read more: http://www.doityourself.com/stry/the-size--your-aquaponics-clarifier-should-be#ixzz0nkNKIHtp

While this might appear to be a blinding flash of the obvious, the simple fact is that many aquaponics systems are dysfunctional – and most of those that do actually grow fish and plants still fall far short of their productive potential.
The simple explanation for the failure of these systems to function at peak capacity is that they are, ...... http://www.microponics.net.au/?p=422

From a backyard garden in Colorado to a village center in Tanzania, the closed-loop, sustainable system of aquaponics is a win-win, beneficial food production system because it produces local, organic, fresh food ranging in quantities to..... http://greenerspirit.com/aquaponics-the-future-of-the-food-industry/04/17/2010/

Finally; Please feed my fish.

See you soon


Monday, May 10, 2010


I look forward to writing this blog with the intention of providing the Aquaponic fraternity with one location to find recent Blogs and webpage updates.

I will be searching the net and checking my inbox for new and relevant postings on our favorite subject so my first recomendation is hit my RSS Button to make sure you are kept up to date with the latest findings.

O.K. Let's do it.........

First cab off the rank is a blog that I located recently and it started of with:

The emerging science of aquaponics (aquaculture + hydroponics) is quickly growing as a viable and sustainable option of food production on any size scale, and is forecast to be the future of the national and international food industry.  From a backyard garden in Colorado to a village center in Tanzania, the closed-loop, sustainable system of aquaponics is a win-win, beneficial food production system

 OK if this next piece sounds more like your cuppa, the Blog is just below. One thing, this lady really knows her Aquaponics:

When I was in charge of plant R&D at AeroGrow International we used to say that our holy grail was being able to offer a strawberry kit for customers of the AeroGarden.  We were so confident that we would be able to achieve this goal that we actually printed “Strawberry” as a setting option on the control panels of the initial gardens (to the right of the green Select button in the image).

 Next up, the guy who keeps Aussie Aquaponics on the map:

Aquaponics Systems…..let’s look at Continuous flow…How does it work ?

When contemplating building a new Aquaponics System it can be difficult to know just what method of operation to adopt. There is an array of information out there and often conflicting.


O.K. That should whet your appetite a little untill  next time so enjoy and take care....